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How to increase your chances of winning the lottery

Updated on January 31, 2013

First of all let me say this is not 100% gaurenteed to win you the lottery but it will increase your chances of winning the lottery. But You will still need a lot of luck to win money on the lottery.

The graph system below is not a secret or anything like that. It is being used by a lot of people. Plus A lot of people have tried this but have had no luck with it. That's because they work of only one graph instead of two. By working of the two graphs will increase your chances by a great deal.

In this example we are going to work of a lottery system that has 45 numbers, and you must pick six numbers to win the lottery. You can Draw a or use a spreadsheet for these graphs the choice is yours. In this example I used a spreadsheet.

Box Graph 1

Your first box graph is made up of the winning numbers which you must enter after each draw. To draw your graph you first put down the left hand side your numbers 1 to 45 this is to represent the numbers of the lottery that you play. If there are more or less numbers in your lottery than just enter the same amount of numbers as your lottery. Across the top enter the weeks 1 to 52 again if there is more than one draw in the week than enter more boxes. Now when your lottery is played you must enter the numbers into the boxes. Lets say if the number 13 comes out than just go to number 13 on week 1 and colour the box green. do this for all the numbers that come out. The rest of the numbers, you can colour red this is just for easy viewing. After a few weeks you will start to see a pattern forming. You will notice that there are quite a few numbers that just never seem to come out. Plus there are other numbers that only seem to come out every 5 or 6 weeks. Than there seems to be always at least 2 numbers that come out every second week or so. After a few months of doing this you will be able to pick out at least 20 numbers that just hardly ever come out. So you can now forget about these numbers when doing your lottery ticket. By using this graph you will increase your chances of winning the lottery by an extra 40%. Because now you are only choosing out of 25 numbers instead of 45 numbers.

Now hold on before you get to excited. The chances of you winning the lottery are still very slim because there is still a huge combination of different ways these numbers can come out. So this is were box graph 2 comes in. This graph will help you choose the right combination of numbers.

Box Graph 2

In this graph we will mark down the order in which the numbers come out. For this graph all you need do is write down the order in which the numbers come out. Example if 43 comes out first than put 43 down first and so on. Yours numbers will look something like this 43-3-15-17-9-38.

The reason you do this is because after a few weeks you will notice that if a high number comes out first than the second one will be a low number the third one will be middle of the bunch and the rest will also follow a similar pattern. You won't be able to see this pattern until you have entered the information for a few draws.

Picking your numbers

Now here is the part we all want to know about picking the winning numbers. Now I know you still need a lot of luck to win the lottery. But at least by using these two graphs. It will increase your chances by about forty to fifty percent.

When Picking your numbers the first thing you do is look at Graph 2. If it is a high number that comes out first most of the time than pick the most common high number from graph one. Than if your second number is a low number that always seems to come out after a high number than you pick the most popular low number and so on until you have picked all six numbers.

So what you will have is the most popular numbers in the most popular places. Which now increases your odds of winning the lottery by a very big amount.

Why is there a pattern

The reason why a pattern starts to form is because some of the lottery balls maybe just the smallest bit heavier than some of the others. This weight different is only a tiny amount but it is enough to make some balls sink to the bottom before others. So these numbers come out more often than others.

But the bad news is, that the lottery people also know this information as well. So they change the lottery balls every six to eight weeks to stop people from following this pattern.


Every lottery changes the balls that they use to stop pattern's forming. You will see this happen in your graph after a few weeks the numbers will seem to start to form a pattern. Than all of a sudden a whole new pattern is formed that means a new set of balls is being used.

But after time you will be able to tell when they change the balls from the way the pattern changes all of a sudden. Than you will know how long you have to figure out the pattern for the balls being used at that moment. It may be a four week period or even an eight week period the longer the better.

Now there is also one more thing that you will notice after a while. There always seems to be at least five or more numbers that just never seem to come out. Why this happens no one knows. But after a few months you will be able to pick these numbers out. Than when you do your lottery numbers never include these numbers. So happy lotto playing to one and all.

Note : Just in case anyone is wondering. I do use this system and no I have not won the lottery. But after a few months of using it I did win prices in the match 4 numbers a few times. Plus I have matched 4 numbers and the bonus number a few times as well.

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    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      ah if only there was a sure-fire way to predict. Someone once told me to stick with the same numbers each time because that gives better odds. I don't but then I haven't won either:-)