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The Importance Of Writing A Will

Updated on July 25, 2013

Most people do not have a will. This may be due to a number of reasons. They may not wish to think about their own death, or they may believe that there is no need as their estate will go where they wish automatically, or they may believe they do not have enough to worth bothering about. However, in most circumstances, these are all mistakes that should be avoid to prevent any unnecessary disputes arising.

Why do I need to make a Will?

If you die without a will, your estate will be distributed amongst your family according to the law of intestacy. The law may mean that your estate is not distributed according to government guidelines, not as you may wish. As the law is constantly changing, even if the circumstances suit you now, they may not in the future. Under the law of intestacy, it is possible that your spouse may not get everything when you die. More so, if you are co-habiting with someone, yet not married to them, your partner may not get anything at all.

Inheritance Tax

Managing inheritance tax is another sound reason for making a Will. If you leave assets over £325,000 they may be liable to taxation. With this in mind it is very important to work out what your estate is worth, and a will is a great way to work out the value of your estate. Your estate includes furniture, cars and other personal belongings as well things such as life insurance policies and death in service benefits

Whats in the Will?

The main purpose of a Will is to state how much money and what property and possessions you have. Houses, savings, occupational and personal pensions, insurance policies, bank and building society accounts and stocks and shares are all taken into account. It is vital that you decide who the beneficiaries of your estate will be, who should look after any children under the age of 18 and who will be given the job of being the executor of your wishes. Solicitors are the most reliable option when choosing the executor, as the task requires huge responsibility.


It is important that you make a will as soon as possible. While you may be daunted by the prospect, or believe that you do not have the time, it is possible to apply for a will online. In general, the initial process takes no more that 10 minutes, and most solicitors will approach the process with compassion and sensitivity.

The reality is that we’re all mortal; sooner or later our time will come. When it does your closest family members – perhaps your partner or your children – will not only have to cope with bereavement, they’ll also have to deal with your estate.

Having a will that clearly sets out your final instructions will make things a lot easier to handle as well as providing you and your loved ones with piece of mind that in the unfortunate event of death, no complicated problems will be left behind.


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