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Updated on February 16, 2011

Do you receive credit card offers in the mail? Have you received any offers from Capital One Bank for one of their credit cards? It can sometimes be a little confusing what to do with those offers that you receive in the mail. Many times they will direct you to an internet website where you can enter your reservation number and access code in order to access the credit card application online.

You can respond to an invitation to apply online for a Capital One credit card at their official online respondent website. You can also reach the same access point at their companion website at At either of these financial websites you can respond to the invitation and apply for your credit card online and get a response as to whether you qualify for the credit card or not, usually within 60 seconds. To access, you will need to enter your 16 digit reservation number and your 6 digit access code. Then you will be entered into their website and given access to a short online credit card application. The website to respond to the credit card invitation is at

My Capital One Card Invitation

At the site they also provide access to a set of FAQs or frequently asked questions in order to make the application completion process easy and convenient. When you get your application online, make sure to complete all of the questions, check your anwsers for accuracy and then submit. That is it. You should get a response for approval or not within 60 seconds.

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