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Updated on January 5, 2011

If you find yourself in a position where you do not have a credit card and are having trouble getting one, do not feel bad, a lot of people are in a similar situation. There is one type of card you may want to look into which is a prepaid debit or credit card. One popular provider of these is RushCard. They provide access to a prepaid Visa debit card that you use just like a regular credit card and no one knows the difference. With a pre paid Visa card, you are 100% approved and there is no credit check. Another nice feature is that you can not overspend, because you are only able to spend what has been deposited to your debit card account. You never have any interest charges or overdraft fees and it is reloadable and has a direct deposit option. This is one alternative that is easy to use and you will never get into debt.

Rush Card was founded in 2003 by Russell Simmons and the prepaid Visa RushCard provides the customer with instant access to certain personal finance and services that many could not get before due to difficulties establishing traditional bank and credit accounts. At the company's official website the cardholder can login and signon to their account. You can also sign up and open an account, then you will be able to login and signon to your pre paid account.

Rush Card Prepaid Visa Cards

These pre paid debit card accounts are flexible and provide many benefits to the cardholder and member. There are also certain startup and ongoing fees that you will want to clarify before signing up for one of the cards. Make sure to read through all of the terms and conditions before committing. If after reading and understanding all of the terms, you decide that a prepaid Visa debit card from Rush Card is for you, then you can proceed and charge up your account with cash. You can also have monies direct deposited to your pre paid card account so that it is always reloading and replenishing itself. Cardholders can also load cash and monies at MoneyGram which has about 40,000 locations across the U.S. There are also check writing options to the debit card holders. You can get specific details on the Rush Card Prepaid Card program, as well as login and sign in to your account at

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