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The Mob Boss is a Crook!

Updated on June 26, 2019

trump is a crook, as are his aides!

The mob boss is a crook!

The mob boss admits he needs foreign interference in elections to win! Doesn’t he remember Volume 1 of the Mueller Report relating to conspiracy with the Russians? The Democrats have to ask Mueller on 7/17/19 if he had this answer from trump during his investigation would that reach probable cause he had committed conspiracy with a foreign adversary.

From the inception of his investigation Mueller knew all he could was gather evidence for Congress to impeach. Not cooperating with any Congressional investigation, had better be addressed, or all future GOP trumps will act in the same manner. The mob boss is just the logical progression of ‘tricky dick’, ‘teflon ronnie’ and W!

The mob boss is again witness tampering with Flynn. With Hicks, and McGahn he is claiming immunity! These efforts won’t work. Already, Annie Donaldson, who served as former White House counsel Don McGahn's chief of staff. has agreed to testify.

Doesn’t he remember Volume 2 of the Mueller Report relating to obstruction?

When Mueller testifies to Congress, he must address how the Roy Cohnlike AG distorted the Mueller investigation’s findings.

The mob boss is a crook!

Volume 1 of the Mueller Report

The mob boss admits he is guilty of the crime of betraying one's country—which is treasonous, with his latest assault on our democracy, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos!

If the mob boss had any sense, he wouldn’t have done the interview with George Stephanopoulos. That is the problem with being a narcissist though!

In an Oval Office interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Trump also said he wouldn’t necessarily alert the FBI if a foreign country approached his campaign with “oppo research” about his Democratic challenger.

“I think you might want to listen; there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump said. “If somebody called from a country, Norway, ‘We have information on your opponent,’ oh, I think I’d want to hear it.“It’s not an interference, they have information — I think I’d take it,” Trump said. “If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI, if I thought there was something wrong.”

Although Mueller did not find enough evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy involving the Trump campaign in his probe of Russia’s role in the 2016 election, his report said that the Russian government interfered in the election in a “sweeping and systemic fashion” and that trump’s campaign was open to assistance from Russian sources.

If Mueller had been allowed to interview trump about his conspiracy with Putin, and trump had answered him as he answered Stephanopoulos, then Mueller would have concluded that there was conspiracy!

There is substantiation of the claim that trump would accept foreign interference. Hope Hicks, once a close aide to trump, told the House Judiciary Committee that Trump was serious in saying there was nothing wrong in accepting derogatory information about political opponents from a foreign government, panel Chairman Jerrold Nadler said.

"Ms. Hicks made clear that she understood the president to be serious when he said that he would accept foreign interference in our elections," Nadler said in a statement for a hearing on former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

"She also made clear that even she knew that such foreign assistance should be rejected and reported to the FBI," he said.

On 7/17/19 Mueller will testify to Congress. Will Mueller address trump’s and his minion Roy Cohnlike AG’s ‘no collusion’ mantra? Even if he simply recites from his report it would be damning as Mueller wrote, "there were numerous links between the campaign and the Russians, that several people connected to the campaign lied to his team and tried to obstruct their investigation into their contacts with the Russians.”

What is the mob boss giving Putin for his help in the 2016 election? The low-information dolts don’t care that reports such as “Intelligence Officials Won’t Brief Trump on Cyberattacks Against Russia For Fear He Might Get Mad and Tell Putin.” indicate trump is helping Putin at every opportunity.

Volume 2 of the Mueller Report

Mueller will want to disregard question that don’t pertain to his report, but he has to address how the mob boss’ mantra ‘no obstruction’ isn’t accurate. If he simply reads his report it will pant the con man as a liar, a position he is frequently in. Remember Mueller wrote, “Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russian-interference and obstruction investigations. The incidents were often carried out through one-on-one meetings in which the President sought to use his official power outside of usual channels. These actions ranged from efforts to remove the Special Counsel and to reverse the effect of the Attorney General’s recusal; to the attempted use of official power to limit the scope of the investigation; to direct and indirect contacts with witnesses with the potential to influence their testimony….

While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

In December 2016, after trump had won the election but before he was sworn in, President Obama announced new sanctions on Russia. Michael Flynn and Kislyak then spoke on the phone, and Flynn urged Kislyak that Russia should respond with restraint. Putin soon announced he would do so, and Kislyak told Flynn his words made the difference.

Flynn lied about these contacts to the FBI, denying that he talked about sanctions with Kislyak. After Flynn struck a plea deal with Mueller’s team in December 2017, many wondered whether Flynn would reveal that Trump had in fact ordered him to send that message to Kislyak — perhaps as a payoff for election help. The Democrats must have Flynn testify! He will implicate the mob boss if he doesn’t invoke the 5th amendment.

Flynn’s decision to replace his legal team with Sidney Powell, a fiery critic of the Mueller probe, struck some as a signal that Flynn could be angling for a pardon.

Of course, the mob boss issued a tweet that can only be viewed as witness tampering.

“It is so highly inappropriate for the target of an investigation to comment on the lawyer of a witness,” former federal and New York state prosecutor Duncan Levin said.

But the tweet did suggest that Trump was still sympathetic to Flynn, and that he approved of Powell’s hiring.

Defense attorney and former federal prosecutor David Weinstein said of a possible pardon: “I would like to think that’s not what it was, but certainly that’s something at the top of the list” of why Flynn retained Powell.

The mob boss’ corrupt obstruction of justice persists with his lackey, Hicks’ spurious claim of ‘absolute immunity’—and therefore is continued evidence of his stonewalling! The courts will decide this spurious claim is not based in the law—achieving its goal of wasting time because justice delayed is justice denied, then the mob boss will claim executive privilege, thus denying justice even further!

trump can’t allow McGahn to testify to House Judiciary Committee. McGahn is seen as a star witness who the committee wants to question about trump's actions with respect to the Mueller probe, particularly questions centering on the alleged episodes of obstruction by trump that are laid out in special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

It will be a legal battle to get McGahn, but the House Judiciary Committee is getting a witness of his actions.

The head of the House Judiciary Committee announced an agreement to receive testimony from Annie Donaldson, who served as former White House counsel Don McGahn's chief of staff.

Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said Donaldson has agreed to testify in person about the key events she observed while serving in the Trump administration in November.

Efforts to get Donaldson's testimony come after the White House instructed McGahn to evade giving public testimony before the committee, citing a Department of Justice legal opinion arguing that he is immune from congressional testimony.

The mob boss will eventually lose his court battles and Hicks and McGahn will testify. Donaldson’s evidence alone might force McGahn to testify. If the mob boss pardons Flynn impeachment hearings must begin! Democrats will broach the subject of ‘absolute immunity with Mueller, but that is outside the scope of his report.

Mueller will address McGahn and Flynn’s roles in his report, and this is all we need!

When Mueller testifies to Congress, he must address how the Roy Cohnlike AG distorted the Mueller investigation’s findings.

Mueller will want to disregard question that don’t pertain to his report, but he has to address how the Roy Cohnlike AG distorted Mueller’s investigation.

Mueller wrote the Roy Cohnlike AG a letter on March 27, 2019, in which he refuted the AG’s spurious exoneration of the mob boss. In this letter Mueller wrote, “The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this Office’s work and conclusions,” Mueller wrote. “We communicated that concern to the Department on the morning of March 25. There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation.”

Mueller went on to say that Barr’s version of the findings threatened to “undermine” public confidence in the federal government.

The mob boss is a crook!

Factoring into his decision not to weigh in on prosecution, Mueller wrote, was an opinion issued by the Office of Legal Counsel finding that “the indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would impermissibly undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions” in violation of “the constitutional separation of powers.”

The OLC memo constrained Mueller, but more than 1,000 former federal prosecutors had signed a statement explaining that, in their professional judgment and based on the facts described in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report, trump would have been criminally charged with obstruction of justice if he were not the president.

The mob boss is a crook! He believes that justice delayed is justice denied, but the walls are closing in on him. He can act irrationally and make his plight worse. As an example, if he pardons Flynn, how can he not be impeached? Every GOP Senator who doesn’t vote for his removal will have their brand tarnished!


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