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Deceptive Power Of ADVERTISEMENTS On Children.

Updated on September 1, 2009

 Many producers will want to make their products known to the people inorder to get the product sold.One common way of doing this is through advertisements. Therfore, advertisements is the act of making a product known inorder to persuade people to buy it. Advertisements can be done through the print media e.g newspapers, handbills, flyers e.t.c or through the electronic media e.g radio, television, internet.Because of the fact that advertisements is intended to make people buy a particular product through persuasion,there is a lot of deceptions built into it. This has had a significant negative effects on the children.For instance a T.V adverts that reads "when your son wears this, he will be sytrong, athletics,and be admired by his friends".a child after hearing this runs to his father and say daddy please buy this for me.This is one of the deceptive power of advertisements on children because their understanding is too limited to evaluate such advertisement.There are over one million and one of this type of adverts on the television. Most of this type of advertisement are designed to create emotional involvement not only for the children but for the adults alike.

how to protect the children from deceptive power of advertisements.

First and foremost, the parents must be aware of how advertisement can influence their children.Therefore, they should not allow advertising to dictate to them what is good for their children and what they must buy for their children

The parents have to spend time with their children and keep explaining to them that a person's worth is not measured by using a cparticular product that is advertised on T.V and that it is possible to live happliy without what is being advertised on television.

Finally, parents should always make their children know that many advertisements are mere make beleive and are not real. They are intended to help sell a particular product.By this the children will not be easily swayed by the deceptive power of advertisements.


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