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The Obama Administration Says Unborn Babies Are Human Beings

Updated on February 8, 2013

Born or Unborn, Babies Deserve To Live


The White House is the preeminent home in America. The historical value alone makes every American want to visit and tour the beautiful building. A rite of passage for school children is the obligatory trip to Washington and the White House, hoping to meet the President of the United States.

When one anticipates a visit and registers for a tour of the White House, one must give name, social security number, sex, and other personal information. That is perfectly reasonable and since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, security measures have been stringently enforced. In the event of an emergency, rescue personnel must know how many persons are in the building. Again, this makes perfect sense and we appreciate the Presidential Administration looking out for us.

However, like bureaucrats do the world over, these precautions have been taken even further and explained in the usual manner of White House information releases. Immediately words spilled from both sides of the mouth and one stand fails to support the other. An email newsletter distributed by Ellie Schafer on May 8, 2012 gives step by step details on how to register an unborn child (“a baby that has not been born yet” is the actual explanation) when the mother is going to tour the White House.

The baby must be counted in the number of guests in the tour and the gender must be recorded if known. This information must be updated once the baby is born if gender was not known at the time, along with the social security number issued at birth. The word Baby is used in the space where the visitor’s name is recorded with the family’s last name used for Baby also. The parent’s address is used for Baby’s place of residence.

Obviously, the White House Administration believes this visiting unborn baby is more than a lump of tissue. It is counted as a person, a living, breathing human being. How can the same mind that says this child is a person also condone aborting him or her? If he/she is human enough to require a name, social, and to be registered as a tour guest, he/she is human enough to be granted a chance at life.

Mr. Obama and his staff recognize the existence of an unborn child in regards to security but fails to provide sanctuary in the womb itself. They condone abortion, the legalized murder, of this acknowledged human being (in the District of Columbia) for any reason.

So I have a question for them and for anyone else who is pro abortion. The parent is responsible to update the unborn child’s information after birth. Are they to send an update stating the baby was aborted and is no longer alive? Does it go something like this:

Dear White House Visitors Office, I registered my unborn baby with you when I visited the White House. I noted the sex as a boy and the name we had picked out as Bobby. But after hearing President Obama declare he would not wish his daughters to be punished with a child if they made a mistake, I decided to have an abortion. I am as good as his girls and should not be punished with a living, breathing, laughing, loving child either. Please update my registration accordingly. Thank you, Jane Doe.

Now, after much clamoring and confusion, the White House Visitors Office has explained that the registration requirement is merely a preregistration if the baby is expected to be born by the time of the tour. Okay, that makes sense. Again though, they are saying the expected arrival IS A BABY. The definition of a baby is, “An unborn child; a fetus; the youngest member of a family or group.”

This validation from the White House itself surely qualifies as proof that an unborn baby is a human being deserving of all protection and right to life as an adult. Thank you, Mr. President and the White House Administration for welcoming and counting the unborn babies of America as living humans. The update is “born on whatever date”, not “exterminated, terminated or aborted” or whatever term Planned Parenthood uses for those nine out of ten women who enter those bloody doors and murder their babies.

There are options for an expectant mother who is in despair and need. Adoption, foster care, placement with family, and many more options exist. Abortion is not an option; it is an intentional choice to end a life. Choose life.

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