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10 Commandments in International Politics

Updated on April 2, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      This portrays the intellectual wisdom for genuine virtues and values of humility, compassion, love, forgiveness and fear of god. The relevance of these 10 commandments may help us understand the political view of good governance in the international community. The advocacy of political power and from the sovereign people directs the spiritual intentions of the Lord God. The sovereign people symbolizes the will of god .It is the rule of God not the rule of political leaders that we follow in bringing peace and love in this world. The political leaders are cloth by their self –interest to rule the world. This is purely the political deception of the sovereign people as they constantly destroying the world. Let us know these commandments for the international leaders to spread the wisdom of the lord on all dimensions of politics.

1. You shall worship not yourself as an absolute or representative god with all the absolute power and authority vested by the sovereign state.

      You shall not follow the international leaders of the past as they thought the heavenly power had their on hands for the sake of creating for political, social, cultural and economic stability. The Lord God created the world to promote the heavenly life on equality, freedom, and justice to all. No men live above other men, as the fountain of spiritual soul you shall be judged by your goodness in your heart and soul. You’re given a chance to rule the sovereign people of whom you must be a servant to them in humility, honesty, compassion, loyalty, tolerance and perseverance. You shall not use the Lord thy God as a living representative in heaven. For the Lord thy God wait your soul and judged you according to your foolish political actions.

2. You shall not make yourself as political idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

      You shall not let the sovereign people embrace you as a living god and the idol of goodness the protector of the sovereign state. You have already harmed on the name of Lord thy God, as the sovereign people embrace you as the living idol and fan, the master of the universe and protector of the poor. You shall not use as an excuse by the enemy of the state to put your self as the political idol. The past political leaders have destroyed the world just what you are doing now. You have condemned your enemy as the “evil” people of the world and sow them anger and hatred rather than diplomatic peace, love and amity to all. You shall not used the Lord thy God to destroy the other citizens of the world for what you think is “evil” . This is the mirror of your soul where anger and hatred is in your heart. Never allow yourself to be the “ political idol and fan of the world” for no one is above men as Lord God created you equal to all men in soul and spirit.

3. You shall not misuse the name of the lord your God forsake of your selfish interest and in the name of the sovereign people.

      You shall not used the name of your God such as the Lord Allah, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus and all other Lord Gods for the sake of keeping you in political power. You have done this many times just to protect your self- interest rather than the interest of love, humility, compassion, understanding, loyalty and ethical traits that the Lord God preach. You shall love your enemy as the Lord God loves you.

4.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy finding time to redemption of your soul.

      You shall find time to remember the Lord God for that is the best way to put solitary and redemption of your soul. You shall not find time to relax as a priority of your personal productiveness but keep the holy Sabbath day to find development strategies and program to support the poor people whom you need to serve. They are the voices of the sufferings of the Lord God.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

      You shall give them respect on their good advice for the public service. However, you shall give the tolerance of goodwill on the teachings of the kingdom of heaven if they have “evil thoughts” against your enemy. Just life honoring your parents, you shall respect the elders. You shall care them as one family rather than putting them in the home for the aged. You must share your love and compassion. Be patient to them because it is near now for their coming to the Lord God. However, your must not let them embrace the material wealth, hatred and anger but sow them the power of love.

6. You shall not commit murder.

      Life is precious as the life of others are also precious for the kingdom of heaven shall not perish your for the evil acts of men. It is not only in the individual murder that Lord God would tell but it had been done in the past such as genocide and mass killing. The Lord God has given us life to cherish and love which you shall not also harm others. You shall not use yourself to sacrifice other for the sake of religious and political ideologies just like “suicide bombing” for you are harming your brothers and sisters who suffered so much in war.

7. You shall not commit  adultery.

       Do not violate your oath in the sanctity of marriage and love. You shall follow the same in public service for you oath to serve the people for whom you get your sovereign power. The political adultery is embrace by deceitfulness, treachery and betrayal in public trust. You have done this most of the time. You must change now as your time is running out. Make a complete redemption of yourself. For many of you will fall the “fire of hell”. Remember, the destruction of society is done because of your wrongdoing and compassion of political power.

8.You shall not steal .

        Stealing is the number crime of politicians against the sovereign humanity. You always tell the words “graft and corruption” by your partisan political enemy. None of you is worthy of telling that to the sovereign people as you may fall victim by your own the same destiny in the later part of your life. You shall not simply “steal” the sovereign people know that for your political compassion. The “corruption syndrome” is always in your hand as you are tempted by the many complicated material desires. Remember, if want to live in peace never throw any stones to your political enemy for you are sinners like them. I have not known any politicians to accept any corruptions in their backyards just like a prisoners whom never accepted the guilt of the crime. Why? we are sinners the best way to redemption is not to “steal” and live in a simple, compassionate and loving public servants worthy in the eye of the lord.

9. You shall give false testimony against your neighbor.

     You shall not bear false testimony to any politicians for the sake uplifting the political party and affiliation. In politics, there are polarity on its existence whether you’re from administration or opposition. Remember that god pleases the goodness of public service in compassionate and loving manner. You shall not have any self-reservation for the development projects you implemented for the good of social welfare. For the opposition, you shall not simply oppose just because you are in the opposition. You shall learn to praise the goodness of your enemy. You shall love your enemy to find solutions in public service.

10. You shall not covet your neighbors’ house.

     You shall not covet any territorial or political entity that belongs to the sovereign state. Likewise, you shall not use your political power to covet anything that might deprive the rights and privileges of the sovereign people. You shall not act as political lords from any kind of social stature. The world exists to be equal to all.


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