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7 Things that Voters Should Know About Rick Perry

Updated on January 9, 2012
I bet he's thinking "Oh man, maybe I am a jerk."
I bet he's thinking "Oh man, maybe I am a jerk."

Things you should know

1. Rick Perry allowed the execution of an innocent man then stopped any further investigations.

In 2004 Cameron Willingham was executed in TX, he was convicted of arson and the murder of his 3 children. After the trial evidence emerged that the fire (which led to the childrens deaths) was NOT arson but Perry would not allow a stay of execution. In 2009 a report came out that the fire could have in no way been arson. The Texas Forensic Commission set a date for a hearing to determine what actually happened but just a month before the hearing Perry fired and replaced three of the Commission members which caused and indefinite delay in the hearing.

2. His love of the environment....

Texas has more C02 admissions that any other state in the US. When the EPA announced that the states air quality control fell short of the Clean Air Acts minimum requirements Perry sued the federal governement to challenge the ruling. He denies global warming and even called the BP oil spill "an act of God" while speaking at a trade association funded by BP.

3. His views on abortion

Rick Perry rushed through an "emergency legislation" causing a bill to be rushed through legistature. He signed it into effect last month. Women in Texas now have this to look forward to because of it: In order to have an abortion for ANY reason a sonogram must be performed 24 hours before the abortion. The woman must also see the fetus and MUST listen to it's heartbeat in order to be allowed the abortion. The doctor must also explain to her what organs have been developed "even if she does not want to know". This includes cases of rape and incest.

4. He is out of touch with his people

Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in ANY state. More than 1 in 4 do not have any health coverage, this is much worse than the national average of only 15%. Perry has actually propsed dropping out of the Medicaid program for Texas. More than 1 in 4 children also live below the poverty line. Knowing all this, as the governor of a state should, why did he tell Bill Bennett (on air, on his radio show) that Texas "has the best health care in the country?".

5. Texas taxpayers have shelled out 5 MiLLION dollars for him

After asking taxpayers this year to tighten their belts Rick Perry has spent $400,000 a month in security for himself. None of this money came form campaign funds even though the security is used to follow him on his campaign trail. His campaign has raised over $17 million in funds, why is he having tax payers cover his private security?

6. He vetoed a bill to make driving and texting illegal

Rick Perry vetoed a bill that would make driving while texting illegal in Texas, because he states that the government should not be protecting the public through laws but educating them instead. So... does this mean that President Perry will make drunk driving legal? Or how about murder? After all... it's not the government job to protect it's people...

Is this really the man you want leading our children?


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      bud 6 years ago

      we need the malitia standing up....!