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Top 10 Most Annoying Things Servers Hate About You

Updated on October 23, 2016

There are things that you should stop be doing to your waiter at the restaurant to make your experience a lot more enjoyable, and yes, their job a little easier.

1. You never answer the "Hello, my name is Your Waiter, how are you today?" and continue looking at your menu.

Acknowledge that the person in front of you is also tired, stressed, with a horrible boss yelling: " Get this food outta my kitchen!" No need to fake and behave like you just met your best friend after 5 years of separation - just a little eye contact with a smile would do.

2. Roll your eyes when one of the favorite items is not on the menu or is sold out for the day.

A server is just that - serves you food. If the lasagna with marinara sauce is gone for the day, move to the next dish you like. Don't blame the poor creature in front of you with:"Oh, I really wanted lasagna, what am I supposed to do now?!" Well, either look for lasagna somewhere else, or keep on staring at that menu.

3. Snap your fingers and point to you coffee cup with the words:" Hey, you! Coffee!"

Don't need explanation why.

4. Eat your whole meal and then say:" It was uncooked/too salty/not tasty/cold/not what I wanted/not what I had in my mind" etc.

Let your server know about all of your unsatisfactory experience BEFORE you eat that lasagna and lick your fingers of marinara sauce.

5. Put your both hands around your empty plate and make it impossible for the server to clean your table.

Be more alert of your surroundings and let the staff do their job properly. If you heard:" Excuse me, let me get your plate", then really, let me get that goddamn plate!

6. Gather and chat around servers' tray stand/cleaning station.

When you block the working space our jobs can not be done fast and efficient. This will slow down the service and the experience for our guests.

7. Stand like a deer in the headlights when a server walks towards you with a tray full of plates.

Go home, load a big tray with 25 pounds of full glasses, plates, bottles, and walk around the house with it on your shoulders. Have obstructions everywhere and make your children run like mad monsters. Do it for about 6 hours every 10 minutes or so. Have somebody yell at you and make sure you yell back. Raise the heat to 90 degrees. Congratulations - you past the test as a server at a chain restaurant!

8. Ask personal questions, like:" Are you married?", "How did you get to this country?" and my number one most hated one:" Where is your accent from?"

Nobody wants to answer the same stupid questions 55 times a day, every day. Stick to your menu questions, city attractions, recommendations and alike. Leave the personal aside - you are the customer, not my friend.

9. Place a fat zero "0" on the tip line with a smile icon.

OK, you don't want to tip. Maybe something went wrong, or maybe you are just a jackass. Whatever it is - mocking is not welcomed. If you decided that tips are not deserved, then sign your check without any belittling actions.

10. Wait for an hour to pay the bill after the meal is over and check is presented.

We have families, school, obligations of all kinds just like you. Please pay within 10-15 minutes so we can take that apron off and go home.

Always remember to treat others like you want to be treated: with respect, patience and a little understanding. Some jobs are not rewarding at all, and people doing those jobs need encouragement and support.


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