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10 Ways Towards an Environmental Friendly Lifestyle

Updated on June 24, 2017

Living in an Eco-Friendly World.

Eco-Friendly. | Source


In today’s world, we are faced with a lot of environmental issues, mostly worries about our wildlife, oceans, forestry’s, and concerns regarding the health of the public. Naturally, we must act against these harmful actions, harmful substances, and the overemployment of our material resources. This is a challenge in which we should all confront, by means of converting to environmentally friendly practices. Otherwise known as eco-friendly or nature-friendly, which entails changing our approach towards the way we live at home and at work. Also, there are many ways in which we can minimize the risks towards our environment for example, green energy, recycling, and making your home Eco-friendly.

1. Green Energy.

  • Green energy electricity, such as the use of wind and solar power, otherwise known as renewable energy, which means it is naturally replaced or replenished by nature. But, how do we know if we are presently using a green energy supply? In 2010 the energy supervisory body Of-gem initiated the Green Energy Supply Certification Scheme, which monitors and verifies all applications presented by renewable energy providers. So, if the company has been awarded with a Certified Green Energy Label, then you can be sure that your purchasing electricity from a renewable energy source.
  • Green energy fuels can be defined by Eco- friendly coal, natural gas, and the use of environmentally friendly petrol. These green energy fuels benefit our local communities towards living in a more environmentally friendly natural world. For example, Eco-friendly petrol is a mix of high quality petrol components, which have been combined to get 99 octanes. It also contains 5% bioethanol, a renewable high-octane product that releases lower emissions of greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide.

Green Energy.

Environmentally Friendly.
Environmentally Friendly. | Source

2. Recycling.

  • Today recycling has made its way into or homes and has become part of our everyday living. This innovative way of contributing towards saving our environment is certainly the correct path to take; in relation to a more ecological approach that respects other environmental issues. By choosing to recycle our used materials like; plastic, glass, paper, metal, and electronics, we can prevent further waste of our valuable resources. Therefore, reducing energy usage, air pollution, damage to our forestry’s, and spoil against our wide life. Also, together with cost efficiency, recycling plays a significant role in saving our natural environment. Recollecting, that the more we recycle, the more we contribute to an environmental friendly world.

3. Making Your Home Eco-Friendly.

  • Having an Eco-friendly home is focused around saving energy, reducing costs bills, and being environmentally friendly. For example, a microwave uses 50% less energy than a conventional oven.
  • Energy efficient cookware; glass, silicone, and ceramic dishes can prove to be truly energy efficient, by reducing normally expected cooking temperatures.
  • Energy Star Qualified Appliances, which are low energy appliances are known to use between 10% to 50% less energy compared to other models.
  • We can also save 66% more energy through replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. These can be used for wall lights, ceiling lights, and lamps.
  • Growing your own house plants, is a wonderful and rewarding way to improve the air quality from within your home. This can also generate a green sensation throughout your home.
  • Installing Energy Efficient Windows towards an Eco-friendly home, will provide you with sounder insulation; by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Installing a low flow shower can save an enormous amount of water annually: Families of 4 have been known to save 160,000 litres of water year after year.
  • Eco-friendly scents can replace chemically based or artificial fragrances; with 100% essential oils, Eco-scents will create a more natural atmosphere within your home.

4. Eco-Friendly Art.

  • Today is the time for expressing Eco-friendly art, these are usually expressions of art with a message. This form of art can come in many shapes and sizes, whereas each individual piece of artwork can represent unusual environmental friendly outlooks. In today's world there are a lot of art galleries that hold Eco-friendly art exhibitions, with new events emerging every day. There are also larger public Eco-friendly sculptures that appear at organized Eco-friendly events, which usually correspond with a charity based project, these are events where anyone and everyone are made welcome. This is also an art-form that anyone can get involved in for example; paintings or hand sculpture, along with many other inventive ways to express this newly conventional form of art. Furthermore, there are smaller ornamental Eco- friendly sculptures for gardens, patios, and home display, that we can purchase online.

Art with an Eco-Friendly Message.

An Enormous Box Sculpture.
An Enormous Box Sculpture. | Source

5. Eco-friendly Fashion.

  • Eco-friendly fashion can sometimes be a fascinating assembly of intentional design, this is a department that has been known to fashion old materials into everyday clothing and sportswear. For example, designer Christopher Raeburn has recycled old parachutes into fashionable Eco-friendly clothing and sports bags, and has also designed an Eco-friendly parachute dress for today’s world of fashion.
  • We can also purchase Eco-friendly fashionable products online. Companies today offer a wide range of Eco-friendly clothing, shoes, and bags. Additionally, these commodities are all made from Eco-friendly materials like silicon and 100% organic cotton, which are all designed to meet with the latest styles and trends of today’s fashion. These Beautiful and Eco-friendly fashionable styles are achieved through a special ethical trading system to ensure that these procedures do not cost the Earth in any way.

6. Eco-Friendly Jewellery.

  • Through newly legitimate advances worldwide, we have classified a selection of our jewellery as Eco-friendly. Today, this jewellery comes with a promise, that by purchasing Eco-friendly jewellery also means fair-trading for all. Plus, it assures us ‘in a way’ that the people who have mined the jewels have been fairly paid for their labour. Though there are other outlets that deal only in 100% recycled jewellery; from old gold coins, silver coins, and even from Victorian silverware, this is also classified as Eco-friendly jewellery! But there are some who deal in both fields of this provision for example, Friends of the Earth Shop ‘which can be found online’ promises fair-trade by using natural and recycled materials to produce Eco-friendly jewellery. Furthermore, together with going about your normal day, feeling great and contented with your self being, this is also a brilliant way of reducing the threats towards our environment.

7. Eco-Friendly Android Smart Phone.

  • Today there is many Eco-friendly android phones in which we can choose from, but what is so special about an Eco-friendly smart-phone? Generally, Eco-friendly smart phones reveal a few distinctive key features; they are design to use less energy, charge more efficiently, built with recycled materials, and radiation emissions are kept at the smallest amount possible. For example, the Sony Xperia ZR is one of the most highly sophisticated Eco-friendly smart-phones on the market today. This company also offers their customers with a choice towards refurbishing their older smart-phones, through restoring their phones in full and bringing them up to date with smart-phone technology. This is a great way to save waste and to contribute towards an Eco-friendly world.

8. Choosing an Eco-Friendly Career.

  • Choosing an Eco-friendly career, can be achieved through connecting with job agencies that specialize in environmental friendly jobs. For example, Going Green Jobs ‘which can be contacted through the web’ provides a wide range of Eco-friendly career opportunities throughout many industries. This gives you an advantage towards seeking an Eco-friendly job in which you most desire.
  • Choosing to adapt in relation to an Eco-friendly career, can also be a decision of any individual working-class person. This can be achieved through having a better environmental friendly awareness at your workplace. For instance, by taking an interest in recyclable materials and procedures within your department of work: If possible do some research on environmental issues concerned with working industries of today, and then take action by politely submitting a few ideas on how to make your workplace Eco-friendlier.

9. Eco-Friendly Holidays.

  • By choosing to go on an Eco-friendly holiday can prove be a meaningful experience of a lifetime. There are many Eco-friendly holidays ‘that we can easily book online today, which offer numerous environmentally friendly destinations. These are places where people genuinely cherish their natural environment, with Eco-friendly hotels that cause no harm to their surroundings. Some Eco-friendly holidays even offer wildlife tours and nature walks. Just by knowing that you are contributing towards an Eco-friendly world, whilst being on holiday, makes the entire experience worthwhile.

Eco-Friendly Hotels.

10. Eco-Friendly Gifts.

  • Eco-friendly gifts are something extra special in the world we live in today, because through giving somebody an Eco-friendly gift for their birthday or as a Christmas present you are giving back to the environment. Evidently, you are helping to save energy, produce clean water, along with helping forest preservation and restoration. There are numerous Eco-friendly gives that we can purchase through the web today; gifts that have been produced by recycled materials. This is a wonderful way to contribute towards an Eco-friendly world.

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