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The 10 Best Ways and Ideas to Raise Money for Charity through Fundraising

Updated on May 22, 2012

If you are looking for ideas on how to raise additional money for a charity then this article is certainly for you!

There are quite a few ways that any organization can raise quite a bit of money in a short period of time. In this article we will cover more 10 specific fundraising ideas that have been proven to raise money for a charitable organisation in the past.

Let's get right into this as I know you're anxious to find out how you too can raise money for charity today!

Note: To collect money online for these ideas, we recommend using the fundraising website Go Get Funding


1. Raffles

Amongst all of the fundraising ideas, raffles have always and will continue to be popular with charitable organisations. Why? Because they work! Raffles are extremely good ideas to help raise money because they can always bring a crowd.

What makes a raffle successful? A very good item and price. The best way to go about holding a successful raffle is to see if you can get someone to donate a fantastic prize, (perhaps the newest item from Apple) that is popular and begin to sell tickets.

Look to contact local businesses for prizes as they're always willing to help in return for their brand name or logo being displayed on posters and flyers handed out to people who purchase tickets. You could also offer advertising to businesses separately to try to bring in some extra funding.

When it comes to selling tickets for raffles, you can bring an incentive to the table by giving extra tickets away to those who buy a large amount of tickets. This only increases the possibility of them to win the item but it also creates a bigger incentive for more people to purchase more tickets.


2. Magazines

Even though the online world has become more and more popular for content, people still and will always want to read a good magazine. In fact, almost every household has some type of magazine subscription.

This idea typically works if you're a bit younger in age, but you can put together a magazine full of information related to the latest fashion, tech, jokes etc and sell it for a few pounds per issue. You can even contact local businesses again to see if they'd like to pay a small amount of money for a spot of advertising in your magazine!

If this is done correctly, you can easily make £1000+ with this type of fundraising idea. This means more money for your chosen charity!


3. Online Auctions

Auctions are now a very big part of our culture. In order to start an online auction, you only need two thing. The item and online auction software, which would most likely be eBay. The first step, like a raffle, Is to get items donated to you from companies and or people. Once you have your items then you can place them online via an online auction on your website.

Since companies get write offs for donations of any kind, a charitable organization can easily get all of the software and items needed to run an auction. In fact, if your auction does well, then it would be a good idea to continue it for the long term. This can be easily achieved by starting an email list when they register for your auction and then sending them notifications when new items are added. This is incedibly easy to manage and can be profitable for your organization.


4. Sell a Cooking Book

People are always looking for new ways to make certain foods and selling a cookbook is one of the best ways to do this. Fundraising ideas like selling a cookbook can indeed bring a lot of support to your organization and should be published and added too as new recipes emerge.

To start this fundraising, ask your target audience for some of their best recipes for chili, salad, speghetti, steaks, chicken, fish and other popular items. If you have a company website and a mailing list, then be sure to utilize this information and let your audience know that they are in for a treat with new recipes. You can either sell this through Amazon which has a print on demand service so you will not be out printing costs. Or you can make an online cookbook that can be added too as you get new recipes.

Alternatively, you can just print this out using your home printer and sell the recipes for a pound or two per book. Make sure you're not selling any recipes out of cook books that are subject to copyright though as you could end up in hot water!

Another great idea is to have a kid's cookbook that would contain easy to make recipes such as biscuits and so on. With cooking, the ideas are literally be endless.


5. Bracelet Fundraiser

Bracelets have become extremely popular. With the advent of "Live Strong" bracelets from Lance Armstrong, people have already been subjected to this type of branding and can easily embrace your cause in the form of a silicon bracelet. You only need to decide what type of slogan you want on your bracelet.

More Ideas for Raising Money!


6. Chinese Lanterns

Of all the original fundraising ideas we have come across, selling night sky laterns are an excellent idea.

Ensure the ones you purchase are 100% bio degradable, eco friendly and wire free and you should be good to go. The more Sky Lanterns you purchase, the cheaper they are, but always make sure you purchase the higher quality lanterns so you don't end up with problems! You can then sell these out at around £5.00 each to people to raise money for Charity.

You could even get people to write their wishes on the lanterns before they are released into the Night Sky!


7. Holiday Abroad Raffle

Contacting a nice hotel or resort and asking them to donate a unit or give a unit for weekend at a special price can prove to be very profitable for your charitable organization and is also one of the top fundraising ideas to help you raise money for your cause. If you have a mailist list or a website, announce what you plan to do and begin to sell tickets. In fact, since most weekend stays are around the £300-500 mark for many resorts, selling enough to raise this money will not be difficult. After all, who would not jump at a chance to get a weekend stay for less £30.00 a ticket? Again, this is an excellent idea and could prove to be very profitable for your organization.


8. Selling Cakes / Biscuits

Fundraising ideas come in many different shapes and forms, but non taste as sweet as cookies. Cookies, whether they are chocolate chip or sugar cookies these little treats can bring in big profits your charitable organization. In fact, having kids volunteer to sell cookies at any of your other funraisers is a definite way to increase the profits for your cause.


9. Candle Bags

Selling Candle bags (also sometimes known as Luminary Bags) is also another innovative way to raise money.

Candle Bags are a very inexpensive way to to bring a nice lighting effect to any event. Most Candle Bag companies are very open to help Charitable organisations and even with special rates and ideas to help you get this fundraising idea off the ground.

Again, this product could also be included during a main fundraising event a such as dinner. You could put them at each table and let them know they are for purchase to help your Charity. Some Charities even spell words out using the Candle Bags or allow people to write messages not the Candle Bags for loved ones who may have passed away.


10. Car Wash

Of all the fundraising ideas, this might be the dirtiest, but it sure gets the job done! All you need is a few college or high school volunteers, some soap, towels and some water and you are ready to go!

Parking lots like ASDA, Waitrose and Sainsburys are usually very open to car washses for churches and charitable organisations, but make sure you ask first.

Car washes for charity will always be popular so scrub hard and make sure you do a great job to try and get an extra tip!

All done!

So there we have it! 10 fundraising ideas that are sure to bring in money to help your charitable organisation and cause. I would really appreciate your feedback so please leave a comment below and rate my hub!

If you've got any ideas of your own, please feel free to post them!

Update: I've also written a new hub with loads of new fundraising ideas included!


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    • Tom at Charity profile image

      Tom Kelly 2 years ago from Chicago

      Great ideas!

    • profile image

      Team BouncyPro 5 years ago

      How about dunking booths at a fundraiser? We've seen one of our dunk tanks raise over $3000 in just a few hours at a hospital. Some of the doctors and hospital administrators volunteered to be dunked, and the proceeds went to a new patient waiting room.

    • profile image

      sofia 5 years ago

      really good

    • seanbee73 profile image

      seanbee73 6 years ago

      Great ideas. What if you can fundraise from money people are already spending? Picture a fundraiser that never ends! Check out to find out HOW.