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The Positive Sides of Social Isolation

Updated on July 7, 2020

It is not that bad to stay at home.

We aren't allowed to meet our friends and go out to cafes, but is it that bad? In this article, I have mentioned all of the things that may positively affect us during the lockdown.No one is hoping that quarantine will go on forever, although many people fear it may be months before we can return to “normal”. Still, that “normal life” may have been changed forever. Social institutions may be aimed toward more compassion, working from home (and the positives that come with it) may be more widespread, and people may be more tuned into their neighbours and their own hobbies than they were previously.

About the current situation.

Everything bad has a good side to it - even quarantine. We are all under house arrest, which on one hand may appear as annoying and boring to some. On the other hand, it's great. Don't you think so? You didn't look at the quarantine from the right angle. Because our minds may benefit in a lot of different ways during this pandemic, mainly due to the lack of stress, social anxiety, and the fact that we have all the time for ourselves.

1.You can work from the comfort of your couch in your favourite pajamas.

A few months ago working from the comfort of your bed was a dream, right?

Some people love quarantine because as soon as you get out of the comfort of your bed you move to your cosy sofa and start working in your favourite pyjamas. You do not dress up as usual and wake up one hour earlier to do it. It is that simple now and we should appreciate this, because sooner or later it will be gone.

Now you can even give yourself a break any time! Go and make yourself a coffee. The work can wait now, treat yourself. As remote work professionals, we’ve found ways to be effective when managing both home and work merged into the same setting. Put together a set schedule for the week ahead of time, just as you would an agenda or calendar if you’re going into the office.

2.You can finally rewatch your favorite tv-series.

Do you remember when you used to complain about the fact that you have no time for yourself?

Well, now is your chance to rewatch all of tv-series and movies you missed, while working your nine to five job. It is time to get yourself comfortable with your favourite tv-series streaming platform and have some fun!

Maybe you’re in the mood for a new TV series to binge or a classic you haven’t seen in a generation? A lot of people would rather spend hours or even days with the same characters in a TV series and now you have the opportunity to do so. You should not miss it at any cost.

3.You can finally decorate your home.

You think that there is nothing to do, right?

Then, you should make some changes in your home. Take the furniture you already own and place it elsewhere in your room. Try placing your bed in the corner. To open the room and place your desk in front of the window so you have a nice view while you work! Make sure the height of the objects is drastically different or the same, otherwise it looks weird.

Also, do it wisely: do not crowd and do not place illogical objects, make it functional but stylish at the same time. Remember, your room is where you spend a lot of time, so it's important that it's based on your interests and functions, not someone else's!

4.Become the best version of yourself during lockdown.

People used to complain about how tired they were due to their everyday life. Now is the time! Start your day with a workout, it doesn’t have to be a long one, just enough to get you started. Once you start noticing all the positive changes to your body you will start to feel good about yourself. By the time this is all over, you will let the world see the new and better you. It may be not just about working out. You may pick a new hobby or learn a new language. It is all up to you.

Take a look around you. Are you sitting in a coffee shop, scrolling through this article? Or are you at your kitchen table? Or lying in bed? Wherever you are at this exact second is a good place to be. Life is so amazing and we as humans are lucky to get to be a part of it.

There is no single formula or method when it comes to creating the absolute best “you” possible. However, your ability to create the best version of yourself starts at the same source: from within yourself.

5.Become a master chef.

Remember watching all those cooking shows and dreaming about the dishes?

Be your own master chef. Now is the moment to become, what you thought you could never be. Most people think that cooking is not for everyone, but you have the opportunity to prove them wrong. At first, it may seem impossible to do that recipe, but once you try you will realize that you can do anything you want. But the TV isn’t the only device in our home getting our attention.

Being stuck at home with no bars and restaurants to escape to has also given us more time to focus on doing cool hobbies in our newly found free time. All kinds of people are baking more, writing stories, and making crafts.

6.You can change your life.

Every end is a new beginning. Always remember that.

Instead of dreaming of all the things you were able to do before the virus, you should better prepare yourself with knowledge and skills for the world that will come after it. You are in a unique position to analyze everything that has happened so far, to learn from your mistakes, to correct them, and to move forward. (and to make new ones, but that's a whole other topic).

If you are reading this article, then you have some kind of electronic device and access to the Internet, in other words, this is all you need to start the change in your life! Even if you do not realize it, this pandemic is already changing your life. We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s possible the positives from the viral pandemic may be here to stay.

As suggested by the title, set your own standards, set your own goals and timings. Do not be hauled into the rat race that characterizes modern society's idea of success. I feel like self-improvement can easily lose its meaning and value with this whole idea that there's some kinda blueprint for success. It is not even about achieving this extrinsic notion of "success" - that's just a by-product of your achievements set by some socially constructed standard.

© 2020 georgi marchev


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