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11 Year Anniversary of 9/11: Freedom in America, 'One Nation Under God'

Updated on April 1, 2013

WTC Towers Exploding

Explosion on World Trade Center
Explosion on World Trade Center

Do You Remember Where You Were on 9/11?

Do you remember where you were on 9/11, when terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Center?

I was at home, just waking up before going to class. I was in shock. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Being a U.S. citizen, I take pride in living in a country that allows personal freedoms.

I have the:

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. Freedom to choose my own religion
  3. Freedom to choose my own job
  4. Freedom to vote for my nation's leader in a democracy

These are just a few of the freedoms that I have in the United States.

September 11, 2001 was an eye-opener U.S. citizens. This day showed us that we should not take these liberties and freedoms for granted. Those of us too young to remember any wars (pre-9/11), can easily be complacent about how many rights we enjoy as U.S. citizens.

Freedom Tower in Downtown Manhattan

Freedom Tower is tallest building on leftmost side
Freedom Tower is tallest building on leftmost side

World Trade Center Memorial

Beams of Light directed toward the sky where the towers once stood
Beams of Light directed toward the sky where the towers once stood

Light Shining Through

Twin Towers with a cross of light in between
Twin Towers with a cross of light in between

Remember the Heroes

Remember the heroes that worked through the dust and debris to save innocent lives. Be thankful of the freedoms we enjoy in America. One nation, under God...

Hope is What We Have Gained

I can remember where I was when 9/11 happened. I was in the safety of my home, in NC.

But I couldn't possibly imagine the horror that New Yorkers went through as they witnessed this event first-hand.

Many people lost their lives.

There are countless stories of firemen, police officers, and other rescue workers that selflessly worked at Ground Zero to evacuate the Twin Towers.

Today, the Freedom Tower is almost complete. It marks the healing our nation has been through. The lives lost cannot be redeemed. If they trusted in Jesus, they are in Heaven.

Terrorism is an abomination to freedom. They want to enslave us to their way of life, but we cannot be held prisoner. We have overcome 9/11, and we still have our freedom.

This nation was founded on the freedom to worship God without restriction on our method of worship. If you think that freedom of religion means that religion has no place in Government, then you need to re-read your history books.

God did not order terrorists to commit this heinous event on U.S. soil.

It is God that carried us through 9/11, and God is constant through all tragedies.

It was terrorists that twisted a man-made religion for their own purposes that tried to stop the U.S. They tried to shut us down, but they failed.

Americans came together to pull through this horrendous act of hate, and we are stronger because of it.

Hope is what we take from it. They can hate us for what we stand for, but we have pulled through. God has healed the broken hearts, and has restored our great nation.


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