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12-21-2012 Is This The End of Our World

Updated on February 22, 2011

Our World Will Always be Beautiful

South Point, Hawaii The Southern most part of the United States of America
South Point, Hawaii The Southern most part of the United States of America | Source

Mother Earth Will Always Be Beautiful

1st Let me say that this is my point of view. I know there are many points of view out there and for the most point, they propose a dire view. I was inspired to look into this when my daughter at 15 years of age told me that, "Dad why should I care, the world is going to end the year before I graduate from High School".

I thought about it for a moment before I answered her. I explained to my daughter that in old times, destruction terminology was used to let people know that things were going to change in a way that the world had never known. That this was a way for people to understand that the old ways were going away as a new way was ushered in. Not in any way that we would all be destroyed.

I have always been a Sci-Fi person. I love the futuristic scenario. I was raised under Southern Baptist religion and did a lot of studying of different religions, different beliefs and cultures. Our, that is human existence on earth has has a very colorful evolution and continues to change before our very eyes.

I personally don't believe that our world is going to just suddenly be destroyed. This goes against everything that we are. Now if you take a close look at happenings around the world things will start making since about a change on the winds as our world has never known.

Egypt being at the fore front with their overthrow of a suppressive government. Other country uprisings against their suppressive governments following suite. Everywhere you look people are standing up for causes that are for the betterment of us all. These protest by the people are non-violent but being met with violence. Giving their lives in a peaceful manor so others can enjoy a better life. Currently in Libya military jets have been firing into crowds of peaceful protesters, killing who knows how many. A new generation is showing us that things can be accomplished through peaceful means even though violence is being thrown at them. Imagine JETS from the sky firing into the peaceful crowds. The writing is on the wall for that government. It will FALL. We have as a world never known total freedom. It is taking shape. People and governments are scared because no one knows what this is going to do to the world, we are heading into the unknown at a rapid rate.

One thing for sure is that with a majority, earthly population under 30 years of age, these young people are going to take use into the future. A brand new way of doing things in a bright new future. We should embrace the future that is to come and not fall prey to scare tactics such as those being thrown at us. Instability is one that we are hearing a lot about. Terrorist and instability being thrown together to make us think that the terrorist will take over these unstable countries. Come on people do you think that those who have died and are dying in these other countries are going to let someone else gain control of their country just so they can be suppressed some more. These people once free can call on other countries to come in and help them remain free. We are looking at change where we can all help each other as people. The way it was meant to be in the beginning of our existence.

It is my firm belief that we are witnessing the destruction of the old world getting ready to usher in our new world 12-21-2012. (Yes Miranda we will be around to enjoy Mother Earth for a long time).

About myself:I have always looked at all things with an open mind. Everything happens for a reason to shape an outcome. I always look for the positive in everything, no matter how bad it may appear to be. Love Sci-Fi, studied many things knowledge is power, career in Law Enforcement, father was a minister, have travelled all over the USA and parts of Canada... Spent most of my life in Alaska, one of the best and most beautiful states in the USA...

Addition: I am sitting here wondering why our government and other governments around the world can't step in and stop this useless slaughter of innocent people. I am appauled at what I am seeing and hearing. I feel that once a countries peoples have made a choise peacefully and peacefully taken over portions of the country, they have the right to ask for and expect other countries to step in and insure their safety. Wake up America these people are standing up for what we believe in. I can't believe we are sitting here watching the slaughter of hundreds if not thousands of people who believe as we do and are peacefully standing up for their freedom. (PLEASE ADD YOUR COMMENTS)

Comments greatly appreciated; as mentioned above there are many points of views about 12-21-2011... I will approve all comments with the exception of anything that may offend others.

Thanks for reading,

Bruce Moring (author)


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