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2010 A Year to Stand In Front

Updated on April 21, 2011

Do you have what it takes?

What do you believe in? If you look at your life; what have you done that confirms what you believe in? Does what you believe in define what you do? Are you willing to sacrifice for what you believe? I would suppose I have done that in my life. I state clearly here I am but one of legions of others who have done the same and with far greater sacrifices than those required of me. I told my wife before I asked her to marry me what I was and what it meant. I have been blessed all my life with a clear understanding of what I am. It made standing in front of what I stood for easy; a compulsion really, for I don’t think I could have done anything else.

So I stood so for our nation; yet I know that mine is not the path for everyone. I am sure there are many things and ways folks can “Stand in Front of What You Stand For”. Every faith, every belief, allows this opportunity in some way. I stood in front of what I stand for not just as a Soldier, but as a Postman, and a Contractor. I stand in front today as well in the arena of ideas and constructive debate. Many that I follow here do as well, and many sadly do not.

So the question to ask on this the first day of 2010 is, “Will I stand in Front of What I Stand For”? Will I be willing to put my life, my fortune, my sacred honor on the line for this? Or will I be one who hovers in the crowd, hiding behind what you stand for, to provide shelter from the storm?

Will you place your ideals and ideas out in front of the crowd and stand in front of them willing to defend, and engage in the combat of words and ideas? Or will you use the words as your shield snipping and sniping at the ideas of others offering no solution of your own? Do your draw your Word saber and face the enemy with the parries, cuts, slashes, and thrusts of opposing points of view? Or do you hide in the paragraph bunkers of the clichés, innuendos, and falsities of the crowd? Do you take your best shot with the ammo of your thoughts or do you lob grenades just to see the reaction of the crowd?

What will your legacy be to the coming generations? Will family and friends say “He knew what he believed and rode to the sound of the guns.”? Will your name on the internet be known for honesty and integrity of thought?

What actions will you take this year to get in front of what you stand for? Will you bemoan global warning and drive a car when you could walk? Will you rile at the bankers and CEO’s like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates for their profits and greed, and yet not donate to charities like they do ($36 Billion)? Will you howl about foreign aid but not donate to buy a malaria preventing mosquito net? The list can go on and on. I continue to stand in front by donating some time each week to the Red Cross at Wynn  Army Hospital, and other ways. The Red Cross is nearby for most Americans, but there are many, many community based ways to serve. Visit strangers in a Hospice, they will soon be your friends. Volunteer at a local school. Share your expertise with those less fortunate.

In 2010 we can make America, and the world for that matter a much, much better place by following my and so many others example in word and deed; and Stand in Front of What you Stand for. I could not in good conscience post these words without offering you help. If you read this article and cannot figure out a way to do this email me and I will give you ideas. Here and now I raise my Arm and In the words of the Infantry say “Ruck up Lads and Follow Me!” God Bless you all in the New Year!



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