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2010 Earth Day

Updated on August 4, 2017


DeaD Sea Lions
DeaD Sea Lions


Global Warming

Or Global Cooling

And Acid Rain -

Who Are We Fooling?


Who's to blame for

Iceland's eruption?

Does it boil down

To man's corruption?


World tsunamis

The earthquakes and floods

Cause destruction

Like Crypts and The Bloods.


The Planet Bleeds.

The Earth is tired.

Of what we've done.



Let's find the way

The way to repair

What we've destroyed

Do we really care?


The air we breathe

We take for granted

Still ... we abuse.

Who's views are slanted?


The blue marble

Is out of control

She's off-balanced

The future - we've sold!


It seems too late

If we don't stop now

I'll pave the way.

I'll show you how.


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    • RenaissanceMuse profile imageAUTHOR

      Renaissance Muse 

      8 years ago from USA

      In the 70's when the sky was dark with smog and factories polluted may neighborhoods, I was busy shielding two toddlers from a bad-choice of a dad who liked to fight ... anybody. I was aware of a lot of things that crossed my plane of view, stored them for safe-keeping until "schooled" on what I had to do: Find My Voice!

      You may not like "my voice", American Romance. And, that's okay. Surely you've heard of poetic license and I use mine freely.

      Spring HAS sprung and I'm still ringing her in. I'm celebrating the Glory of God in the Beauty of Her Land and People.

      My Causes are many and I Battle them daily.

      You're In Too Deep. Let's Agree to Disagree

    • RenaissanceMuse profile imageAUTHOR

      Renaissance Muse 

      8 years ago from USA

      I agree, nextstopjupiter. She may recover; however, many won't! I hope you enjoy Mother's Day Tribute To Mother Earth that has just been published.

      Thanks 4 the luv!

      I've noticed some very Nice Material you have there. Thanks for the invite. I'm a new fan! :)

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      Where were you in the 70's when the skies were dark with smog? and factories dumped their waste straight into rivers? Volcanoes simply happen as part of nature! get over your global warming myth! we have more trees now than 200 years ago in America! the air is cleaner! polar bears are just fine! and the leading global warming scientist just died by freezing to death at the South Pole! get out and enjoy spring and get on a real cause like ridding the country of Obama!


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