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2010 Scam Year of India is ?

Updated on February 24, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

In Jail and now out Mr.Kalmadi says Kiss my ...


2010 Year of Scams,Mother of all Scams Included.

Year is ending with a ugly title that 2010 is a year of Scams.The Supreme Court has named that the Prime Minister of India has not replied or has taken any action on a letter of complaint by a former minister and other two members of parliament that serious lapses have been made in countries resources by a minister of his cabinet to the extent of Rs.1.76 Crore by the telecom minister and that the Prime Minister has kept quite even after a year over the letter received by him.Media is beaming and shouting about this in every channel in the country and people are just watching the TV for free entertainment as they can't do nothing about it.THIS IS HISTORY IN THE COUNTRY'S PERIOD OF OVER 60 YEARS OF FREEDOM.

The Prime Minister has all the best qualities known and praised for his honesty and sincerity by every country in the world but we the people of country feel his GUTS are worn out and he has to go.This isn't the first in his office,The Harshad Mehta stock Scam of 90's was the first which is under his turbaned head.

The Prime Minister says that he has been entrusted with a work and he has got to do it come what may as if there is no one else who can do it.The truth is he is holding the chair for the young son of our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The country has seen a Global Scam involving another country in corruption in the recently concluded Common Wealth Games and the Sports Minister who was the Chairman of the games Organizing committee is left free and only a crime investigating agency can take action as it looks as of now and the Prime Minister has nothing to say on his continuing as Sports Minister of India.

Mumbai was rocked with a Scam of National Security by a builder cartel under the name of Adarsh Society,here on the Land of Colaba facing the sea and by the side of the country's Navel Defence Area land belonging to the Navy was converted to that of the State and later under the name of honouring the country's Hero's of Kargil War flats costing over Rs.7,000,00,00 was given away for Rs.70,00,000.The Govt of Maharashtra thought that all the Hero's who died in the Kargil was was from Mumbai.

The Chief Minister of Mahastra was shouting over the microphone pushed near his mouth by TV personal that he has not done anything wrong but was asked to go to his own home leaving his Chair to another person who may copy his patent of getting filthy rich and going home.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka is now shouting that he can allot land to his son's daughter and relatives for over Rs.500 Crore by a paltry sum not even quarter of Rs.500 Crore.His contention is his predecessors have done the same and he has also followed their foot prints,he openly say's so to TV media to the people of Karnataka.A land measuring 30x 40 Sq.feet is not available for sale to the people who are in the 'Q' since years but the Chief Minister's sons,daughter and relatives get it singing a song of cheapy tune.

Not to out beat him but joining him his cabinet ministers also grab land and enjoy the short lived power in their hands.

Not to out beat the ministers one of the minister's son sells a huge chunk of land not belonging to him and goes to JAIL to get BAIL and come home to tell PAPA that he is more smarter than him.

Enjoying all this in a 5 storyed building in the Capitol of the country New Delhi,migrant laborers who had over crowded stayed in the building which was having water in the basement for over two months like a swimming pool collapsed and 66 people died and over 150 injured.

The Chief Minister of Delhi visited the spot and said the compensation for the dead would be doubled for all those killed.If the building had caught fire she would have perhaps trebled the compensation.

Chief Justice Santhosh Hegde the Head of Anti Corruption wing of the Govt of Karnataka say's the root of corruption is at the top and unless every one of our leaders in the major parties are honest corruption cannot be controlled.



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      vasa 6 years ago

      we have to start from childhood, teach the value of being honest.