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2012 Marijuana Friendly Presidential Candidates

Updated on March 11, 2012

What is considered "marijuana friendly"

I'd like to take a moment to clarify, for the purposes of the hub, what I mean by "marijuana friendly". Especially since there are many candidates putting themselves out into the spotlight for 2012, that there needs to be a difference between "pro-marijuana" and "marijuana friendly" candidates.

A 'pro-marijuana' candidate is someone who is specifically for the legalization of cannabis or hemp. A 'marijuana friendly' candidate does include those that want to legalize, or whom think its a good idea, but it also includes those that might see it right to legalize for other reasons - even if they personally are not for the idea.


Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is a social libertarian candidate running on a republican ticket. He was formerly the governor or New Mexico and has been claimed as the "original tea party candidate" for his views on simplifying taxes and dramatically reducing them all together.

Johnson is anti-war, anti-taxes, pro-second amendment, pro-choice, pro-same sex marriages, pro-10th amendment, pro-drug war and pro-immigration. Though he is for continuing the drug, he doesn't feel that cannabis should be prohibited and agrees that the current drug war is failing. He has openly admitted to using cannabis as a teen and as an adult, and feels it should be legalized medicinally.

Becky Rusher

Becky Rusher is the only non-partisan no-party presidential candidate in the running. Becky Rusher is against the use of drugs or cannabis on a personal level, but feels that it's every Americans choice to "fry their brains" if they want to. Rusher feels that the government is not and should not try to be the "parent" of it's citizens. She feels that if people choose to use their freedom to act stupidly, then that is their right to do so, and not the governments business.

Rusher is a 36 year old agnostic IT worker from Pennsylvania, who got ordained by the universal life church for a joke. She is not married, and feels it is a strength she can use in the white house, to prevent any undue marital-love-tangle scandals that many former presidents are well known for. She does not yet have any children, making her the only 'free-agent' out of all other presidential candidates. Becky is pro-choice, anti-Afghanistan war, pro-budget increases, anti-outsourcing, pro-green energy, anti-alien employment, anti-alien welfare, pro-capital punishment, pro-civil liberty, anti-second amendment and pro-prescription drugs (especially cheap ones).

Rusher has no former affiliations in politics, is a computer addict and says she hopes being single will help her as a president, because there won't be any claims of "sex scandals" with her! Rusher is against career politicians and is running with no previous political experience, as a means of showing the world that you don't have to be a part of the "in crowd" to get elected.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a staunch libertarian candidate running under a republican ticket for 2012 president. He is a life long obstetrician who opposes being paid for his public service, and has the most consistent voting record of any politician. He is current U.S. congressman under Texas's 14th district and has plenty of experience in many areas of the government.

Ron Paul's stance is that the government has no business dealing with anything outside of their original constitutional enumerations, and because of this, he is opposed to the war on drugs. He consistently aligns himself with Judge Gray, who feels that the war on drugs is a complete failure, and is more about taking away civil liberties than about doing what's right.

Ron Paul is anti-IRS, anti-federal reserve, pro-gold standard, pro-choice, anti-offensive war, pro-10th amendment, pro-2nd amendment, anti-big government, pro-industrial hemp, pro-cannabis, pro-freedom of religion, pro-4th amendment, anti-taxes, pro-gay marriage and pro-constitution.

Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel has not yet announced his run for 2012 president, though he has specifically avoided saying he's not going to run either. If he did run, he would certainly be the underdog in the situation, as not many have heard of him. He previously ran for president under the democratic ticket, but then decided to run under the libertarian ticket, and is once again considering running under the democratic ticket for 2012.

Gravel is against the war on marijuana, and reminds everyone that in the 20's, prohibition of alcohol did nothing but add crime to our nation. He feels that marijuana should be legalized and that people should not be criminalized for using it.


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