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2014 Loksabha Election in Punjab

Updated on April 17, 2014

Punjab , a State in India

Punjab,a State in India

Punjab,a city of five rivers, is situated at 30.79°N and 76.78°E ,was established on 1st November in 1966.This state has a population of 27,704,236 in an area of 50,362 square kilometer .Punjab has 117 Assembly Constituencies within 13 Parliamentary Constituencies.Mr Prakash Sing Badal is ruling the sate under the governorship of Shivraj Patil.Here in Punjab 76.68% people are literate.That the name ‘Panjab’ has been named after ‘panch’(meaning five) and ‘ab’(meaning water) , is proved when we see five rivers i.e. Beas,Sutlej,Ravi,Chenab and Jhelum or Jehlum encircles the state making the land of the state fertile.

History of Previous Parliamentary Contituencies Results

2004 Parliamentary Election Result
Bharatiya Janta Party(BJP)=3
Indian National Congress(INC)=2
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=8

1999 Parliamentary Election Result
Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)=1
Indian National Congress(INC)=8
Communist Party of India(CPI)=1
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=2
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD-Amritsar)=1

1998Parliamentary Election Result
Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)=3
Jamnata Dal(JD)=1
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=8

1996Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=2
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=8
Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP)=3

1992Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=12
Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP)=1

1989 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=2
Janata Dal(JD)=1
Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP)=1
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD-Amritsar)=6

1985 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=6
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=7

1980 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC-I)=12
Shiromani Aklali Dal(SAD)=1

1977 Parliamentary Election Result
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=9
Communist Party of India(CPI)=1
Bharatiya Lok Dal (BLD)=3

1971 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=10
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=1
Communist Party of India (CPI)=2

1967 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=9
All India Bharatiya Jansagh(BJS)=1
Akali Dal - Sant Fateh Singh Group (ADS)=3

1962 Parliamentary Election (Lok Sabha) Result
Akali Dal(AD)=3
Indian National Congress(INC)=14
Jan Sangh(JS)=3
Haryana Lok Samiti(HLS)=1
Socialist Party(SP)=1=

1957 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress(INC)=21
Communist Party of India (CPI)=1

1951 Parliamentary Election Result
Indian National Congress (INC)=16
Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=2

From the above history about the results of previous parliamentary constituencies elections,it is found that there are two major parties who have been playing for a long time on the political ground of warriors of Punjab are Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) and Indian National Congress.Communist Party of India gets its little ground for sometime,but not for permanent continuation.

2009 MPs in Punjab

PS No and Name
MP of 2009
1 Gurdaspur
Partap Singh Bajwa
Indian National Congress
2 Amritsar
Navjot Singh Sidhu
Bharatiya Janata Party
3 Khadoor
Sahib Rattan Singh Ajnala
Shiromani Akali Dal
4 Jalandhar
Mohinder Singh Kaypee
Indian National Congress
5 Hoshiarpur
Santosh Chowdhary
Indian National Congress
6 Anandpur
Sahib Ravneet Singh
Indian National Congress
7 Ludhiana
Manish Tewari
Indian National Congress
8 Fatehgarh
Sahib Sukhdev Singh Libra
Indian National Congress
9 Faridkot
Paramjit Kaur Gulshan
Shiromani Akali Dal
10 Ferozpur
Sher Singh Ghubaya
Shiromani Akali Dal
11 Bathinda
Harsimrat Kaur Badal
Shiromani Akali Dal
12 Sangrur
Vijay Inder Singla
Indian National Congress
13 Patiala
Maharani Preneet Kaur
Indian National Congress



2009 Loksabha Analysis

Result of 2009 Loksabha or Parliamentary Election in Punjab

Indian National Congress(INC)=8 Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD)=4 Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)=1

Thus was the result in 2009 Loksabha election when Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) was able to win four Parliamentary seats,Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) won one while maximum was held by Indian National Congress(INC) which got the majority in Delhi.

Poll,Campaign and Result of 2009 Losabha

Both Akali and Congress parties showed interest for the development of common people in their campaign.They were more concerned with the well-being of farmers, poor people and students .Akali attached the issues of economic development ,awareness about environment to their regional issues.It demanded fresh CBI and Election Commission appointments. .Akali was confirmed to punish those who were involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.They complained that Congress in centre had compromised the water of Punjab. The Shiromani Akali Dal charged Indian National Congress as it had left Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler who were being continuously accused in the anti-Sikh riots cases.Congress campaign against Akali Dal saying that 'Goondaraj' is going on in Punjab' .The Congress told to implement a law to empower the National Human Rights Commission to investigate in all cases of communal riot.Manmohan Singh and Advani were projected as the leader of Congress and BJP respectively at national ground.Amarinder Singh and Badal were the leaders at regional level.Congress also objected that Badal was thinking the party as his family party.Thus the two big parties did not leave any chance to retreat.
Congress objected that ruling Akali Party was frightening the Congress workers and would certainly make a mess in the Loksabha Election .So poll was taken in phases one on May 7 and the other on May 13, 2009.But the possibility of violence and horror found nowhere in the Election.Even the poll percentage was seen higher than the previous turnout in2004 Loksabha.69.58 lagged the turnout 61.59 of 2004 behind.Rural citizen was much more enthusiastic than the urban one.While the urban people voted for the Congress ,the rural preferred the Akali

AAP,BJP-SAD and Congress Candiadates in Punjab for 2014 Loksabha

PC Name and No
1 Gurdaspur
Suchche Singh Chottepur
Shri Vinod Khanna
Pratap Singh Bajwa
2 Amritsar
Dr. Daljit Singh
Shri Arun Jaitley
Capt. Amarinder Singh
3 Khadoor Sahib
Bhai Baldeep Singh
Ranjit Singh Brahampura(SAD)
Harminder Singh Gill
4 Jalandhar (SC)
Jyoti Mann (Akshra)
Pawan Tinoo(SAD)
Santokh Singh Choudhary
5 Hoshiarpur (SC)
Yamini Gomar
Shri Vijay Sampla
Mohinder Singh Kaypee
6 Anandpur Sahib
Himmat Singh Shergill
Prem Singh Chandumajra(SAD)
Smt Ambika Soni
7 Ludhiana
Harvinder Singh Phoolka
Manpreet Singh Ayali(SAD)
Ravneet Singh Bittu
8 Fatehgarh Sahib (SC)
Harinder Singh Khalsa (Norway)
Kulwant Singh(SAD)
Sadhu Singh Dharamsot
9 Faridkot (SC)
Prof. Sadhu Singh
Paramjit Kaur Gulshan(SAD)
Joginder Singh Panjgrain
10 Ferozpur
Satnam Paul Kamboj
Sher Singh Ghubaya
Sunil Kumar Jakhar
11 Bathinda
Jasraj Singh Longia
Harsimrat Kaur Badal(SAD)
Manpreet Singh Badal
12 Sangrur
Bhagwant Mann
Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa(SAD)
Vijay Inder Singla
13 Patiala
Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi
Smt. Preneet Kaur

Amarinder Singh, Arun Jaitley

Battle between Congress Amarinmder, former Chief Minister of Punjab and BJP Arun Jaitly
Battle between Congress Amarinmder, former Chief Minister of Punjab and BJP Arun Jaitly | Source

Some Heavy Weights in Punjab

Arun Jaitley ,who is being criticized for being an outsider by the former Chief Minister of Punjab,Amarinder Sing, hs banged this notion.Prakash Sing Badal,the Chief Minister of Punjab has given a breaking speech that if the people of Punjab would elect Arun Jaitly,he would become the Deputy Prime Minister of India in NDA Government.The reality of this news is still to be proved.Yet it has become an issue to discus even within the party.The good relation between Modi and Jaitly ignites this debate.
The parliamentary constituency of Amritsar is going to be the 'Kurukshetra' of a fight between chief minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh and BJP's heavyweight leader Arun Jaitley. Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari is contesting from .

Amboka Soni:-A Congress leader and a member of Rajyasabha.He was previouslyMinister of Information and Broadcasting..Now in this election she is contesting against Akali's a candidate Prem who has been losing elections since 2007 Assembly election.

Manish Tiwari:- Union minister and M.P. from Ludhiana is decided to contest at last inspite of hias serious heart-disease .

About 2014 Loksabha

The national political parties in Punjab

Indian National Congress (INC)
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Communist party of India (CPI)
Communist party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)]
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)

Significant Regional parties in Punjab

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)
Shiromani Akali Dal (Simranjit Singh Mann) [SAD(M)]
Lok Jan Shakti Party
Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)

Youth Given Importance:-There are 20 women candidates in all,out of 253 total candidates those have have filed nominations.There are two 25-year-old independent candidates from Anandpur Sahib and Bathinda.At least 14 out of 253 candidates are below30.The candidates like 27-year-old Jyoti Mann ,38 year old Ravneet Singh Bittu,39 year-old Manpreet Singh Ayali from Aam Admi Party,Congress Party and Shiromani Akali Dal respectively shows that all the parties are targetting the young generations for it has a swinging and influencial power to to invite or insult a party .
Nominations from the Following Parliamentary Constituencies

Constituency Candidates
Patiala = 21,
Sangrur =23,
Faridkot =23,
Ferozpur =17,
Ludhiana =23,
Amritsar =24,
Khadoor Sahib =22,
Anandpur Sahib =18,
Bathinda =32,
Fathegarh Sahib =16,
Hoshiarpur = 19
Gurdaspur =16.

Campaign of Congress and BJP-Shiromani Akali Dal:-

Ambika Soni ,a congress heavy weight candidate,objected the ruling party for backdrop of industrialisation.Issues like high transport cost,high taxes,price rise of petrol etc are resulted due to the heavy debt that the state is under.
Badal told that ,, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, a ‘Candy Kid’ , sees toffees, candies and chocolates in everything. This is said as Rahul said Gujrat Model as toffie model.Badal also says that Punjab has been watching the best regimew under his supervision as there are progress,prosperity,communal harmony all around punjab.

Prediction or Exit Poll before Result :- A land of sardars is going to see a rael battle in this Loksabha.There was a prediction that Congress is going to catch the bigger whereas BJP-Akali was expected to hold 7 seats .More time passes more change finds.It is now predicted by some media that the Alliance between Shiromani Akali Dal and Bharatiya Janata Party is seen to bag the maximum seats most probably more than 7 seats. Now it is to decide whether the exit poll was right or not after the the poll is resulted.
The Akali Dal has been governing the state since 2007 .Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party seems to shows some power in the arena of Punjab's political ground.He is predicted to get a decent percentage for his Loksabha Candidated but is seen slightly to loss a seat.


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