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2014 Loksabha Election in Tripura

Updated on May 16, 2014

Tripura,Third Smallest State in India

Tripura is a peaceful state in the northern India governed by Left Front.
Tripura is a peaceful state in the northern India governed by Left Front. | Source

Tripura,a Western State in India

Tripura,consists of 8 districts,is the 21st State in India according to population .Its present population is 3,671,032 in an area of 10,491.69 km2 . It has 60 Assembly Constituencies an two Parliamentary Constituencies. Governor is Dayanand Konwar and the Chief Minister is Manik Sarkar from Left Front.The most brilliant of this state is its literacy rate which is 94.65% .This state is second in position for literacy rate.Agartala is the most famous city in this state.

Manik Sarkar,Chief Minister of Tripura

Symbol of Cleanness and Honesty
Symbol of Cleanness and Honesty | Source

Previous Trend of Power in Tripura

The Left Front and the Indian National Congress are most important and significant political parties in Tripura . Indian National Congress had been governing the state since the first election until 1977 . The left got its power in Tripura in 1978 and continued till 1988.A coalition made of Indian National Congress and Tripura Upajati Juba Samiti ruled the state from 1988 to 1993. In the Assembly election held on 23 February in 2008 the Left Front obtained 49seats out of 60 seats .After the Legislative Assembly election of 2013 ,held on 14 th Feb in 2013 ,Manik Sarkar succeeded to sustain in power for the fourth successive term.In 2013 the voter turnout was 93.57 percent which has broken the record turnout in 2008 Assembly Election in Tripura.

Few Important Words About Electoral Tripura :- Tripura is a small state in India. It occupies about 10,000 sq km area .According to 2011 census, population of Tripura is 36,73,917, of which 18,74,376 are males and 17,99,541 are females. Tripura has two parliamentary constituencies - Tripura East and Tripura West.Tripura East is reserved for Scheduled Tribe as this part of the state is mainly inhabited by the tribal. Tripura has 23,79,541 voters .1,21,114 voters or 4.03% voters are of 18-19 years of age. polling stations as recorded are 3,095 in total.

Trend of Power in Loksabha or Parliamentary Constituencies

Winning Party
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of India
Indian National Congress
Communist Party of India
Indian National Congress(1);Bharatiya Lok Dal(1)
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of India
Indian National Congress
Indian National Congress
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of India

Left succeeded to occupy both the seats from 1996 to 2009. But the past trend shows influence of Congress in the state.Past trend is as follows :




1971 -CPIM

1977-INC =1,Bharatiya Lok Dal=1




MPs of 2009 in Tripura

No and Name of PC
1 Tripura West GEN
Das,Shri Khagen
2 Tripura East (ST)
Riyan,Shri Baju Ban

CPM or Communist Party of India(Marxist) won two MP seats in Tripura in 2009 Parliamentary Constituencies or Loksabha.

Sitting MPs and Contesting Candidates

In the Parliamentary Constituency of Tripura West Khagen Das, of Communist Party of India(CPM) was elected the Member of Parliament in 2009 Loksabha .Similarly from Tripura East ,reserved for schedule tribes (ST) ,,Shri Baju Ban Riyan from Communist Party of India(marxist) was in the victorious part in 2009 Loksabha Election.So it shows the Left Front was in power and able to capture both the seats.Now in this present Loksabha ,there are so many parties fighting for power.The candidates for the Tripura East(ST) seat i are Jitendra Chaudhary from CPI (M), Sachitra Debbarma from Congress, Parikshit Debbarma from BJP, Karna Bijoy Jamatia from AAP. and even Bhriguram Reang from TMC.In Tripura West there are Sankar Prasad Datta from Communist Party of India,Dr. Salil Saha from Aam Admi Party,Shri Sudhindra Ch Dasgupta from Bharatiya Janata Party and Prof. Arunoday Saha from Indian National Congress.From Tripura West Ratan Chakraborty is contesting from all India Trinamool Congress.

Candidates in Tripura for 2014 Loksabha Election

1.Tripura West
Sankar Prasad Datta
Dr. Salil Saha
Shri Sudhindra Ch Dasgupta
Prof. Arunoday Saha
2.Tripura East(ST)
Jitendra Chowdhury
Karna Bijoy Jamatia
Shri Parikshit Debbarma
Sachitra Debbarma

Cast Your Valuable Vote

Who is going to be the M.P. from Tripura East(ST)?

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Poll Percentage in Tripura

Poll ended peacefully except some minor chaotic situations complained by the opposition in the state of Tripura.It is a joyful event for the election commission that the at least 83 per cent votes were counted in the tribal reserved East Tripura Lok Sabha constituency today on 12th April, Saturday.
18 polling stations were declared hyper sensitive and 252 sensitive here in this constituency.Enough central paramilitary forces were deployed in the constituency to cope with the situation..86 per cent of votes was recorded in West Tripura constituency on 7th April .Forest and industry minister Jitendra Choudhury along with 11 candidates are trying their luck.

Percent of Poll in Tripura

PC Name
Tripura West
Tripura East(ST)

Voter turnout seems to be sound enough ,but less than the record turnout in previous Assembly Election.

Communist Party of India-Marxist

CPI-M seems to hold the power again in Tripura Loksabha.
CPI-M seems to hold the power again in Tripura Loksabha. | Source

Congress,the Opposition in Tripura

The opposition is Tripura.
The opposition is Tripura. | Source

Possibility of CPI(M) in Loksabha,Congress Lagged Behind

why Communist Party of India(Marxist) is continuously governing the state of Tripura while red Left seems to be fading away in several states ?This is a grave and serious matter of thinking for which we have to enter into the root of thought in social,political ground of the state.This is a fact that the state has succeeded its literacy rare even better than other so called learned states.It is competing Kerala in this field.Literacy rate of this state is over 90% which is a real success.Besides this left government succeeded to control the tribal problems .This government has given emphasize on the basic needs and better improvement of the tribals.Left has also published their aims and objectives for the tribal in their manifesto.Above all honourable Chief Minister of the state ,Mr Manik Sarkar is someone whom most of the people respect for his simplicity.Mr Manik Sarkar is a simple man with simplicity.He has not earned rupees illegally.He prefers himself to be the same one who was before coming into power in Manik Sarkar.He is now as he was before coming into power .He is the symbol of honesty.People believe in him.He resembles a common man.What is the trouble of this Government is unemployment issue.according to National sample Survey Office the rate of employment in Tripura is 46.6% while over all average in India is 54.4% .There is no strong opposition in Tripura.There is Congress in Tripura as the opposition but it is not as strong as in the centre.There is no sign of Bharatiya Janata Party in spite of Modi waves in India.To find out aam Aadmi Party ,combing operation has to be executed.So voter has no option except Communist Party of India.So it Left Front is expected to come again with victory in Parliamentary Constituency or Loksabha.

2014 Loksabha Result In Tripura

Both seats have been won by Communist Party Of India(Marxist) in this state keepin the Modi Wave away.

2014 Loksabha Result In Tripura

Name Of Constituency
Nearest Contestant
1 Tripura East
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Indian National Congress
Tripura West
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Indian National Congress

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