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2016: Par for the Course

Updated on July 21, 2014

The Realistic Chance of GOP Policies

The Legitimate Chances of the GOP winning the White House.
The Legitimate Chances of the GOP winning the White House.

Any viable GOP Presidential Candidates

A pivotal Mid Term Election cycle this November, will determine if the GOP will actually produce a viable Presidential Candidate in 2016. I say this because the Tea Party is going to drive the GOP right off of the far right cliff with their extreme and antiquated rhetoric. Throwing America under a proverbial bus, just to spite President Obama or his Administration. To take for granted the will of the people who elect them to office to begin with, only to be overcome by Special Interests' monies (i.e. Citizen's United).

The once reasonable conservative Republicans are afraid of their own shadows due to threats of a primary race from a Tea Party member, and the rest of us be damned, Case in point, the things they used to support before President Obama came into office such as infrastructure spending, health care mandates, deficit spending, cap & trade and let's not forget the Dream Act.

To the best of my understanding the Tea Party came out of the woodwork once Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Their primary mission was to obstruct President Obama and his Administrations agenda, in essence to deny him a second term as President of these United States. Note to Tea Party members within the GOP, you've failed miserably at that task. And that's probably due to the lack of any real intentions to solve the problems America now faces.

The GOP's field is dwindling fast Governor Chris Christie In New Jersey hasn't seen the last of that Bridge Scandal. Rand and Ron Paul are way too far right to win the republican nomination. Paul Ryan couldn't deliver for Mitt Romney in 2012, he definitely can't hold the touch on his own. Mitt Romney should he decide to run again wouldn't survive that now infamous "47% comment" or that "Corporations are people too" statement.

Neither of those far right leaning boys from Texas, current Governor Rick Perry or US Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz can carry that mantle as a Presidential candidate. Never mind their far right leaning antics of their Tea Party affiliations. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, nor former US Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) or US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) could or would survive the primary to get their party's nomination, so the viable question one might ask is, "Who's Left Standing"?

Who's Got Next?

Does the GOP have a Nominee capable of winning?
Does the GOP have a Nominee capable of winning?
US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
Sec. Housing & Urban Development Julian Castro
Sec. Housing & Urban Development Julian Castro
Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)
Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)

The Short List

In contrast to the GOP, the list for the Democratic Nomination is short but has strong candidates capable of winning the Presidency in 2016. Hillary Clinton is by far one of the strongest should she decide to run again. Vice President Biden is also a potential front runner for the job should he decide to run for the office.

Freshman Senator Elizabeth Warren is another candidate should she decide to run for the office. Equally qualified candidates include the likes of Julian Castro former San Antonio Mayor and current Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development, his twin brother Joaquin Castro current US Representative of Texas's 20th Congressional District and Deval Patrick the current Governor of Massachusetts. All are being considered should Hillary Clinton or Vice President Joe Biden decide not to run for whatever reasons.

Because each potential candidate has a background that the average American can identify with as someone they might have known growing up back in the day around the neighborhood. Each person could stand up in a head to head debate against any of the GOP's potential candidates and prove themselves more electable than their GOP counterparts. This is based upon their likability, public personas and overall character traits.

Should either Hillary or V.P. Biden decide to run for President, I feel each has a chance to join the Democratic ticket as Vice President to help the party retain the White House in 2016. Of Course this is all purely speculative at this point, based on what I've seen and heard of / from them publicly. But neither is totally outside the realm of possibility come 2015 going into 2016.

Because the GOP has a habit of shooting itself in the foot, metaphorically speaking. Plus their pressing lack of real or genuine concern for the middle class, is more than a little dis-concerning. People with combined annual incomes lower than the six figure range are generally lied to for their votes then discarded by GOP Candidates once elected, at least that appears to be the prevailing trend as of late.


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