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3 Subconscious things We all do that's Turning us Against our Neighbors. Create a Positive Reality Today!

Updated on July 6, 2016
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Fear and Distrust will lead to our Destruction!

While the title may be misleading the point is of monumental importance for the future of mankind. Perhaps we could debate whether or not these things are truly subconscious or intentional, I believe a little of both.

Below I will show three specific times that we turn on each other, in turn removing crucial trust in which we need to have in each other. The question would then be why? Why are we doing things which are in their nature turning us against one another? I ask you to note the next time you do one of these things and perhaps find it in your heart to enlighten the other party if the chance would present itself. When we start to take back the trust we have in one another it is then we can progress. As long as evil works to disunite good people we are at a disadvantage. When we see these things and work on them we are helping each other overcome a system that seems hell-bent on deliberately turning us against each other.


A disunited people will not stand!

Right now we all are being divided, some of these techniques are complex. You must understand that weather you like it or not; you are brainwashed. We live in the age of propaganda, the television sitting at the top of the altar of all our homes the great light of deception. I watch my local television knowing this and I ask myself. What if we did not shove fear down the throat of the masses here in America? What if we showed the positive in the world? When we look at what is happening here in America it is pretty clear. We show fear and douse the minds of men in a constant bombardment of irrational fear, this leads towards more fear and more spiritual energy transference involving irrational fear.

The number one thing we do which disunites us against ourselves is something most everyone here in America does; they watch the news. Just as a test to see for myself if the media really spreads negativity and fear I flipped on my evening news. A policeman got shot, a house burned down, and the Ebola virus, as well as many other deadly viruses are in America just waiting to kill us all. The true virus is the fear which the media is so hell-bent on focusing on nowadays. I was waiting to see some good news, however, there was no positive news on the T.V screen there in Ohio on that day.

Fear begets fear as positive will beget positive Love begets Love. So if we stop watching the fear which is being spread over all media outlets both public, private, and alternative media we will make a huge step towards the true freedom for humanity. I really want to attempt to bring an understanding to people who have not yet learned about spiritual energies. I will give you an analogy I use all the time to unite ourselves with reality as we know it. The car crash analogy, basically this shows that when a car hits a brick wall at 80 miles per hour the kinetic energy from the crash transfers into other forms of energy. Sound energy, heat energy are just two forms of energy that are created during the car crash. Now most people do not understand how organic energy works. We are organic beings with more cells in the human body than stars in our galaxy.

Our energy; life energy is the vital energy which protects us from all kinds of hidden things. For example, when we love someone, love is a form of organic energy. This energy of love transfers just as the car crash does. We see the love come to ultimate fruition in lovemaking when a child is born. This energy comes in subsets. For example hate. There are cases where love turns to hate energy. A man loves a woman, the women is unfaithful. The love energy transfers to other energies like jealousy, this can ultimately turn to the hate which leads to murder.

This topic is important if we want to move into an age of love and compassion for our fellow human being. There is a balancing act of organic energy at all times if only we can see and understand that this energy is real. When we understand how things truly work we can start to work on the issues that are working to destroy us all. As we are at the end of one age and the beginning of another, that is for the chosen people of God. As I am back to shine light into the darkness so the chosen peoples can transition from the age of death into the age of eternal life. It is the hypocrisy the people must transcend in order to move forward; for no one is better than their neighbor and the very idea that one human being is better than another that leads to the death of the civilization throughout all of time.


Top 3 Things we subconsciously do that make us distrust one another.

1) Watching the News.

If you do not see through reality so to speak then you will be highly susceptible to falling for the Foxes great trick, that leads many into the black and red valley of the dead. I will now discuss some things you may or may not know. Did you know that a dead religion is now making a comeback? Would you believe that there is a specific reason for this religion to make a comeback from extinction. Let me also say that the Nazis also attempted to bring this religion back. This is the Norse religion, this religion is prevalent in the fighting soldiers around the world. I myself have seen the movies on Thor I love them and if I were still an atheist it would be appealing. While it's on my mind I will say an atheist is not a bad thing, the atheist is not a Satanist or an extremist of any kind. The push toward atheism today is only to wash away religious beliefs so they other beliefs can be added at a later time. As the atheist simply has not found anything worth believing yet. I say yet.

When the media then starts to glorify certain religions through movies, news, music, and so on the atheist start to have new choices of religions. You see an atheist is a person who does not conform with the religions of the past they do not believe in them. So what better a time to introduce new religions at a time such as this. Funny thing as the Norse religion is old but has been re-branded in the new age.

When we start talking about things like WWIII in the media, about zombies, and about the plague, this talk may just lead to our new reality. These things all seek to turn us against ourselves so I urge just to stop for a minute and think. Watch alternative positive media. Create positive media channels on Youtube, create nothing but positive outlets and focus on those outlets only. It is then we can build an alternate reality as opposed to the reality these powers seem to be pushing on us. We see movies about disease mostly zombie movies in the hundreds lately. Almost as if there is an incentive to create zombie type movies. These movies teach to murder and be fearful of your neighbor. When common sense dictates that when we heal our neighbor we heal ourselves, it is when we kill our neighbor that we kill ourselves. This applies to all disease as well; we are taught to be fearful and kill, rather than be mindful and cure.

What about WWIII. Spreading like a wildfire in the minds of men? This fear of such a devastating idea will soon move into our reality. MARK MY WORDS! THIS FEAR WILL LEAD TO WWIII and they (Satan the devil that masquerades as an Angel of Light) know it. We need to be vigilant in helping one another, we need to be vigilant in praying for one another. Those who are inspired by the holy spirit (or holy ghost for believers in paranormal) are working overtime to lead those into a new reality of Christ. I do not want to lose anyone here. Our minds work on Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz as does the earth. This is a fact. When our minds are in tune with the spirit of Christ then we will simply move from one reality to the other. For the men will get what matters, and we who await the spirit of Christ will have eternal salvation an energy capable of changing the matter itself. While there are people in tune with the spirit of Christ there are many demons who influence the minds of men. These men tune into frequencies / energies of demons. These men are the ones who control the media, the men and women who control the globe. It is the demon who wants control over man, ironically the media which works on frequencies as well is what they use to program and spread fear. (Keep in mind this is all to take away from my God; the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob the one and only God for whom I am a devout servant; a guiding light to the salvation of the chosen people of God.)

Do you see this? Someone with bipolar will tell you "My mind is just changing channels constantly I cannot tune into anything during these times." These "channels" are demons that corrupt the minds of men; and as long as we allow these demonic thoughts to propagate in our minds we will never be free. When we tune into the spirit of Christ we will understand the truth and we will know the proper channel and be able to tune out those others that seek to destroy us. Think of it like this we tune our televisions and where do we tend to stop? We stop on the Bullshit, on the evil, on the vile humor, the perverted mindless trash that undermines our very intelligence. Our minds are doing the same thing (channel surfing) and when you can admit this and work on it you are working a big step towards freedom and liberty of the mind. A demon will place the most perverted thoughts in the brain and then use a man's guilt to steal his soul. I tell you now that when this is the common knowledge we will all be free.

Just do not embrace your chains as many do in today's day and age. This world is about to make major changes and I am giving you a fair warning, because moving forward you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. So you are choosing life or death. Like I say God will always place you in a place where you will be blessed, however if you forsake God you will be destroyed. It is of no coincidence the spirit of Moses is what brought me to you in the first place. For the twelve tribes of Israel followed Moses, keep in mind every time Moses turned his back the people were back into their debauchery. Moses followed God to a land (the promise land) and the people followed awaiting the blessings. However what people never seem to anticipate is that when the people forsake God, God is the one that put you here. So your blessings will turn into your worst nightmares if you choose to disobey the law of God. There are two things, the Law of God and faith in Jesus Christ. You have to have both of those to pass through into eternal life. So remember than land God placed you on is the same land that can destroy you if you forget about those who gave their lives to put you here.


New age Harassment via Online Harassment!

2) Online Harassment.

We all need to know that when we attack another it causes a chain reaction. This reaction you do not always see, in fact only the most extreme cases will ever be brought to light. This online harassment is detrimental to our society. If we do not trust each other, if we do not have faith in one another then we are in serious trouble. How many times have you bickered with someone about conflicting beliefs online? These quarrels are creating chaos and dissolution among the youth of our society. While most adults can take such petty practices in stride the youth are more impressionable and some situations even lead to teenage suicide. While that is an extreme example; it is but another example of the people turning against one another.

We need to keep positive if we see someone who does not conform to what we think is right simply explain your view be polite and let it go. It takes two people to create a conflict simply avoiding a conflict makes you the winner of the conflict. Again we see people playing a game a game funded by the Devil / dispersed demons from the ancient days; which seek to disunite and annihilate the human race. Humans don't have a stock in the extinction of the human race, demons do. Remember this as well Human beings are not evil my Mother who is called Mother Nature who eats men and women for breakfast is evil, mankind has nothing on my Mother Nature and my Father of Time. Mother nature will break you off six ways from Sunday so just remember that the next time you think your being cute with a Demon thinking your so evil. Ask those stuck in caves trying to hide who ended up devouring one another, just remember there is no place for you to hide. So fall in line or fall out the choice is yours.

Again we see demonic influence doing what it does best-turning humans against humans to stop true progress. From an atheist I have grown to see a scientific truth, the fact that there are energy's sometimes referred to ghost / demons/ and so on these influence the destiny of man. We have no benefit in allowing only 10,000 "rich and powerful" human beings on this planet. The very idea will destroy mankind and as many books say already has in the past. So let us think before we act as our every action has a reaction. Fight negative with positive Jesus taught the world a lesson of self-sacrifice. This self-sacrifice now lives in all of us, as Christ lives in us. If we really want to avoid negative things happening then we need to actively spread love, compassion and understanding to all we come across.

The implications of online harassment are devastating. When we start to blow out the candles of good men and women we run the risk of darkness consuming us all. These things may seem simple, but a its a million simple things that will keep us going every day. When we are doing these simple things wrong we will notice. The third thing we all do that creates distrust is very simple, but we all do it.

Make sure your Car Doors Locked! The neighbor may steal my car!

3) Lock Beeping

The last and most simple thing we do that causes distrust among our neighbors is the simple key lock honk. So have you ever pulled up to a parking spot get out of your car start to walk into the store and remember oh wait I have to lock the door. You hit the button the car horn beeps and the guy getting out next to you hears it. It is then that he hits his car lock and it chirps. So you start to think; wait? I better hit this little button again to make sure its locked so this guy gets it, I'm better than him I can be trusted. I dare him to hit his button with me around as if I'm a car thief. He looks like the thief, insert extra beep.

Is this the thought process during these times? The fact of the matter is, it is offensive to some people when in those unique situations and a beep signals distrust. I have seen two people needlessly beeping at each other while walking from their cars as if they are not even aware of what they are doing. Seriously how many times must you hear your car is locked, and the other guy what about him mimicking the action. It boggles my mind that two people hitting that button which tells all I don't trust you.

Is the question do we need such a device? You can disable the chirp or beep in the car settings by the way, maybe I should link some manuals to show you how. How long must we beep at each other why not just lock the door as our parents did? Some of these things invented to make our life easier, well they just seem as if perhaps another agenda is at play. We are running around paranoid in fear by the media, disgruntled by people harassing us online, while mindlessly beeping at each other. Can you see who leads us? I am not sure anymore it is really us. We all have believed in ghost, demons, UFO's, or a religion at one point in our life. I'm going to go on a limb here but as I did not see the connection beforehand in my top 3 things we subconsciously do which creates distrust in one another. Maybe it is all connected after all. Just wonder the bible could be right demons could be seeking to destroy us all, and Christ could have died to prevent it. I know this to be true, but if for you, you do not just keep seeking with a positive open mind and your mind will sync up to the right station.

The next time you beep at someone walk up to them and ask them if they trust you, tell them you trust them. Make them aware of these things so we are not just some paranoid fear-driven beings mindlessly mocking and beeping at each other. To the beings which God created spiritual beings with the purpose of helping life on this planet. When we replace the word kill with heal we will find everlasting life. We will also be ready to move into the reality which Christ spoke of. Discover who you are the being who serves to serve Good, do not get sucked into the game that simply wants you to live. Live is Evil backwards and God is Good take away an O. I really hope many receive these words because we are at a time when souls are being sought to serve. The lines are being drawn the proof of Christ is here, the proof that perhaps everything we think is not real in fact is. Perhaps because ideas come from a place of frequencies from the place which the soul resides. Our body creates the bio-field that contains the soul. The dimension of the soul is where ideas come from. So far most ideas we bring out we seem to create. I have written on this topic in other hubs please feel free to read them, I will post them on this hub as they relate.

Summary of Negitivity

1 Media / Propaganda
2 Online Bullying
3 Car lock beep beep

Bleeping Distrust

Does the Car Lock Beep cause Fear?

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Don't Beep Back!

© 2015 Steven Miller


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