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30 Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Updated on September 20, 2018

1. Travel somewhere exotic

Go somewhere where it is completely different from home. The language could be foreign to you forcing you to try and learn it.

2. Date someone

There is a statistic that one out of every five people in America will remain single for their whole life. I don’t know whether this is limited to marriage and not just any relationship, but strive not to be that way. Put your energy and financial resources to work to find your dream partner.

3. Put money towards retirement

Grow your money by investing in a retirement savings account like a 401(k). Look to plans that are available in your country. If you are in India, a term deposit is the way to go. 500,000 INR invested at a return of 10% per annum could grow to 8 million INR.

4. Start a business

There are businesses you can get started in for less than a thousand dollars. Save money during your twenties and get a side hustle. The more money you make now, the more opportunities you get to improve your life.

5. Start a collection

Do something that is fun for you and keeps you energetic. My collectables of choice are coins and currency notes (foreign and local). They don’t take up a lot of space. Another collection I have is souvenirs from places I’ve visited. These do take up a lot of space.

6. Take a cross-country roadtrip

If you are in Sri Lanka, for instance, you can experience the beaches of South, the hills of the centre and the tradition of the North. Wherever you are there is nothing like immersing yourself in the local culture and seeing your country through a new lens.

7. Pay off your credit card debt

Credit companies have a lot to say about the advantages of a credit card. But very often we feel like using them as though they are savings and we are left with a huge mountain of debt that keeps growing. The best thing you can do is to keep your credit card only for procurements that require it i.e. internet purchases, etc.

8. Watch Adele or Beyonce perform live

There is nothing like watching a performance of your favorite musician live. Even though the heading says Adele or Beyonce, it could be anyone you like. Do this before you turn 30. It costs about $50 to go and see Beyonce’s latest world tour. For the best seats, you can expect to spend up to $350. The VIP packages start at $700. It is expensive, but it offers a memorable time and to see a once-in-a-lifetime performer. If you are not in the US or Europe, you would have to pay for airfare too. My suggestion is that the next time Beyonce has a world tour, save up and visit a few cities and see her as well.

9. Read 40 books during your twenties

This is the number of books that you would have read in university. Try to read another set of this number of books after you leave university and before you hit the big three O. There are several benefits to reading. You want to be a sponge at a young age and absorb as much as you can. Not only should you be looking to build skills when reading these books, but also keep an eye on major trends that may impact the global economy, etc.

10. Join a club

Donald Trump met a lot of people at a Manhattan club who turned out to be very helpful to him later on. You don’t have to set your sights so high, but it could be a swimming club or an investment club.

11. Give yourself a treat of something really expensive

It could be a new computer, a nice wallet or a getaway that you’ll remember at an upscale resort.

12. Eat really expensive food

Do this at least once during your twenties. Take a picture and post it on Instagram.

13. Watch the Olympic Games

A website stated that you had to attend the Olympic Games. I recommend that you watch it on television. You actually won’t be able to do this either. So try to catch as much of the action on YouTube.

14. Pick a cause that you are passionate about

This could be to make sure that everyone has access to clean water or to reduce the incidence of poverty. Volunteer your time, fundraise and donate. Get out there and make it happen.

15. Become a connoisseur in something

It could be chocolate, cheese, tea or coffee. Show off your knowledge and gain a following.

16. Live in a different city, at least once

Stay in a different city from your own. It could be to further career goals by studying or taking up a job. Or you can just take a break and enjoy doing things you like. You’ll learn to start living on your own. You’ll have to plan for everything starting from the morning tea to evening dinner. You will become a more organized and confident person as a result.

17. Get into a fitness regiment

This could be as simple as walking or you can go swimming. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Little things like purchasing exercise equipment could lead you to a healthier life with fewer expenses.

18. Learn a foreign language

You should aim to be at least bilingual. Start reading the newspaper in the language that you hope to master. Do some daily writing and find a way to converse with people in that language.

19. Binge watch a popular series

I watched a lot of ‘Mind Your Language’ and I learned several things from the characters. For instance, it was how an Italian in London would address his teacher.

20. Watch 40 movies

In the same vein as the reading tip, you should look to watch this many movies. So it is basically four movies a year!

21. Have a birthday party and invite at least 5 friends

Networking is the key. You’ll want to engage with the vast number of social media ‘friends’ that you have build up over the years.

22. Take a class to learn a skill

It could be an online class. But prepare hard like you did in high school and college. Just as you did for the SATs and the GRE.

23. Live abroad

Even if it is just to get friendly with the hot foreign strangers.

24. Ask for a payrise

After you done all of this, you are now an asset to any company. Time for them to pay up!

25. Have savings

Put some money away in a certificate of deposit and spend only the interest that you earn. If you have $5000 in a CD, then you will get $50. Spend only that on things that you love.

26. Look after your health

Whether it is being to sleep better or have good hair, work on your health daily. Read magazines like Men’s Health for a better grip on this topic.

27. Work smarter, not harder

Look for ways to be smart about things. This will make you that much more productive.

28. Redecorate your room or apartment

Invest the time in the place you live in and reap the rewards later.

29. Figure out your dream job

Try a variety of different jobs and see what your good at.

30. And finally, make a list of 40 Things to do Before You Turn 40

If only because it’s fun.


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