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4 Quickies to Get You Steamy in The Quarantine

Updated on March 30, 2020
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When an SEO content writer turns a hobby blogger, then he is obliged to write things like this. Sorry for the inconvenience readers :-(

Yeah, we all are going to some phase that we have never seen before. But isn’t what life is, facing the unknown? Even if you are working from home, you still have plenty of time left that you are just not getting how to utilize. And the easiest way for us to spend that extra time is to scroll the feed on social media. This was not such a bad option earlier, but in just recent few days, I feel just like it’s getting a little bit intimidating.

I know the time can be stressful, but if you only focus on the bad news, the death toll of Italy or, get frightened by thinking over the absurd future, you will lose grip on the present. And once you are on the loop of anxiety, dear, let me assure you it only gets worse. So here are some ways that you can follow to make the most out of the self-quarantine.

1. Rekindle the Old Flame

Parental or wisdom advisory required if you wanna go weak on your knees all over again. But one thing you can start is the painting or dancing that you stopped a long time ago. It’s also cool if you have never started it in the first place but always wanted to, it is the time. There are various YouTube channels and websites to help you free of cost.

Another exceptional medium is Duolingo. It’s a great app to learn several foreign languages from German to Japanese. And talking of flames, if you really want to illuminate it, get some grooming and etiquette course on YouTube by subscribing Alex Costa, MR PORTER, AWxInc, or by flipping some pages of GQ. Your single piece BiyeBari to MeyePotano T-Shirt gotta go with COVID-19 once and for all.

For the pro tip, if you are a Jio mobile subscriber, download the Jio News app and rush towards the magazine shelf; you can find lots of self-help materials.

Duolingo, your free pass of learning new foreign languages
Duolingo, your free pass of learning new foreign languages

2. Netflix And Chill

Well, if you follow the Urban Dictionary, then this step entirely depends on you, whether you want to do it or not. Otherwise, I am telling you to take a chill pill by binge-watching some TV shows or movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any platform you are on. We all know that TV shows and films are one of the greatest mediums of stressbuster. If you are feeling low, select any trash Bollywood or Hollywood film. And if you think that your brain is up for some nourishment, then just Google The Academy Award for Best Picture nomination list.

Wanna up for a pro tip? If you are feeling too down, then Dev and Ankush can be your best pal. Most of their films are on Prime, and if you don’t have access to any of those SVODs, hit Torrent, get some privilege for living in a third world country. If you think that you are an honest, uncorrupted soul (which I doubt highly), then opt for an airtel postpaid connection. They have bundled Amazon Prime, airtel Xstream Premium and Netflix with their airtel thanks platinum membership.

Watching your favorite content can help you relax
Watching your favorite content can help you relax

3. Try New Positions

I mean a new job role or a new skill set, FOOOOOLKS!!!! If watching movies or cooking class on YouTube is not for you, then do something really concrete. Let’s cut to the chase, after the whole pandemic is over, the world economy is going to be very fragile, and recession could be our fate. But one thing that will remain constant is the world would not stop, and our life would still go on.

So in this extra time in our hand, we can think. Yes, we can think; we often skip this part and have to pay the price. And when you are in existential crisis like this, your brain works like magic; just count on me on this. So what you really want from your life, huh?

If you answer is the corporate sector, then unlike endotherms, you gotta work in your hibernation. Get a class on Udemy, Alison, Coursera, only to name a few. They offer several free courses in various fields, and all the courses are very much industry-ready.

If you hold an airtel prepaid connection, then you can have a free one-month premium class from Shaw Academy, and for the postpaid customers, it’s a yearly free package. And like most of the men, if you have commitment phobia, you don’t have to enroll in any classes immediately, there’s no harm in roaming those e-alma maters.

Udemy is a free platform to acquire new skills
Udemy is a free platform to acquire new skills

4. Reach the Climax

With the unfinished novel that you have started on your UG, PG course. Yeah, yeah, I know there’s a world out there where non-Eng-lit students live. So for the ‘others’, you can start reading a novel, or a non-fictional book, a magazine, a newspaper, the heading of a newspaper at least. Don’t be afraid, you can do it, I mean if you can read this whole thing you can also read a newspaper article. Have some faith in yourself dude, I know you can.

And for us, “the chosen Seed”, we can go for anything not because we are students of English literature uh aa, but because we have not gone through half of our prescribed texts entirely. Shhhhhhh highly confidential!

In case you are wondering, this is called reading
In case you are wondering, this is called reading

And folks, if you still think that you cannot cope with the situation, get a duster, give your domestic help a day off and do all the household chores she used to do all by yourself. Your day will pass in a jiffy, and you will sleep like a log, and next day you will see the magic; your help is back on her duty and you to your Instagram feed. Attaboy!

You can try all those alternatives while staying home, but if you live on the surface and only skimming my content by checking the subheadings, then honey, do all those things over the phone or without leaving your house. You can always get steamy by working your brain or physically doing some work in your home.

P.S. I know there would be lots of people who will think that I am taking the grave issue trivially or encouraging people not to follow the authentic protective measures. However, the whole point of the post is to help people live in the present with a more positive approach towards life. Love and flying kisses honey boo boo!

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