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4 Things That Should Scare You About the Covington Teens’ Story

Updated on January 23, 2019
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Vivian observes life and culture and offers truthful insights to introduce balance and normalcy to the crazed sectors of society.

The social justice warriors are curiously absent from defending the group of Covington Catholic school teens falsely accused of mocking a Native American near the Lincoln Memorial. A four-minute video clip emerged initially implicating the teens who traveled from Kentucky to participate in the March for Life event, but the teens were exonerated when the hour-long video was viewed in its entirety. By that time, however, the damage was done. The fake news media launched an all-out attack on these boys and formed a lynch mob stretching across the nation. Despite the much ado about nothing, we learn four important and alarming facts about rabid leftists that should strike a chord of fear in the heart of honest Americans.

1. News Can Be Completely Fictionalized

Sean Hannity laments nightly on his Fox News program that true journalism is dead, and he is right. The news media did no investigation before misreporting the story, posting hateful and violence-inciting tweets, and amassing a frenzied throng of support. Even when the original account was debunked, the character assassination and verbal carnage continued to rage.

A small percentage of counterfeit journalists issued apologies and deleted their vicious tweets, but the majority did not. This is the state of the mainstream media—their reporting can be discredited, but they remain smug about smearing those who disagree with their narrative. The media has become nothing but fire sniping extensions of the radical Left. Unbiased and objective reporting of facts is no longer the foundational code for broadcast journalism.

2. No Accountability for Being Wrong

The fascist, hate-mongering propaganda machines have no accountability when they are caught red-handed spreading false information to the public. Even when their actions cause a backlash of violence against innocent victims, there is no penalty. The Covington teens and their families are facing death threats and targeted harassment, and Kathy Griffin is demanding these boys be doxed so the savage mob can find them.

What really happened? The Covington teens were standing in place waiting for a bus to pick them up. They were not a roving band of trouble makers trying to pick a fight. A black supremacist organization, the Black Hebrew Israelites, began taunting them with racial jabs. Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist, began approaching them, banging his drum. The naïve young men were unsure if Phillips was hostile or not, so they remained calm and smiled to show respect. This smiled sparked writer Reza Aslan to tweet, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Why did Twitter allow this sadistic post to remain when it violates their policies? The boys were accused of chanting “build the wall,” but even that was misreported because no proof exists to support the claim.

The uproar against the Covington teens was so brutal, Covington Catholic High School had to close for a day until extra security and a strong police presence could be mobilized. What if a lunatic actually follows through and harms one of these students or their family members? Someone should be held accountable. We teach our children it’s not enough to be sorry—you have to fix what you did wrong. This is not happening on the news circuit. Reporters aren’t slapped on the wrists, placed on leave, or fired for spawning a wave of violence against innocent people. No one is sued for defamation. No recompense is offered for the life-long mental and emotional damage this is wreaking on young people simply attending a March for Life rally.

3. The Real Stories Are Ignored

The news media has been strangely silent about the key players in this debauched story—The Black Hebrew Israelites. If a white supremacy group instigated a bigoted attack on a group of black high school students, you would see the froth oozing from the mouths of every anchor and political pundit. The focal point of this story should be how a black supremacist group demonstrated bigotry and goaded and verbally accosted a group of white high school boys from Kentucky. That’s the real story. Why is this point completely overlooked by the media? There is even evidence to suggest Phillips is a known hack. The truth is ignored when the story doesn’t support the radical left agenda.

4. Suppressing Conservatives is the Goal

The real reason the Covington Catholic teens were attacked is because they were wearing MAGA hats to demonstrate their support for President Trump and conservative values. The Left has declared war on conservatives, and they play dirty. The goal of smearing these young men is to label Trump supporters as white, racist, bigoted men. Squelching young, conservative voices is accomplished through fear tactics to encourage them to conform to the Left or face retaliation.

Get the Facts

We are living in perilous times when people we once trusted to report current events with honesty and integrity and allow us to make up our own minds no longer exist. The Left is launching desperate and violent attempts to silence and subjugate conservatives so they can proceed full throttle with their agenda without being questioned or held accountable. Their quest for power requires our surrender of freedom. Do your own research. Learn the truth and have the courage to stand your ground, even when it gets ugly.

Do you trust the reporting of the mainstream media?

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© 2019 Vivian Coblentz


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