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5 Hour Energy Ingredients

Updated on January 30, 2014

Want to know more about 5 Hour energy ingredients? For the ones who are not aware, 5 Hour Energy is regarded as a popular power shot which is flavored and is treated as a dietary supplement. There have been a number of concerns about the health related safety of this drink. It is said that the active ingredients in this drink do not meet the safety standards marked for health drinks like this. But how true is it? If you are wondering whether your favorite energy drink is safe for you to consume, then you need to get further details on what the ingredients of this energy drink are.

The basic blend of major ingredients in 5 Hour Energy

The ingredients in the 5 Hour Energy drink have been chosen and formulated carefully to provide the drinker an instant shot of energy that lasts. For the sleepy or stressed out individuals, this drink has been known to be a foolproof wake up call. The blends of ingredients in this drink are mentioned below.

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5 Hour Energy Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients revealed within 5 hour energy. Before you decide to drink this energy shot, make sure you check first. There are some who are allergic to certain ingredients and this is why it’s always good to read the label. Furthermore, you should only start with half of the bottle if you are new to drinking 5 hour energy. It could very well keep you up for 10 hours straight instead of five - just like it did to me.


This is the most expected ingredient in the drink. Caffeine is known to be a wonderful stimulant and hence it is one of the basic ingredients of the 5 Hour Energy drink. The amount of caffeine in one drink is equal to one cup of premium coffee. The caffeine content provides the requisite mental alertness to the drinker.


This substance occurs naturally dairy products, meat and also fishes. Our bodies too contain a high amount of Taurine in specific areas like heart and nervous systems, white blood cells and also skeletal muscles. This ingredient in the 5 hour Energy drink helps in enhancing digestive capacity of the body and also maintains the cell membrane integrity.


This particular substance plays a big role in enhancing or maintaining brain functions. So the fuzzy headed feel of a stressed out brain goes away, owing to the inclusion of this ingredient in the drink.

Malic Acid

When the carbohydrates in the body are turned to energy, the body basically synthesizes malic acid at that time. No wonder this ingredient has been added in the list of ingredients. It provides the premise to the body to create more and more energy.


This is yet another ingredient which works on the nerve impulses to the brain. This ingredient is usually found in meat and dairy products. It enhances the nerve impulses sent to the brain and thereby helps to bring alertness.


This is a very common substance that is found in a number of nutritious sources like whole grains, leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy products, poultry and fish etc. this is an amino acid and works really well at enhancing one’s mental alertness.

Other ingredients in 5 Hour Energy

Apart from the above major ingredients, there are a number of other ingredients that make up this particular energy drink. These ingredients include the various vitamins like Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin B3. It also contains Folic acid that is vitamin B9. The amount of vitamins in the drink is completely within the prescribed safety limits. Apart from that it contains additional flavors too.

My 5 Hour Energy Review

Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this energy drink as coffee puts me to sleep. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just the caffeine that helped you stay awake. It was a mix of these wonderful ingredients. My mistake is that I drank the whole bottle my first time and was up for a total of thirteen hours without sleep. Just be sure that you follow the directions and don’t do what I did.


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