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South East Bexar County Awareness:$5 Million Dollar Soccer Field in Southside Community

Updated on June 23, 2014
Commissioner Chico Rodriguez
Commissioner Chico Rodriguez | Source
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, ESD6 board president
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, ESD6 board president | Source
Loren Brewer, former ESD6 board member
Loren Brewer, former ESD6 board member

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Southside Community Finally Gets a Park

The Southside community has been waiting on a sports park dating back as far as 2006. When Andrew Herrera (former Southside ISD board member, former ESD6 board member and coach for Southside's Little Cardinals football team) was a member of the ESD6 board, he was promised an athletic center and then just as quickly taken away. Instead of an athletic center for all sports, Commissioner Rodriguez broke ground on a $5 million dollar Soccer Field.

At the time that athletic center was promised; Mr. Herrera and the parents of the Southside Little Cardinals were attending functions and passing around a petition throughout the community to show support for the project. The amount of signatures is unknown, but they required a set amount of signatures in order to receive the funds from the county. Mr. Herrera and his group was also fundraising to match funding and was awaiting funds from a donor to pay for the facility.

Commissioner Rodriguez was then elected to the County Commissioner's position and Mr. Brewer was elected to the Southside ISD board. At this time, the project was scrapped.

Now, present day; Commissioner Rodriguez is push for a $5 million dollar complex for soccer. While it is a much needed facility for the youth of the far southern Bexar county area, the Southside Little Cardinals still don't have a facility. In today's economy, $5 million dollars is quite a bit of money to spend on a single sport complex.

There was also made mention of the fact that there are two "extra" acres for a fire station. This ties in with mention by ESD6 board president, Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn (Commissioner Rodriguez' campaign manager) at several ESD6 meetings; to the possibility of building the newly voted for District 6 Fire and Rescue station. When asked at a recent board meeting, Ms. Mendelsohn stated that they had applied for two loans from the government. One for the community center and one for a fire department. The community requested information on the loans and was only given information on the community center loan.

Some other questions come to mind about this complex.

  • Where is the $5 million dollar funding coming from?
  • What ties are there between the soccer field and the ESD6?
  • Will the tax payers of the southern bexar county area be paying for a portion of this soccer field or all of it with tax dollars or loan dollars from the ESD6?


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  • profile image

    Mad as Hell 6 years ago

    To ex fire chief - They're like ticks in the dog's ear - dug in deep and hard to get out. Chico's day is coming what with elections coming in 2012, or it could come if people get out and cast their vote against him. The biggest problem we have out here in South Bexar County is the complete and total apathy of the majority of the voters out here. Everyone wants to complain, but so few will show up at the polls. People, if we are serious about this, we have to get out the vote. You can bet your bottom dollar that Sylvia and her TANCO group will be working overtime to get their people to the polls. If you want to get some sanity back in this area and in the ESD, get rid of Chico so he can't re-appoint Sylvia Mendelsohn, Luisa Vargas, Norbert Chavez, etc. A new county commissioner means new appointees.

  • profile image

    ex fire chief 6 years ago

    This whole subject is just BS...Chico and Ms. mendelsohn could careless about the sohthside of Bexar Co.!!! They are and always have been snakes in the grass, and are only concerned with their wellbeing. They do whatever that have to to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. In my opinion I wish they would both fall off the face of the earth. We would be way better off with both if them gone!! So to the worthless Chico and Sylvia please do all of us a favor and get out of the southside