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5 Reasons Why Women Perform Poorly In the Political Arena

Updated on November 13, 2012


There are many countless times when we have had a chance to witness what the strength of a woman can do. But, few have been like the Golda Meir’s and Margaret Thatcher’s in the world political arena competing on an equal footing, if not better, with men. I have seen female leaders handle some issues better than their male counterparts. Why don’t we see more handbags and skirts on the political podium?

The retired President Bill Clinton seemed to have more faith in his wife Hillary getting into the House on the Hill than she had in herself. If Hillary Clinton could just display half the courage exhibited by her husband, then America would have had a female president. What is it that ails our women on the political scene? Will America ever have a female president? I have no chauvinistic tendencies. I just feel it is time to wake up and play true honest democracy. The arena is meant for both males and females.

Photo by Maya
Photo by Maya | Source

Politics is a dirty game

Many women seem to hold strongly the notion that politics is a filthy dirty game. They definitely shy away to avoid the name-calling and mudslinging we see during presidential campaigns. They would rather take a back seat.

Do women hurt more badly compared to men where verbal games are concerned? While men are primed for action, women are more gifted with social vocabulary compared to men. I believe their tongues can do well politically. On the other hand, do they prefer controlling things backstage?

Lack of faith in themselves

The political world is a man’s world. This is the chorus we often hear from our ladies. Women have no faith in themselves. They down play their political prowess while expecting things to be done by men.

How do women expect men to have faith in a people who have no faith in themselves? Don’t they imagine men would like at times to take a back seat and watch things happen?

The comfort zone

The saying cliché “East or west home is best” must have had feminine origins. The role society has curved for a woman in the homestead is a niche they can ill afford to shun, ignore or overlook. They are domestically tied to the institute called home to the effect that their minds are geared or bound for the home and its comforts. Politics offer variety but at a high social cost that many women would rather not risk. They will want to fall back to sweet home, widening the gender gap further.

Many voters in USA have been hoping for a female president for quite some time. But it seems like they have long to wait after Hillary Clinton declined her husband’s suggestion that she runs for the white house after the gallant President Obama takes leave.

Photo by Ambro
Photo by Ambro | Source

Lack of courage

A good leader needs to have and also exhibit good courage in order to lead the general populace through murky waters. Most women lack the mettle and finesse required for the job. Courage fails many a woman when expected to give leadership. Do they prefer to be led than take up leadership positions?

Photo by Stuart Miles
Photo by Stuart Miles | Source

In politics, a woman is her own enemy

The skewed gender parity in leadership we continue to witness the world over is mainly caused by women themselves. Many women would rather see a man take the lead than their fellow women despite the fact that they form the largest voting block of individuals.

Why would a woman refuse to vote in a fellow woman on the basis of gender? They would rather vote for a man than for his female opponent despite her having better qualities. I thought the bias should be directed towards or against men. Women are difficult to understand because this will always work in favor of men. Are women truly their own enemies?

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  • Lizam1 profile image

    Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

    Sadly I don't think the economic hurdle for women with financial barriers or raising families alone can be easily overcome. Our BC premier is a woman who stated she wanted to pit families first. However the cuts she made begs the question - which families? Only the rich white ones it appears.

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi Lizam1,

    Thanks for visiting and adding yet another sound reason why women rarely venture into politics. I also believe that women have an upper hand when soliciting for funds especially when considering verbal eloquence compared to men. Men tend to have fewer words. Don't you think the economic hurdle can be overcome?

  • Lizam1 profile image

    Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

    I would like to see more women in government not just because they are women but because they are good at what they do. Sadly many women are unable to enter this arean because of a lack of financial and community partners to support their journey. Stepping into this arean can taje time away from family, so women may wait until their chikdren are older. Single mothers, such as myself, who have a keen interest in furthering social justice and other community issues have little or no chance of stepping into the game because I am not willing to sacrifice the time my children also need from me and I have a full time job to hold down. Economics play, in my opinion, the major card in why there are less women in politics.

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi teaches12345,

    Thanks for your wonderful remark. I hope more women take the cue here and forge ahead in nation building. We will definitely be seeing more of them leading than being led.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

    With all the women in the running the past few years, we may see one in the white house down the road. You have a good argument here.

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi picklesandrufus,

    A "start" is always better than failure to do anything. I feel there are many able women out there who can make a mark in life like you have mentioned. The future seems to be more promising than the past. Have a nice day.

    Hi bethperry,

    You got interesting views here. Spare the man with a bit of forgiveness. Consider the impeachment that followed. I would like to hear what he has to say for himself. Most politicians are corrupt. Can Hillary make a good president? Thanks for visiting and come again.

  • picklesandrufus profile image

    picklesandrufus 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

    I think women are about to come into their own and we will see marvelous things. Elizabeth Warren just won in Massachusetts and Tammy Duckworth just beat her male opponent in Illinois ...we are just getting started!

  • bethperry profile image

    Beth Perry 5 years ago from Tennesee

    You've presented some interesting theories. And while I feel both the Clintons are corrupt, I will defend Hillary on this: she wasn't the one who asked for oral sex, completely disrespecting her spouse in doing so. That was her weak husband.