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5 Star Congress MP's.Buy Economy Class Tickets & Sit in First Class.

Updated on February 14, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Picture Everywhere.

Refresh seeing his picture.
Refresh seeing his picture.

Rs 3.71-crore hotel bill.

India a poor country where 80% of the population have no light,no water to drink,no schools,no hospitals et etc ......

But 100% of our Congress MP's in both houses of our Parliament are millionaires or billionaires.

Gone are the days when Congress men wore hand spun and hand woven cloth.Today they have their ware tailored to suit the Collared,Collarless,or a via media around their neck.Thank God one thing is common,they are all white.If it was colored our parliament would look like a abstract painting that I do.May be they will change the color also but they now like only one color.The color of money.Do we know how much money our Congress President spends per month.It would perhaps build or would have built many schools and hospitals in every state in our country since past 60 years.Recently 2 Central Ministers were asked to quit their 5 Star Hotel.The Reason they are not spending tax payers money but from their tax paid money.How much money they have with out paying tax.The News Paper reports thar Newly-elected MP's run up bill of Rs 3.71 crore at Samrat Hotel,New Delhi.Amount pending with Hotel Ashok ( Govt Hotel) by Ex-MP's is Rs 93.9 lakh and Amount pending with Hotel Janpath(Govt Hotel) by ex-MP's Rs 40.5 lakh.This is the invisible perk they have as MP's.Who will pay is a question now.Who are those MP's is another question.The net result is these Govt run Hotels are continuously running under loss.If these Hotels were private we would have a different tale to tell.No the Govt wants to run hotels not schools or hospitals.Why do they stay in Hotels.Their Bungalow's are not vacated by ex-MP's who were thrown out in different states.Even if they have Vacated it would be with out any fixters or fittings removed by some body when it was vacated.

MP's can stay in Hotels where they charge Rs 10,000 per day,the salary of a school teacher per month.

Lot of Media hype went on during recent elections on the Black Money that was stashed in Swiss Banks but no report on that by media so far for reasons best known to us.

India is a poor country.   


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