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5 Trustworthy Non-Profit Organizations Worth Supporting

Updated on August 28, 2015

Non-Profits Worth Supporting

During the holidays we are often moved to give. Our emotions and sentiments become part of the natural scene which surround us so we choose to give. Our giving is part of our humanity. We are willing to yield ourselves to higher calling and in an instant be a willing donor to humankind's good. The strings of our heart are sometimes manipulated, however because we are creatures and creations which are willing to expand ourselves and give in spite of the lack we may be facing it with heartfelt intent that I share with you 5 trustworthy non-profit organizations worth supporting.

Allow yourself to become more informed of those organizations which stand with steadfast zeal to be that good and just thing to a cause worth supporting. Find it in your heart to do your own private research of other tremendous non-profits as well to share of your money, time and wisdom to assist in good will.

There are many an merry heart and often time heavy heart at this time of the year because our hearts are open to find a way to share. It is with joy that I share these tremendous organizations some renound and others I have never heard. There are those whose altruistic cause is so worthy of honor to give in the kindness of a heart that says yes, I will play the part and let my gift of charity no matter the size be mingled with the many others to show forth the power that we bring when we join together in unity.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

We all have it and may at some time be in a place where we may need it. This amazing non-profit organization has set the standard in the industry of being a non-profit of tremendous integrity. The American Redcross accepts donations for blood year around and also for financial donations as well. Every year there are thousands of individuals who need blood to sustain life. You could perhaps be the awesome individual who saves the life of a child, mother, sister, father , brother, friend.

Since its inception in 1881 by Clara Barton the American Red Cross is at hand when disaster strikes by providing care, compassion and emergency needs. It is there top priority to share with humanity the human heart and touch along with the necessary needs of the community and individual need.

Donate and Prevent Cruelty to Animals

Every year the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) saves thousands of animals from abuse and neglect. This organization was founded in 1866 by Henry Bergh. It has implemented humane laws and shelters since its inception.

There are tremendous opportunities that avail to citizens to help protect the growing population of animals who are currently suffering and need attention. Through an act of volunteerism you can donate and prevent cruelty to animals by sharing in this life-saving work.

Become a willing advocate of showing your support to the APSCA. Some ways of demonstrating your support are:

1-Becoming a GUARDIAN where you give a monthly financial gift

2-Spread the news through by joining ASPCA on Facebook and Twitter

3-Report animal cruelty

These are just a few ways you can participate in becoming an integral part of the larger space of protecting animals.

Precious Pup


Boys and Girls Club of America

What an awesome organization which has established at its foundational core to give boys and girls the opportunity of a great future. By becoming that village of a community to assist parents, schools and the community at large a place for youngsters to go with positive activities and role models.

There ultimate mission is to offer a safe haven for children to learn and grow while establishing relationships relationships with caring adults and professionals. Due to this integral part of its mission there are programs which are beneficial becoming a platform of tremendous opportunity as well.

Because of the core foundation of this superior non-profit organization there have been people and corporations who donate to keep the mission alive.

Great Futures Start Here


Unicef has at the core of its foundation the belief in the rights of children to realized globally. Because of the international connection it has with tremendous organizations at the base level it thus has the tremendous authority to effectually influence decision makers.

There belief in the humanity of each individual child has ultimately made them to become one that advocates love and caring. Here is where we they become the lighters of the paths for many children.

Providing proper immunizations and nourishment to assist in the elimination of preventable illness is one of the many ways that Unicef aids children around the world. Aligning with the United Nations has expedited their response time to emergency needs of children.

A powerhouse of an organization that speaks of LOVE in action.

Seagull Industries

Seagull Industries is a non-profit organization which provides an avenue for developmentally challenged individuals to have a quality life. They offer a platform of programs to assist the individual in becoming achieving self-reliance and their own economic sustainability.

For the past 30 years Seagull Industries located in Palm Beach County Florida has served individuals both adults and teens in an atmosphere of love and respect. Due to it tremendous platform many offer their time to volunteer time and skills.

Two of the primary programs offered are SAIL which is a Public Charter School in Palm Beach County(for individuals between 12-22 years old) and Adult Programs (for individuals over 22 years old).

Acts of kindness, volunteerism and donations are appreciated throughout the year.


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    • BeYOUtifuLife profile image

      BeYOUtifuLife 5 years ago from USA

      You have a glorious heart. Giving is a wonderful way to living an amazing life. Thanks for sharing.

    • sdemato profile image

      Samantha 5 years ago

      Thanks for this hub! I founded march of the blanketeers which is a non profit here in new york. We make blankets, hats, and teddy bears for kids in hospitals