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Could Bernie Sanders become President? 5 Reasons Why He Just Might

Updated on November 6, 2015

1. Climate Control

He wants to lead this country away from fossil fuels and into a cleaner future.

  • Tax carbon emissions
  • Oppose Keystone
  • Invest in green energy

2. Affordable/Free College

Finds it to be nonsensical to no educate the workforce because of the benefits it will bring back to the economy.

  • Free tuition for public universities or non-private institutions
  • Stop private companies/the government profiteering from student loans
  • Cut student loan interest rate which is larger than bank loans
  • Allow refinancing of current student loans to lower the enormous debt

3. Equality for all

He would like to truly make the playing field equal for all Americans as far as being paided enough excel away from poverty.

  • Equal pay everyone
  • Wants the return of a thriving middle-class
  • Protect reproductive rights for women as it should be
  • Supports Roe v. Wade
  • Raise minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour
  • Along with the deserved paid leaves such as family, sick, and vacation
  • Healthcare will be a right
  • Increase Social Security

4. Hold Wall Street Responsible

Wants to stop Wall Street from taking our money for risky business.

  • Wants to make a law that won't allow banks that are too big to fail exist
  • reenact the Glass-Steagall Act
  • Wants ability to audit the Federal Reserve

5. End Citizens United Corruption

Bernie Sanders is making an attempt to overturn the ruling that decided corporations were individuals as far as cash donations because they shouldn't be able to buy our politicians, which is exactly what they have done.

  • Turn down the notion of Corporations being able to deem themselves as people


Bernie Sanders has all the right messages and is consistent with them. A breath of fresh air from today's politics. And this is coming from a Millennial.

Bernie Sanders

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