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7 Steps to Tyranny—Killing the Internet Softly

Updated on October 1, 2013
Adolph Hitler, Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.
Adolph Hitler, Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. | Source

Does anyone reading this remember the growth of the Nazi movement in Germany in the 1930's? It was patriotic. It was inspiring. It was okay what they were doing. It wasn't so bad. It only hurt a few who probably deserved it anyway. It created a little conflict, but only to right a few wrongs from the previous world war. It was a necessary evil to ensure that Germany would survive in the future. It proved to be a sobering necessity to strengthen Germany's standing in the world. My God! How could it come to another world war?

It started as patriotic, but ended as a sobering necessity that descended into oblivion. Could it ever happen again? Would anyone care if it was happening right now?

Why would anyone ever want to kill the Internet? Control, that's why. Restrict freedoms, step-by-step, until any opposition becomes impossible. But you do it in a way that seems reasonable (at first)—like the reasonableness of the Patriot Act or the TSA. Then make everyone dependent on one source for everything. Sound like a sinister, Orwellian world?

Believe it or not, it has been happening for the last century. The forces of evil have been gathering steam.

Would you have accepted a simple denial from Hitler and his forces in 1936? "What? Us up to no good? Of course not!"

1. Control healing by funding only the methods that promote the end-goals of greed and totalitarian control.
A century ago, the Rockefellers funded medical colleges that submitted to their vision of "health care." Nearly all other forms of healing have been "proven" ineffective and outlawed, all without peer reviewed research.

2. Introduce illness by creating chemicals that allow greater productivity so the food industry is hooked, but that slowly make the body ill so it's harder to point the finger at the source.
Gradually invade food production with more and more chemicals, like arsenic for chickens in the 1940's—fat, juicy poison. Use mercury in dental fillings—the same amount of mercury that would condemn a lake resides in most mouths. Safe? People exhibiting mercury poisoning symptoms may think something else caused them simply because they've been told that mercury in their mouths is safe.

3. Control the food and drug industries so that they promote the end-goals. Cures are made illegal, healthier options are restricted or eliminated. Illnesses are maintained, never resolved.
Growing out of an agricultural division of chemistry, the FDA became the regulatory agency it is today. The pharmaceutical industry became big business. And once
agency employees left government, they often enough found cushy jobs in the very companies they regulated. Conflict of interest? Would you believe their simple denial?

4. Deregulate banking. Allow sources of income to be milked dry despite the detrimental effects on lives and economies.
The banking ills of 1929 remained forgotten when legislators started to deregulate banking in the 1980's. The foxes were now left to look out for the chickens.

5. Restrict travel. Make it harder to travel. Put in place mechanisms and procedures that would allow for a totalitarian grip on travel.
The changes with 9/11 were only the beginning. See how easily we rolled over and allowed it to happen. Of course, if we knew that it was all staged to make us think there was a danger, we would be outraged.

6. Restrict communication. Cut back on mail and place termination power for the internet in the hands of an unrestricted few.
The United States Congress is now considering legislation to allow unmonitored control over the Internet. No legal suit needed. Merely pull the plug on those sites that offend the beast of tyranny.

7. Establish a new, electronic form of ID-currency. Imagine a personal microchip imbedded in your body as the only method to be used for commerce or identification. Revelations, the last book of the Bible, talks of this—the "mark of the beast."

If you don't believe Aaron Russo, then check out the NBC Evening News where implanted chips by 2017 are lauded as "progress."

To be sure, there are other steps to this slow legacy of power grabbing—like the slow tightening of a python. When it becomes too uncomfortable, it is already too late to do anything about it.

Women's liberation was meant to fracture the family, but in a way that made it seem like we're doing justice to the feminine side of society. By this we make children dependent upon the government for guidance. And once the women are in the workforce, their new lifestyles make it impossible to go back and reclaim the family.

Patriot Act? It's not about being patriotic. That's idiotic. It's about greater surveillance power vested in an unsupervised few. No more checks and balances. Then, when dissent becomes illegal, it's easier to track down dissenters and to eliminate them. Years ago, capitalists were condemning the evils of communism, but was it meant only to distract from their own, very similar totalitarian plans?

Hitler with Mussolini.
Hitler with Mussolini. | Source

The Beauty of a Dead Internet

The Internet would not be destroyed, just killed and reanimated—a virtual zombie doing the bidding of a tyrannical few. Sound impossible? It's happening right now under the guise of "helping the poor entertainment industry fight the growing threat of piracy." Sounds nice, but is that really the purpose? The trick has always been to produce a restriction or a control, but to label it as something far more desirable. You have to admit, such a sneaky strategy is almost "sexy."

Imagine a world where bankers and other elite control all commerce. Your bank account can be wiped out if you are found lacking or somehow undesirable to the few.

Dissent? Try it. Your website no longer exists. Your email swallowed into a black hole of electronic currents.

If someone wants to gather a resistance movement to target one company, it fails because there is no forum in which to build such a movement. Each citizen becomes like Neo before he learned the truth of the Matrix—trapped in a dream—a false reality of apparent security.

The power we enjoy today, but use with casual disinterest, won't exist in such a world. Your voice will be silenced, your freedom of movement curtailed, your ability to live compromised.

And here's a video of Jay Rockefeller telling us how the Internet should never have existed. He makes it sound like a good idea to place hefty restrictions on the Internet. Very clever indeed!

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
—Albert Einstein

The Orwellian Nightmare is Upon Us

God save us all!

But don't give up hope. Simply prepare yourself. Do what you can to help others and prepare for the Kingdom of God to come.

Faith is about fearlessness in the face of evil.

Update: 2011:1212

Federal agents raid a Mormon food storage facility demanding a list of people's names. Hmm-m-m! No warrant? Just intimidation? Is it true?

If it is true, then the Patriot Act seems to be gaining a new purpose (perhaps one intended all along). Would terrorists store food like this? Would concerned citizens who are worried how crazy their government is becoming?

And it seems detention camps are being set up by FEMA in preparation for Martial Law.

I remember when the movie, "Red Dawn," showed detention camps in America, but it was a foreign aggressor who implemented them in that fiction. Now, it seems the old strategy of creating a problem and supplying a seductive solution is being taken to the next logical step. Create unrest then solve it with detention centers. And use the U.S. military to "keep the peace" (or start the unrest).... Didn't that used to be illegal? Ahh, the times are a changing!


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    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, @Katharella. Interesting website. I recommend breaking up the text a bit and not using ALL CAPS as it's not nearly as readable except in short headlines.

      Thanks for the recommended sources. And on being "labeled" as a "conspiracy theorist," I guess it comes with the territory. Some people would rather use a label than do some real research.

      Hitler an artist? Yes! I had heard before high school that he was a painter, but I thought that meant "house painter." But then in World History class, 11th grade, I saw a photograph of a Greek-styled building and noticed pencil marks in the corner. What? This isn't a photo; it's a painting.... by Adolph Hitler! The guy had talent as an illustrator. And we all wish he had stayed with his art.

      But today's bad guys are much more cunning--staying behind the scenes, making problems and then offering solutions that lure us deeper into the trap. Sounds like great fiction; makes one nightmare of a reality.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, Richard. There seems always to have been some corruption in our country and world. The Bill of Rights have suffered many times.

      The Internet may actually be near the end of a long process of abuses starting in 1913.

      It may be possible that some of the "conspiracy theorists" are working for the bad guys, so you may not be able to trust much on this.

      More than anything, we need NOT to fan the flames of division. We don't need cries of "down with government." That won't help. We need more than anything a strong faith in God and to do what we can to help others.

      Smother the bad guys with love, prayers and peaceful protest.

    • Katharella profile image


      6 years ago from Lost in America

      Ace hub! To the poster above you, not only do I remember the Bill of Rights, I have began a website the-first-amendment DOT COM, and as it's still in it's beginning phases, I have yet to ad many stories.

      In the late 80's early 90's I wanted this to be an actual newspaper, it got a few takers, but I was ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist.

      To back up to 9/11, anyone who reads this hub should look into two things.

      1. The Tarpley files. It tells of the bombs you see going off as the twin towers fell. Demolition at it's peak, and restrictions and follow up with the Anthrax scare to keep people home=under control by fear.

      2. The Turner Diaries. A 60's book that tells of these atrocities and how they will AND HAVE effect the coming and going of the world.

      I'll be going on my own at my site to our medications being bought out by the middle east drug companies and how those forced to take them by AMERICANS. I'll leave it at that, but if you compare OLD ivax to new "ivax" which has changed to Teva (look it up if not believed here) note if you have an old drug that there is a certain new glimmer the old ivax drug did not have. I first noticed it in the WEIGHT of the bottle I am so used to holding, when I opened it and held the pills side by side, both saying ivax, I turned them over only to see a number replaced by the word Teva. I called the pharmacist, who many insist that generics are "the same" and said, then do not by "Charmin or Northern" next time by no brand and tell me there is no difference. *ouch* ?

      Excellent hub.

      Oh, Hitler hated politics, his aim in life was to be an artist. Not many have laid eyes on where his talent began and his hatred began. Just sayin' to those who do not believe, educate before judge. Many an artist whether it be art, music, writing - any are not without mental anguish. Some of our most loved music comes from deep rooted pain. As does our art, inspired by pain. With that being said, we know, mental anguish comes out in many forms. Adolf should have been left to be a starving artist, then he might have only robbed (lesser of evils) rather than order and employ murderers.

    • Richard Sirota profile image

      Richard Sirota 

      6 years ago from Allentown, PA.

      The internet, I fear, is just the begining. Does anyone remember the Bill Of Rights? For how long now has that ben a joke?

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hello, SanXuary. Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, more than greed. I don't doubt that their inbred greed and lust for power is being guided by the hand of God to fulfill the prophecies of old. The "birth" of the Kingdom may be painful, as all births are, but it is a welcome birth.

      Hitler was a consummate liar. And the majority of people have given them their backing by reacting to their stimulus: terrorism (staged and inflated for effect, as in Yellow Journalism) followed by a cry for greater security. Perhaps even the loudest voices crying for that security were the henchmen of the evil ones. The remainder of us, not knowing a better way, merely acquiesced.

      Albert Einstein once said something very appropriate to this discussion (and I've added it to the hub): "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

      The Occupy Wall Street movement was people fighting back, but look at those who fought back in Nazi Germany. Too little, too late. The conservative and "reasonable" folk woke up only too late to participate.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, Jim. Perhaps "twins" with numerous others. I just read your hub -- a delightful piece full of passion and hope.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      If it is so obvious that all these things are happening and no one is demanding a review, over sight, regulations or any investigation at all we do have to wonder if it is about more then greed. There is not one aspect of our society that can not be controlled at an instant, such as the media, currency, or any product or substance. Still it might be all about greed and agendas controlled by a very few people. The one thing the Hitler's of America do not have is the backing of the people, something Hitler did have. Could a leader force such a position on us any way and the answer is yes. This have been done several times already but they had to lie in order to do so.

    • TheManWithNoPants profile image


      6 years ago from Tucson, Az.

      Awesome! Did you read my thing on "the End OF The World As We Know It?" I think we're twins my brother!

      Up, useful, awesome, intresting!



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