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Updated on July 13, 2012

The date August 8, 2008 or 08/08/08, although the Biblical Old Testament’s Book of Numbers and the Hebrew Torah Book of Numbers are not necessarily related to Bible numerics such as Satan’s 666, the “Number of the Beast” is a concept from the Book of Revelation of the New Testament and in the Christian Bible. 888 is reserved for Jesus Christ’s number. The name Jesus in Greek, the first New Testament transcribers adds up to 888 in their math a quasi numerology kind of “New Agey” way. The reference is to Jesus as 888 the Holy Spirit. In the Greek mysteries, the number 888 represented the "Higher Mind." The Greek variation of "Jesus," "Iesous," equals 888. The number 666 represented the "Mortal Mind." Another mortal like sense, sporting athletes alla Michael Jordan #23, a basketball iconic star and Joe DiMaggio #5, a baseball iconic star, and their alter egos as just simply men, but not quite. And by no means am I comparing MJ and Jolt’n Joe to Jesus Christ, let me establish that clearly. But sometimes shamefully TV, Film, Sports, Print, Internet and the Media have covered over our hearts from religion and spirituality. Back to Jesus, there are some Hispanic baseball players in MLB, Major League Baseball, named Jesus (hey-soos), but that’s another World Series, All-Star doubleheader and Cooperstown moment to ponder.

Speaking of baseball, back on 8/8/88, August 8, 1988, the Chicago Cubs, a MLB, National League franchise that played all day games since the 1870’s, had their first ever night game scheduled at Wrigley Field. But it was a rainout and 8/9/88, August 9, 1988, became their first night game instead. Seems 888 might be bad luck after all, but no not really. Only for things that weren’t meant to be or Jesus’ way. In other words, perhaps in His footsteps.

Senator John Edwards, the baby, Rielle Hunter

Anyway, on this day August 8, 2008, the 888-day, is a very sex scandalous news day. Maybe Jesus Christ’s, 888, brought us to the LIGHT with today’s 888 about Senator John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s alleged tryst and love child. Hunter a former staffer and filmmaker in his many campaigns has been rumored about for several years even when he was running for president. But now Edwards finally came clean and admitted the affair but the fathering part. Although she may have been pregnant by pretty boy Johnny, we will soon find out. UH OH! New reports say that Edwards was spotted at a LA hotel in the middle of the night visiting Ms. Hunter’s room and it was known that a baby was in the room too.

Bill Clinton, Ms. Lewinski’s “HarMONICA” episode, well that’s another HubStory. But really, Rielle’s alleged pregnancy raises the dirt level a few more notches on Edward’s trouser belt. Although he denies fathering any baby outside his wife, cancer patient Elizabeth Edward’s maternal domain. It’s still quite possible, in any event that his political career is now history. Makes ya wonder, How Stupid Was This Guy, or what? And how stupid were we to almost elect him president, not to mention Obama’s possible stupidity and poor judgment to choose him for VP? I’m not talking extra marital sex, human frailty as stupidity. But the stupidity is that the cheapest box of Trojans® is about $7.95 a dozen, John’s a multi-millionaire. I know, I know, it’s hard to run to the drugstore when “in-the-moment”…. but still, come on! He was spotted hiding in a public men’s room from the press that early morning when at that hotel. Let’s see, his wife, Elizabeth” has breast cancer and he’s out sow’n his oats and hiding in a bathroom like a four year-old. The NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story of Edwards' love child scandal just a rumor last year, when Rielle was still pregnant and Edwards was still considered a strong candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination was unbelievable and still hush-hush. But now reiterating, NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports John Edwards Caught Visiting Mistress (Rielle Hunter) & Secret Love Child at a LA hotel at 2:30am by a hotel employee. And the TV report came out 08-08-08! What would Jesus do? A famous psychic, Irene Hughes, once told me in a private reading about 20 years ago, she told me, “From now and until the end of time, no one will get away with anything, nobody! You’ll (they’ll) always get caught!” I never forgot that, how true that is.

There is a pattern forming here with in age 40-50 something males. Where Presidents and presidential candidates, have a “Power (Ego)-Trip,” it’s called “Mid-Life Crises”, BIG TIME! Or in other words, zip-it Charlie! President JFK, John F. Kennedy, his brothers Senator Robert Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, “Monkey Business” Senator Gary Hart, Senator Larry Craig, Senator John Edwards and these old guys, President’s Reagan, Eisenhower and Franklin Roosevelt all have succumbed. Barack Obama, in his 40’s and a LEO Sun astrologywise, Leo’s are known for its heavy conquests, sexual prowess and swagger. Bill Clinton is a LEO too, remember Monica? He was susceptible to this same Mid-Life Sex Crisis, beware Obama! Maybe a presidential prerequisite should be for males they must be butt ugly and at least 60 years old for their requirement. It surely seems male presidential candidates under 60 have a “Rock-Star mentality and Rock Stars and candidates draw the groupies. Although the “Robbing the Cradle” syndrome can worm into the libidos of the old codgers too. So the real and only solution then, is a female president….right? Hillary…Come Back! (Say this phrase as in the movie “Shane,” a 1953 western starring Alan Ladd (Shane) a drifter gunslinger and the little boy, Brandon De Wilde as Joey who yells out this repeatedly as Shane rides off into the sunset.) “Shane (Hillary)…. Come Back! Shane (Hillary)…..Come Back! Come Back….Shane (Hillary)!”

888- Lucky number for Chinese Olympics

The Chinese culture is rich in tradition and superstition. The 2008 Beijing Olympics will begin at 8pm on 8 August, in keeping with one of the nation's lucky numbers, 888. Eight is considered auspicious in China because its pronunciation in Cantonese sounds the same as the word for to make money. Eight is a number associated good fortune in their culture. And endeavors near and far were scheduled to coincide with date.

The Games had originally been planned to commence in late August to avoid Beijing's soaring summer temperatures. But Beijing's mayor said the sporting festival would begin in the luckiest manner possible - at eight on 8/8/08.

Mayor Wang Qishan conceded it would still be hot in early August, with the temperature often climbing above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The earlier start is to avoid clashes with sporting events in the United States, including the tennis U.S. Open and MLB, Major League Baseball Playoff and World Series, the mayor said.

No sevens or fours, Chinese culture is steeped in superstition, with numbers playing a major role in birthdays, wedding dates and naming.

Six, eight and nine are considered lucky numbers, while four, seven and even one are considered more unfortunate. The pronunciation of nine means everlasting, particularly in relationships, while six means things will go smoothly. Telephone numbers, license plates and even residential or business addresses that use any of or a combination of those numbers are extremely popular and often cost more.

Conversely, anything involving the numbers four and seven are avoided as much as possible. Four sounds like the Chinese word for death. Seven translates as "gone" which can also mean death, while one can signify loneliness.

And couples, those of Asian descent in particular, were tying the knot in record numbers in that country. Back here in America, “For Better, For Worse”, couples looked to alter their luck with a 08-08-08 wedding date too. In Chicago a typical day would see 30 couples married at the Cook County Clerk’s office. Valentine’s Day usually brings around 200 marriages, and August 8, 2008 brought 150. I know of one couple in particular whom getting married on 08-08-08 as well, good luck to all of them!


John Edwards


The system of numerology is a method of divination that is also employed in the use of magic. The practice is based upon a statement of the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, "The world is built upon the power of numbers" and 888 is the power of Jesus!

Chart of Characteristics

of Numbers

1 = unity, creation, independence

2 = duality, emergence

3 = power, generative force

4 = solidity, dullness

5 = sensuality, pleasure

6 = perfection, harmony, balance

7= mysticism, psychic, magic

8 = material, success, justice

9 = spiritual, mental achievement

Numerology Chart

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

When adding letters (example, Paul = p + a + u + l = 7 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5) My name value is 5, sensuality & pleasure.

888 numerologized, 8 + 8 + 8 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6. Number 6 represents perfection, harmony and balance.

John Edwards' Astrology Natal Chart

 Astrology Natal Chart for John Edwards
Astrology Natal Chart for John Edwards

John primping his coiffer


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