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A Bull Story

Updated on November 10, 2012

A Bull Story©

After watching the latest round of Presidential debates, the timing was right to dust off an old article and republish it with a new ending. The last time it was presented I tried to be discrete about the intentions of the article. A result of this strategy many readers did not understand the message I was trying to convey. This time I have changed the closing so there should be fewer questions about my motives for producing it.

Here is the Story

Only in my world does this happen. The following is a news flash: the story is true (with mild dose of embellishment), and the names have been changed to protect the silly. No bulls were hurt in the reporting of this story.

Day One: The Bull Crisis

The tranquil weekend in GeorgetownDE, was violently placed into chaos when three rather large bulls escaped from the rodeo into the wilds of southern Delaware. A news flash went out to the good citizens of the area to be aware of these armed and dangerous adolescent escapees. Each fugitive had a long record of assaulting defenseless cowboys and clowns. Two of the bovine convicts were soon captured, but one remains to this very moment at large, thwarting the efforts of local law enforcement to subdue him.

It has been learned that the remaining renegade decided to take up residence on the tranquil grounds of a local hospital where it proceeded to harass the patients and the dedicated employees of the hospital. The employees and residence put up a gallant defense but were unable to deter the bull from its course of mayhem and vandalism, destroying countless plants and denting several cars. A group of brave men from the local municipality were deputized and dispatched to capture the wayward animal.

One of the weapons in their arsenal was a beautiful cow that was used to entice the masculine male youth to give himself self up in exchange; well you fill in the blank. This brings me to the moral question, should the county have forced this young female cow, who is not married to the bull, into a relationship. Or is it appropriate to imply a promise to the bull which the cow has no intention of fulfilling. Finally if the cow was willing to go forward with this illicit action, should this act of prostitution be condoned by the liberals in this country? I am not saying anything about the righteousness of the government officials involved, I am just bringing you the facts. Either way you decide

Day 2: Bull At Large

The search continues for the menace to the society. His mere presence in the community has violated the citizens’ sense of security and well being. As it goes the young bull was not enticed by the presence of the female bovine. Maybe, in hind sight, the deputies should not have brought her calf in with her. Long horns are notorious for not wanting long term relationship or the baggage of someone else’s child. Besides I hear that calf support payments are extremely high.

Days 3: Bull Captured: New Concerns

The residents of this sleepy area can now rest easy the delinquent bull has been apprehended by local authorities. The scene of his abduction can only be described as chaotic. Once the wayward youth realized he was about to become a prisoner of the state, he became violent. He charged at several of the officers sworn to protect the citizens of the county, in another attempt to gain his freedom.

During the drama surrounding incarceration a new issue has becomes apparent. It was a situation which drives to the core of all good people of this state and dare I say it, this country. The wayward bull was not swayed into captivity by the charms of a female; no, he was seduced into a compromising position when authorities tethered another young bull in an open area. I do not have to tell you the implications of such actions. It is amazing the lack of morals that young bulls have these days.

The Moral of the Story:

A little bit of reality and a whole lot of bull can lead monumental piles of unnecessary panic. Note how the article tried to imply there was a connection between the bull and several social issues. As a receiver of information is to your responsibility to sift through the words to see the facts verse the bull. No matter what your political affiliation is, keep this story in mind when you listen to the various candidates or political reports. Remember that the basic premise of this article was based on the following fact: 1) Bulls did escape from a rodeo; 2) Authorities tried to use a cow to lure him out; and 3) The bull came in when a younger bull was brought in. The rest of the article was conjecture and speculation with little or no logical relation to the facts.


This has been an editorial about the escape of a bull from a local rodeo, by Mark Monroe. The truth or facts of this story are not to be questioned.

© January 2012 All Rights Reserved

Picture source: Accessed January 19, 2012


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      Goofygrl1016 5 years ago

      Mark, I really enjoy reading your stories! Thank you!!!

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      Mark Monroe 6 years ago from Dover De

      Thank you for taking the time to read my Hub

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      Mark Monroe 6 years ago from Dover De

      Thank you

    • Mark Monroe profile image

      Mark Monroe 6 years ago from Dover De

      Thank you for taking the time to read my Hub

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      nityanandagaurang 6 years ago

      very interesting .

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