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Updated on May 7, 2010







Chief Mathew Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo

Founder of Modern Nigeria (fmn)

Member, National Elder’s Forum (NEF)

Chief Obasanjo put his life at stake for this nation. The fact that he had to opt out of the “AGREEMENT”despite the huge risks involved so as to reverse the direction to which Nigeria was heading is a testimony to this. The Third Term Project was a dubious project floated by PDP and sold to Chief Obasanjo. Those who conceived the third term Project never ever wanted it to work but employed it as a tool to discredit, destabilize and destroy Obasanjo’s credentials and records so as to reduce him to a victim at their mercy.

In other words, the Third Term was conceived with huge national resources to put Mr. President out of favour with the people and hand him over, as a guilty criminal to a cabal at whose mercy and command he must, from then henceforth, submit himself, otherwise…

Obasanjo merely tagged along with them because that alone seemed to be the only alternative to a Satanic Presidency designed after the vision of a Saddam Hussein – at the heart of this vision is a terrorist and terrorized state with tentacles in Africa, and cutting across the globe. Obasanjo’s blatant refusal was not meant to be a conscious betrayal against Atiku Abubakar and other party loyalists, but a courageous and sincere effort expended in the enthronement of a higher and more superior good - National, Regional and Global Security. For instance, it was the Cabal who pitched Atiku against Obasanjo, and then played Atiku into the hands of Ribadu.

Obasanjo truly knows more than anybody else that Yar’dua was chronically sick but that he never would die. Yar’dua is not corrupt.Yar’dua, as of then, was not of the IBB stock. With the PDM at the background, Yar’dua enjoyed a massive Northern Support. Goodluck Jonathan shared the same qualities with Yar’dua. Now, the reasoning was that if IBB, hiding behind the North to pursue his selfish ambition to return to Aso Rock –a pet project he has nursed over the years, decides to quicken the death of this kinsman for his own selfish ambition, then the presidency will automatically and naturally fall into the waiting hands of the South South. Thus, as far as Obasanjo was concerned, the North could keep the presidency but not in the hands of a terrorist like IBB. To be sincere, Obasanjo was not fighting IBB for his own selfish reasons. After all, he had every reason to be grateful, and loyal to IBB – the release from prison and the elevation to the Presidency. But in doing all these, it was IBB who was discovered to have not been honest. Obasanjo’s experience with Abacha forced him to come to appreciate the realities of state terrorism and the implications of this for the millions of Nigerians out there. Being the soldier he was, he fought on, and with the courage and dedication of people like Ribadu, Akunyili, etc, he managed to inch forward. It was discovered that the Killing Machine employed by late Gen. Abacha was in existence before him and its roots go far beyond the Abacha saga. Gen. Abacha merely borrowed it to hunt imaginary enemies. It is unfortunate that Yar’dua has played Nigeria back into the hands of this fraudulent parentage.

One thing Obasanjo did not understand was that the “AGREEMENT” which he signed under severe and deadly oath was a Mystical Document which cannot be reversed, unless the SEAL was broken and destroyed. Thus when Obasanjo got a copy of the Homily I preached at CIWA Chaplaincy on 01/01/2006 titled “Mary: Mother of God And Mother of Us All In Nigeria” as a security report from Peter Odili, he was relieved. Obasanjo and Odili fast tracked the total destruction of this AGREEMENT. From the 6th-8th July, 2006, this document was destroyed. It is the role Peter Odili and Chief Obasanjo played in the destruction of this document, more than any thing else, that is the reason for their present ordeals. Their fate, as different from and opposed to that of Ibori and Kalu, is the fate of all who are directly or indirectly opposed to state terrorism and Satanism. Just like the sacked Bank Chiefs, they may be guilty to a very high degree but then they belong to us. The cabal is taking over the political, economic,cultural,socialand religious institutions in Nigeria . The sacked Bank Chiefs must be allowed to return to their duty posts and be given the opportunity sustained by careful monitoring to put their houses in order. Mrs Cecilia Ibru is unjustly marked “X”. Who actually has She offended?

Odili did not contest for the Presidency but for the Vice President. However, his presidential posture was meant to be used as a bargaining slot with North. Unfortunately, Ribadu came calling on him in a response to the call of duty but more on the promptings of Northern Elements who suspected that Odili had been favoured by Obasanjo to the discredit of the North , and Obasanjo knew the stuff Ribadu was made of. When Obasanjo and Odili saw the danger posed by Ribadu’s intervention(Ribadu is a finely refined, determined, unstoppable and totally dedicated cop who wanted to make a strong impact doing his job), they scampered for safety, piped low and surrendered to providence instead of to IBB. Herein lies the truth about the emergence of Yar’dua as Mr. President. The North cannot authentically claim that Obasanjo intended to dupe them by imposing Yar’dua on them. Even if such a claim could be sustained, the North had the opportunity to reverse this using the Presidential Election Tribunal but they all kept mum. Unfortunately, spurred by an insatiable geed for power more than the regalia of the Messiah he is wearing now, Rotimi Amaechi could not be realistic with the turn of events at the eve of the 2007 Elections. Left on his own, Yar’dua would have successfully completed his tenure and would be healthy enough to re-contest. Because time was no longer on the side of the “I”, he had to move fast in order to stop Yar’dua. Yar’dua was poisoned piecemeal by piecemeal. In the latest arrangement that was mistaken for the execution of an Islamic Agenda (steps to Islamization of Nigeria), a Saudi Doctor was recruited to rest the Yar’dua case so as to create room for a true, fearless, courageous and dedicated Islamic Jihadist to emerge. It was intended that after the “act” , Yar’dua would be brought home to die but the result of the act was more, very much more than bargained. It did not kill Yardua clinically only but also resulted in a facial collapse. Again, I am forced to admit that Turai does not know the real faces of her sons-in-law. Against the background of Turai –poor Turai_(I am becoming emotional), it is important to note that when moles are planted around you, you hear only what they want you to hear, and see only what they want you to see and believe only what they want you to believe. This is the function of moles.


Chief Anthony Enahoro


Chairman, NEF.


Chief Gani Fawehmni


Honoured, even in death. The Gani Chambers can take up this assignment on behalf of their Principal.


The President of Afenifere



Chief Wole Soyinka






Prof Tam David West







Justice Chukwudifu Oputa



Chief Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu



Mr Raymond EKPU



Justice Muhammed Lawal Uwais



Alhaji Atiku Abubakar



Msgr Mathew Hassan Kukah



The Sultan of Sokoto


The President of Ohaneze



The President of CAN



The President of ACF



Mr Femi Falana






* The National Elders Forum (NEF) is a body of distinguished elderly Nigerians who are noted for their courage, integrity and passion for the twin issues that are involved in the building up of a stronger, viable and functional Nigeria as a federal state –regional interest and national unity.

* Each of them is encouraged to look across the length and breath of Nigeria and pick about twelve other people who, in their estimation possess the necessary qualities as stipulated above, and then together with these special twelve, do a total and exhaustive review of the 1979 and 1999 Constitution respectively within a space of Six calendar months after the inauguration of the NEF. A referendum must be held to this effect.

* Armed with a copy of the Reviewed Constitution and having discharged his “other -selves”, each member of the NEF is now to return to the General Meeting of all the NEF members where a Central Working Committee (NWC) of the NEF as appointed by the Chairman Chief Enahoro and headed by Justice Muhammed Uwais, with Justice Chukwudifu Oputa as Secretary would be constituted. Membership of the NWC must be pegged compulsorily at 9. Their job is to do a comprehensive reconciliation of the different copies of the Reviewed Constitution, and reduce everything to one copy. This is the copy of our New Constitution. This must be done within (3) three months.

* Nine weeks to the 2011 General Elections, Gen. Muhammed Buhari should be invited for a dialogue which will, among other things, consist in convincing him to adopt the New Constitution as the Nigerian Constitution on assumption of office as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

* Convincing him to accept and sign the ministerial nominee list as given by the NEF.

* Resource Control must be pegged at 30% .The tenure of elected office holders must be pegged at 4 years for federal, state and local government respectively.

* Immediately after the Inauguration of the NASS, one of the first motions to be moved on both floors of the NASS is that of the Review of the Constitution. A joint Committee for the review of the Constitution is inaugurated with 12 members and 24 members each respectively from both houses and given 3 weeks only to do their work. The Committee is now to invite NEF for assistance and advice. The Reviewed Constitution is handed over to them by the NEF, with which they return to the House where the Reviewed Constitution is signed into law. Each member of the NEF is to be remunerated with N20m while each of his “other selves” is to be paid N5.5m. This money should be built into the budget through the NASS and made to reach the beneficiaries by being built into the official fund released to the Constitutional Review Committee of the NASS. The elders deserve some honour, and their work, if excellently done, will save the elders from the merciless sentence of history and embarrassment they would face in their encounter with future generations.


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