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A Comprehensive USA

Updated on September 3, 2015

By: Wayne Brown

I am a bit amazed. Suddenly I notice that when I hear the word, “comprehensive”, I shutter and feel like someone said something really shameful. When did that word become a dirty one? That was the first question that I asked myself as I began to have these reactions to hearing it spoken.

The word “comprehensive” as defined by Webster is “to cover completely or broadly; having or exhibiting a wide mental grasp.” Well, the definition of the word sounds pretty good and it does not bother me so it must be the way the word is being used that pricks my sensitivity. With that awareness, I began to watch the places where I heard the word. Those around me were not using it. I seldom saw it in print but then I noticed that I was hearing it on a constant basis on the news as it was associated with the various programs which the Obama Administration was examining. Then the lights came on!

The Obama Administration rammed through the healthcare initiative on the basis that it was a “comprehensive” revamp of our approach to providing medical services for “all Americans”. As a result, those Americans who paid for and had health insurance, those Americans who were relatively happy with the insurance plan they had, lost their option for a choice in the matter. They will still pay for healthcare but it will not be that of their choosing. In addition, anyone who can show up inside the borders and show just cause that they cannot pay will be provided the coverage free courtesy of the American taxpayer. Of course, we as the taxpayers, were not consulted first on that matter. The only thing I see that is comprehensive about that result is the fact that the American taxpayer got the shaft and we all will end up with socialized, marginalized, very expensive healthcare provided by “in effect” government-paid doctors. Wow, thanks for all the help, Mr. President.

This week I just heard the President say that what this country did not need is a law like the one in Arizona. He cited the potential for a patchwork quilt of similar laws that would spring up across the 50 states, each different in its interpretation of the law. Well, never mind the fact that the federal government who he claims has the duty to enforce the law is doing a miserable job of it. You don’t get rats in the house when you seal up the holes. Any idiot can figure that out. No, this is a convenient emergency and Arizona has helped him drive home that fact. To finish his thought, what America does not need is a law like the one in Arizona, no, America needs a completely “revamped” “comprehensive” work over of the current immigration law. Well, there you go, yet another opportunity to twist something that currently could be effective under the present law if it were properly enforced into something that now allows the same thing to happen only now it will be legal. Yeah, Mr. President, let’s get to work on that one!

Now everyone knows that our federal government had nothing whatsoever to do with the financial meltdown of 2008. Everyone knows that it was all the fault of the greedy financial mongers of Wall Street and those pesky folks in the mortgage and banking industry who ‘elected’ to operate in an out of control manner throwing money around to finance homes for people who had no possibility of paying for them. The government has no real memory of that in the proper light. The government convenient forgets the pressure that were applied to the financial sector in the Clinton Era to make home-buying a reality for all the people. After all, home-ownership is a right not a opportunity, isn’t it? Never mind that the government allowed Fannie May and Freddie Mac to throw money around with minimal paperwork and minimal qualification on the part of the borrower…that’s what happens when you call it a right. But, wait! There is value in all this misery. It becomes the emergency that allows the Obama Administration to seek a “comprehensive revamp of our financial regulation structure”. It becomes an opportunity to seek international sanctions which will govern the American financial system. It becomes one more step toward a world community. Yeah, Mr. President, let’s get right to work on that one as well. After all, America has shown no such ability to manage finances as well as the rest of the world.

The BP oil spilling into our Gulf and tainting our shorelines and marshland environs is a disaster of the greatest proportions. It will bankrupt many Americans and probably BP in the process. The Obama Administration will take some heat but in the end will capitalize on the disaster by calling for a comprehensive revamp of our environmental standards and our control over off-shore drilling. Since we exercise only minimal control over deep international water drilling, the rationale can easily be made for seeking an international standard both in the environmental section and the resource management sector. America will no longer make the laws that control the environment or the exploration for its natural resources. Yes, Mr. President, that all makes sense. Let’s get right on it. After all, this is a disaster and we are in an emergency. Anything is better than nothing.

And let’s not forget the subject of gun control, a subject which is near and dear to the hearts of Americans and quickly raises their ire when suggestions are made that we enact more gun control laws. The Obama Administration and the election sensitive office holders of our Congress are more than aware of this fact. It is easily measured simply by looking upon the membership in the NRA. The Obama Administration will never tackle it in that manner but that does not mean that it is not on their agenda to get it done. Obama will also seek the international route in finding an effective methodology here as well. He will sign international treaties which will contain international gun control measures offer up under to auspices of controlling illegal weapon movement across international borders. These treaties must be approved by a 2/3 vote in the Senate. That sounds like a monumental task until one realizes that such approval can easily be attached to and buried in literally thousands of pages of legislation much like the healthcare reform which was recently passed much to the disbelief of most Americans. The fact of the matter is few if any Senators will take the time to read what they are voting for. All they will care about is the pork-barrel spending that they have attached to the legislation which will make them look like a hero back home. Once the bill is passed, Americans, who honor the law, will lose their guns and only the criminals will still have any. The Obama Administration will be pleased because America has moved one step closer to an international society and one step closer to socialism.

No, don’t use that word “comprehensive” around me anymore in any medium. It is the longest dirty word that I have seen in a long time. In today’s political climate anything that receives a “comprehensive” treatment will turn into something that is not effective, very expensive, and not good for the average American. Under the Obama Administration’s guidance, you will soon receive a comprehensive medical examination under the new healthcare plan, a new neighbor living beside you who has no papers but is legal under the comprehensive immigration plan, a new bank that must loan you money using an international loan application printed in 60 languages under the comprehensive financial plan, a new set of environment standards that comply with all international requirements under the comprehensive environmental and energy plan, and your guns will be comprehensively removed from your possession under the new international treaties our President is just waiting to sign.

America is headed for a comprehensive screwing over the next few years. Get ready for it.

© Copyright WBrown2010. All Rights Reserved.


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    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Larry, in this politically correct era, one would think that an administration that touts its transparency would speak in words and terms that even a layman could understand clearly. Unless of course, there might be another agenda in all the double-speak and altered terms. I don't get it. It is okay in our current society to refer to an illegal as an "undocumented immigrant" yet Washington would frown if we referred to a suspected killer as an "unconvicted murder". In that case, the rationale would be that we were convicting the man before he had his trial. Now we know the immigrant is illegal but we want to assign him a differnt label so that he just appears to be a victim of our legal process. There is a lot of smoke rising out of the woods on this one. I just wish I knew what was fanning the flame! Thanks for the read and the kind words,Larry!. WB

    • maven101 profile image


      8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Wayne...Reading this interesting Hub brought to mind the teachings of Noam Chomsky re the impact of language and how to use it to insidiously insert a progressive agenda into American culture......the left has consistently warped language to redefine meanings and perceptions in a contextual sense..undocumented immigrant, man-made disasters, social justice, historical justice,etc. are examples of the left MSM and academia telling Americans what to think, instead of how to think critically...

      Language is a powerful tool for change, and in the hands of a persuasive speaker, like Obama, it can be devastating to a politically naive and open society like America...

      Thank you for bringing this farce to our attention...Larry

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Thanks AR...the numbers quickly show why Arizona needed to do something. Thanks for stopping by!

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      Speaking of the Arizona law, 140,000 violent crimes were commited by illegal aliens last year. And no one knows' why Arizona imposed this law? good write!

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 

      8 years ago

      Funny, that word has grated of me, too. Unprecedented is another I'm tired of hearing. Evidently the world was just created, with everything unprecedented for this President.

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Bucky...just remember you said. The problem since they killed Kennedy is proving it. Personally, I think LBJ proved you can get away with anything you need to if you have enough friends and enough help to turn it into chaos. There is alway order in chaos you just have to look for it...I am probably I bigger conspiracy nut than you! Thanks wb

    • sunflowerbucky profile image


      8 years ago from Small Town, USA

      Interesting hub Mr Wayne! Just a little insight on the oil spill.....and I imagine I will be labeled a right wing nutjob conspiracy theorist for saying this, but bear with me. Notice that the oil disaster happened about a week after Obama lifted the ban on off shore drilling? I personally think it was rigged to happen so he could say he tried to allow off shore drilling, but that this tragic event shows we just can't handle it and aren't ready. Like I said, maybe a little off in left field but I personally believe that is exactly the kind of "comprehensive" screwing he is handing out to all the people who wanted his "change".

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Good to see ya, David...I agree. We have the laws that need to be enforced, we don't need reform. Good luck on getting that. Thanks for the read and your comments! WB

    • Writer David profile image

      Writer David 

      8 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Wayne, the word "comprehensive" makes me want to grind my teeth in anger when it is used in conjunction with "immigration reform." No one has ever adequately explained by amnesty has to be added to "(that word) immigration reform." Enforce our borders like every other nation in the world does. End of story. Nice hub, enjoyed it.


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