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A Call for Support of the 'Water Protectors' in North Dakota

Updated on November 23, 2016
Water Protectors facing Armed Forces in North Dakota.
Water Protectors facing Armed Forces in North Dakota.

The 'Water Protectors'

Representatives of the Native American people, as well as a number of supporters from other races, are protesting against an oil pipeline that is being built in such a way that it poses a potential threat to their only source of water.

These protests are peaceful, and many of the participants are merely praying to their Ancestors, or to Wakan Tanka, or even to the Christian God, for a peaceful solution to this problem. In return, the police and other security personnel are using tear gas and mace on them. Some of them are shooting them with rubber bullets, while others spray them with water cannons, even in sub zero temperatures causing numerous cases of hypothermia. One demonstrator was hit directly in the arm with a concussion grenade, and is presently in danger of losing the injured limb.

Police Advance on Native Americans Praying
Police Advance on Native Americans Praying

The Past

Many of the Native Americans involved in these protests are descended from families that were forced to leave their tribal homes, and settle in areas designated to them by the Europeans. Now these same people are subject to military-style action, merely because they are trying to safeguard an essential commodity without which they cannot survive. So far, no alternatives have been put forward to ensure that the water supply is not disrupted or contaminated by the oil pipeline.

It is worth noting that the so-called 'Water Protectors' are not demanding that the pipeline be stopped. All they are asking is that its route be altered so that it does not endanger the lake from which they receive their water supply.

The purpose of the hub is to ask that you support these people's plight. It is not a call for financial support, but merely that you offer them positive energy, and - by whatever means - join in their prayers for a positive and lasting outcome. Also, so that these peaceful people would no longer be harassed, and treated like 'Terrorists' (as one of the police officers called them).


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