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A Challenge to Liberals

Updated on November 30, 2016


In discussions with some liberals, they often bring up their belief that Fox News and other Conservative leaning media outlets are reporting biased news. In fact, in their mind, they are not even legitimate sources. Even President Obama in a recent interview claim that the reason Hillary lost this election is because too many people in middle America watches Fox News.

-Nov. 2016

A Challenge

As a conservative, I am making the claim that most people don't even watch or listen to Conservative media outlets and gets their information second hand from others that told them what to believe.

Her is my challenge to any liberals. Just spend one week listening and watching and reading some conservative media sources. At the conclusion of that week, please comment on this hub and tell me what you found that was biased or half truths or distortions...I want you to take notes and make sure to be as specific as possible. I want really to know. In a way, this is an experiment. It is my way to determine if what I'm relying on for information is tainted. Since I am a conservative, I cannot be totally objective. Therefore, I am asking for your help. In the process, we may both learn something.

Here is my Recommended Sources...

for TV news:

Fox News - The O'Reilly Factor.

OAN - One America News channel.

for radio:

Rush Limbaugh show

Mark Levin show

for the WEB:

In Print:

Some of the personalities are multi-dimensional. In addition to their main job, they also write book on various topics.

Checkout books by Rush Linbaugh especially his award winning children's book series on American history.

Mark Levin is a Constitutional lawyer. His book "Men in Black" is excellent on the Supreme Court.

Bill O'Reilly has also a killing series that are consistently on the Bestseller's list.

Other Conservative Authors:

William F. Buckley Jr.

Dr. Ben Carson

Charles Krauhammer

Michelle Malkin

What will happen?

I have no idea of the outcome. I do know that many liberals that I come in contact with do not read or listen or watch these media outlets. They only know about it based on their impression and what others report on him.

As a regular listener of the Rush Limbaugh show, occasionally, there would be a caller who claims to be a liberal. They would make the same comment that they are surprised by what they hear. They are entertained and that they have a total misconception about the host and his show. That is a common recurring theme.

I do not agree with everything he says. I listen to be informed and validated in my own conservative beliefs. However, my experience has been that he is honest and unapoligetic about his views and his message. He is intelligent and he often uses a technique called "illustrated the absurd with absurdity"... which is what gets him misquoted out of context by others. It was all done in jest and for entertainment value. For long time listeners, we know this but for newcomers, it may take a few sessions to get it.


Please check back here after taking my challenge. I would be interested in your reactions and reports. I genuinely want to know. If you wish for me to reciprocate, please feel free to recommend your favorite trusted media sources and I will do the same.


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 15 months ago

      I know what will happen. Todays's liberals don't believe anyone or anything that conflicts with their biased point of view. I have never had a discussion with a liberal where any facts were offered to prove their point. If some points were made they were completely off the wall. For example, one Hillary lover told me that Pence will bring back slavery!!

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 15 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Thanks, I will check it out. I am a book lover and am always open to new writers.

    • Jennifer Mugrage profile image

      Jennifer Mugrage 15 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

      As Dennis Prager has often pointed out, it is possible to live in a liberal bubble in which you never hear conservatives make their arguments. All it takes is avoiding the writers you listed above. But because of the ubiquity of leftist philosophy on campuses, in publications, and in electronic media, it is not possible for conservatives to live in a bubble in which we never hear liberal arguments.

      It is good to hear each other's arguments and engage with them. It is not good when one side never hears from the other except in the most distorted caricatures.

      Another great conservative author is J. Budziszewski. He writes a lot about natural law. Check out his books What We Can't Not Know and On the Meaning of Sex.