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A Collective Lack of Insight

Updated on December 20, 2012

Response to the Politicizing of the Aurora, Colorado Tragedy

What is happening now is the liberal left propaganda machine is attributing what happened in Aurora, Colorado to conservative politics. Already, they are politicizing an event so tragic and heinous for political gain. This demonstrates a total lack of concern for the victims of this tragedy and deserves an immediate response.

As I have written on these hubs throughout, it is “collectivism” that is behind these atrocities. The latent psychotic or sociopath, who, in recognizing he is not – nor will ever be - accepted by any particular “group” conditions his thoughts on the premise he has nothing to lose by acting out against a population he views as hostile to his person. That these incidents are on the rise – even across the globe – I believe comes from the delusion that one’s uniqueness has no use or relevance in the scheme of life. The logical deducement made from these sick minds is to attack people in general who, to their warped view, will always regard their person as an “outsider” and “weird” with no hope of acceptance on any level. I have written about this subject because I believe this kind of crime is on the rise due to the disintegration of the uniqueness of the individual in this “collective” cultural age – and is promulgated most by separating people into “groups” and accepting persons based on group ideology, rather than as “individuals.”

There was a time in this country when individualism and one’s idiosyncrasies were seen as an “asset” to personality and society rather than detrimental or a threat. Political correctness and tenets of what is appropriate or not appropriate as directed by an arbitrary authority, trickles down to our youth only to be interpreted as a justified hostility of one kind of person or another, and is usually the consequence of “political correctness” which produces alienation.

In the past, however, this country was not divided between two political groups. It was comprised instead of a variety of groups that an individual could inevitably find company. There were not only the rich and the poor, for example, there were also those in the rich and poor groups who did not care about money; there were those too who believed in “being somebody” rather than merely having money, like the poets, the artists, the intellectuals, the athletes, the lovers, the writers, the actors, etc., whose only prerequisite for success in life was a desire and committed devotion to self-examination that had nothing to do with political correctness or desire for money. In fact, back then, if anyone even remarked that their goal in life was to make a lot of money, they were laughed at or thought of as “lacking” emotionally or "misguided." That is because individualism – to be unique - was the highest calling and synomonous with excellence and supremacy of intellect whether one had money or not.

“Power” too was not an enviable trait like it is today. Power was never strived for, it was bestowed. So contrary to what the liberals are spewing out now through the media, it is “collectivism” that has resulted in the hatred of “groups” that produces a hate-filled persuasion in sick individuals towards people and increases hostilities between groups.

Also in the past, individual intelligence and character were regarded as supreme qualities. To be a member of a group or “herd” or “party” was seen in the past as “weak” and “dangerous.” Today it is worshipped. For example, if one worked in an office and demonstrated an inability for “insight” into their actions, they were fired. Today, if you lack insight and conform and your only contribution is your conformity – rather than a sharing of unique ideas - you will be employed.

I remember working in an office in 1982 where a woman was so consumed with jealousy of another woman she actually believed the woman she was jealous of was “doing something to her.” In reality, however, she was concocting in her mind that the woman she was jealous of was the cause of her pain, and was incapable of seeing that it was her low opinion of herself that was causing her her own pain. This “extroverted” projection onto others one is jealous towards is today reinforced by – not the conservative political party in this country – but, rather, the reinforced and false notion globally that "collectivism" and lack of competition is superior to individualism and capitalism, and coincidentally exploited by the liberal media and liberal establishment. It is “collectivism” that has made groups hostile to individuals. For example, if someone “looks good” or someone even “looks” like they have money means they are a part of some “evil” establishment. The woman I just mentioned above was fired in 1982, for example, but today she would not be fired. Rather, if someone does not conform to office politics, it is he or she that will be singled out and fired. This is how sick we have become in this country, collectively incapable of insight and collectively, therefore, unable to take responsibility for our own “heads,” thoughts and emotions. We project – and are conditioned to project – our shortcomings onto individuals or the society at large. If we do not change the way we look at ourselves versus our society, this kind of thing is sure to repeat itself over and over again.

This is an example of what “collectivism” versus “individualism” creates in society. Socialistic societies that reinforce acceptance of individuals on the premise that they conform to political correctness inherently produces groups and individuals that are hostile to outsiders. Thus, the individual who is unique and thinks differently may find that he or she will be ostracized indefinitely. While this kind of ostracism rarely results in sociopathic behavior, a latent sociopathic personality is more likely to become angry by continued rejection and then becomes either suicidal or convinced by their own pathos that acting out on others en masse is, to their sick minds, the only solution. That is because when a young person is totally convinced that acceptance by a group of people is contingent upon happiness and success in life, as socialism tries to convince us, feelings of exclusion from the group takes on a level of heightened and exaggerated importance in their mind that would otherwise not be present in a society that respects the individual and places less value on “acceptance” to a group as a measure of success.

Years ago there used to be advertisements on television that encouraged viewers to “Think Differently – Don’t Just Follow the Herd.” Maybe we ought to be reinforcing and appreciating the uniqueness of individuals and embrace individual thought once again and reignite this ad campaign once again. To do so may prevent these atrocities altogether by encouraging open expression that would enable us to see the workings of one’s mind up front to recognize it in time to stop it – and it might very well shed some light into the sick mind before these atrocities occur, so we can prevent them and gain more control over them by examining individuals more closely altogether. And by encouraging individualism we might make people more sensitive towards others and less likely to “group” together with a “gang-type” psychology intent on isolating and demonstrating hostility towards others, including individuals, who are different.

No, this is NOT a political issue; this is a psychological and social issue that ought to be and remain a non-partisan issue. Shame on the liberals for reducing this crisis into nothing more than something to use as a political tool for political gain.


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