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A Conservative's View on Immigration

Updated on September 8, 2017
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years.


This illegal or undocumented immigrant problem our country is facing has been around for 40 years. Under both Democrat and Republican administrations, it has not been addressed properly. The can was kicked down the road every four years until now. Why is this a tipping point?

- Sept. 2017


My background is that I am a first generation immigrant from Taiwan who is also a conservative on most issues. I don't like labels but if I had to, I would identify myself with the Conservative party. I don't agree with all the conservatives on all topics but then again no groups are in concert 100 percent.

Let me at the outset, state that my views have nothing to do with race. If the problem was with any other groups, my views would still be the same. My position with regard to immigration is based on my 60 plus years of experience living in this country and growing up on the island of Taiwan.

My views take into account the history of our country, the Constitution, and the current state of our government and nation In 2017. There is no doubt we are a divided nation and have been for some time. The two major parties seem to disagree on a variety of issues and agenda but when it comes to illegal immigration, they seem to agree, at least in term of policy, to let things stay the status quo. For different reasons, both party seems unwilling to do the bidding of the american people who elected them. Poll after poll shows the people want a solution and yet, we keep postponing a viable solution.

For years and years, we were told the problem is too big to solve and yet it get bigger by the year. In 2017, I think we are at a tipping point. The can is at the end of the road.

History of Immigration...

Our country was founded by immigrants going back to the 17th century. We are a nation of immigrants from all parts of the globe. We came together for a new form of government. Each waves of immigrants, assimilated and adopted our language and culture and our way of life. Some took a generation or two but we got here for the better. We are a stronger and more united country than any group of people around the world. We celebrate or diversity and the mingling of cultures and foods and customs.

What changed? The bottom line is the numbers. We are a population of 320 million people and growing. When our country was young, we needed a vast amount of workers to develop our land and railways and roads...we needed both skilled and unskilled workers. In 2017 and for some times now, that is no longer the case. We have a matured economy and we have a vast number of work force that is under employed or unemployed. This puts tremendous pressure on our labor market.

When the illegal immigrants was only 1 or 2 percent of the population, the problem associated with this is small and insignificant. However, that is no longer the case. By some estimates, they are as high as 10-15 percent of our population. This is where it gets to be a serious problem. Our country is very different now than 50 years ago. We now have an entitlement society with all kinds of benefits paid for by the tax payers. The 10 percent undocumented is a burden on our schools or hospitals or roads and courts and all kinds of social welfare systems. Yes, many do work and pay taxes and send money back home...but the net effect is still a negative drain.


The dreamers, are a special class in it self. These are individuals, under 30 years old, who came here illegally with their parents when they were small. It is estimated that there are 800,000 of them here. They are, by all intent and purpose, americans. They speak english and know no other home except in the US. Yet, under current law, they have no status. They are in a limbo state. This is a problem of our creation. By ignoring the immigration laws and border enforcement... we as a nation allowed this to happen. I don't blame anyone who for betterment of their status, risk crossing our borders to work and make a living.

What should we do? It is the job of Congress to resolve this. They can write laws or modify existing laws to accommodate this group. We are a compassionate nation. No one wants to deport these dreamers, as long ad they didn't commit serious crimes.

President Trump has taken the lead to solve this impass. It is up to a GOP controlled Congress to pass new legislation to deal with DACA. Let's hope it will be settled in the next 6 months.

The current status for these dreamers are not ideal. They are protected from deportation when found. There should be no fear of that. There are many legal steps to take to prevent any action. Until a new law is written, it is just a mess. I implore Congress to just DO YOUR JOB.

The Bigger Problem

What about the other 30 million undocumented individuals? These are not all from our southern borders. Among the illegal population are the following groups.

  • mexican crossing our boders illegally
  • other south American countries citizens coming through also
  • people overstaying their VISA
  • people coming here to have babies
  • people illegally traffic by containers mainly from Asia
  • ISIS terrorists
  • Illegal drug traffickers

They are a threat as a group to our way of life. How so?

Besides the obvious of terrorism and illegal drugs..., the rest all pose a threat to our free republic. We have a one-tier system of citizens where one person one vote is the ideal. That was designed by our founders to be a government of the people.

When a large number of people are undocumented, it disturb that balance. We, in effect have a two-tier system of people. One that is living in the shadows, and possibly being exploited and taken advantage of. They work and live among us but have no voice. That is not how our system was suppose to work.

A Personal Observation...

Some people with good intentions think everything is just fine the way it is. They don't see the threat. They feel compassionate and wants to help these people. They adopted sanctuary cities to protect them from our Federal laws.

But here is what they choose to ignore. These policies has consequences. Let me share a few with you here.

1. Many years ago, I was called to serve on a grand jury in NYC. It was an eye opening experience. 90 percent of the cases we heard during that month was immigration related. It was the same MO. An illegal alien was arrested commiting a crime. He served some time in federal prison and deported. He was caught again commiting more crimes...and theis was the pattern in some cases 4 or 5 times deported. Kate's Law was designed to stop this cycle.

2. A few years ago, I received a minor traffic ticket in the town of Ossining NY. I decided to fight it in court. When I appeared at the hearing, I found a room full of latino immigrants. There was a full time translator present who was employed by the town. Every case before the judge was interpreted by this person. I thought I was in another country. Ossining is a lovely river town along the Hudson. It is home to a large immigrant population. They are mostly productive people and law abiding. Unfortunately, they don't speak our language well enough. Why is our citizens having to pay for a translator?

3. Recently, I was looking into a way to wire some money overseas. I checked our neighborhood and found a place in Peekskill NY, the next town over. When I stopped in the store, the girl at the counter told me no English. It is a Spanish speaking only and the services were provided to Spanish speaking customers only. I was not happy. Why is this not reverse discrimination?

My personal view is this. Every country has the right and duty to protect its borders. Just try and move to Mexico and you will find that they have one of the strictest laws on immigration. It is our right to have a legal immigration process, and we get to choose who we want to be here. We can decide based on their skills and health condition and whether they have committed any crimes. These are all common sense limits. We can not have an open borders policy. It is not a race issue even though some have created the impression that if you are fore strong border control, you are somehow against Latinos.

Part of legal immigration should be assimilation. It is expected that when someone chooses to come to our country, they are expected to learn our language, follow our laws and most importantly, adopt our Constitution as a way forward. They have to pledge allegiance to our country and our flag, to be considered a legal citizen and to be allowed to vote in our elections. That is the way it should be but unfortunately, we don't have that. We have groups like LaRaza that wants to keep their allegiance to Mexico but wants the rights and privilieges to be here and do what they wish. They are out right defiant and stick their middle finger at our laws. They protest openly without fear.


This whole issue is very emotional and personal. There are no good solutions. It was brought about over many years of blind neglect. Our politicians did not do their job and continually kick the can down the road to a point where there is very little road left. There is no good answers any more. Pretty soon, they will over take our population. Then what? We would have lost our soverignty as a nation. Is that what we want?

© 2017 Jack Lee


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    • breakfastpop profile image


      23 months ago

      If we just followed our own laws we would have a sound immigration policy.


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