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A Country Divided: Being Black In America

Updated on June 5, 2017
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Juliet Austin- Holds an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from E.S.U., she spends her time with her dog's, Heckel and Jeckel.

I Was Born Therefore I am

How do you define to someone who has never really experienced racism that has never had to try to wear the right clothes, learn the idioms, and what is considered acceptable means of communicating in order to fit in that racism does exist? That a segment of the Population mainly black Male ages 22 and up make up the majority of that Population that is harassed, disrespected, feared, ridiculed, and so often lately killed.

What Black People Want you the Caucasian Population to Understand

As a Black Woman, I have no knowledge of that deep fear as it pertains to myself but as a Mother, I fear for my Male Children and my Daughter daily. Yes, I have experienced racism, and have battled it most of the Years I have resided in America. I raised my Children with the same ideal's I have, to believe that People are innately good, that we are all equal by virtue of being Human, but I went a step further in their Education. I taught them about prejudice, not only as it relates to how others will view them as Black Men and Women but also how they should view People of other races, that if respect is given then by all means respect should be returned.

We place value similarly on taking care of our Families, we worry about our Children, love and want to see to their overall protection. We take pride in seeing our Children accomplish, and able to achieve the American dream. If given the opportunity not based on Affirmative Action but based solely on our ability alone we will and can achieve.

When you take away our pride by stigmatizing and labeling you are indirectly saying that we are not worthy to be considered Humans and are to be feared as one would fear a wildly dangerous Animal. When our ability to work and earn an income to provide for our Family depends on a corporation or system that does not view us as People, it should not be a surprise to anyone when stealing or finding other lucrative somewhat illegal avenue to sustain Life becomes the norm. This is true of all cultures, not just the black culture.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to a Person of color is the best you can do to stem racism. Respect is not something a black Person will give just by virtue of you being caucasian. To understand these principles you would have to be able to grasp the concept that, our attitude does not stem from thinking we are entitled but from the long-held negative view established by caucasian, who until 300 Years ago forced the Black population to kowtow to give respect.

Now we have a new Generation of young black Men and Women who are free to give or not give respect, and they will choose the latter unless you acknowledge them first. This shouldn't be too complicated to understand, however, let me give an example.

You despise your boss, and although he gives you the ability to earn an Income, one you work very hard for, he may still expect you to act grateful, to work longer hours bereft of the associated pay. You, on the other hand, know that without you his company would not bring in as big a revenue so you decline and block all attempts at working past what you consider the average work Day. That's what's known in some circles as a "Mexican standoff". Neither of you will be the first to acknowledge the other's needs. This, in turn, creates a problem and leads to lack of communication and lack of respect it now becomes a hostile work environment. For most Black People America, is that hostile work environment except, there is no way of escaping from it, no lawsuit to be won.

A rational mind will conclude on its own the implications of what racism is yet we still cannot make every segment of the Population understand it. We all have learned that understanding can only come from experience. In essence, we all have preconceived notions regarding each other's culture and although prejudice does exist and may never be eradicated. It is really a biased outlook to insinuate that only caucasian's are prejudice. If we are honest with ourselves we would accept the obvious. We each culturally think it's a waste of time to communicate because there is no way one culture can understand what the other is going through.

Being Black In America: Majority vs Minority

For the sake of this Article the term Black (of African Lineage, sub Saharan) all who have ancestry in Africa and Caucasian will be used to describe or define the color barrier that Today still exists in much of the World.

It is the belief of the population, those of African descent as well as the Caucasian Population that the words Majority and Minority describe a status or to be more precise the level of intelligence as it pertains to African Americans and the Caucasian Population.

At the start of Slavery, up to the drafting of the Constitution, the idiots or as most of America defines them the founding Fathers needed a way to separate and identify skin color was the most obvious of choice. They also needed to keep accurate accounting of how many People made up the New society defining numbers by the use of terms majority and minority.

Majority- means more
Minority- less
Most of the population was made up of White Europeans the cutthroats, the crooks, and yes white indentured servants as well as those seeking freedom from Religious persecution.

The minority population the People stolen out of Africa or those who were sold into slavery, or just those poor unsuspecting schmucks who believed they were traveling to another Country to help with teaching their way of life. The strongest and most Educated of their village.

Statistically speaking based on research through the collection of DNA and the established 1% rule, People of African descent are now the new majority. Yes Black now make up a Majority of the Global as well as this Countries Population.

Does that mean we are smarter, better, I would love to be able to answer that with an affirmative. However statistics shows that stupid People exists in all walks of life.


Don't believe me, the clown that now occupies the White House along with his cabinet picks should be indicative and back up my claim.

Interview with a Caucasian

Often times, what you feel is a racist comment or insensitivity, is actually an attempt to put you at ease, to let you know that they are not prejudiced. It is often times awkward for someone of Caucasian persuasion to know the right thing to say.

Communicating your feelings regarding an insensitive statement made by a caucasian individual is a more appropriate way to handle the situation, as opposed to taking things out of context and holding a grudge.

Understanding that not all caucasian's are prejudice, can open up the door to deep and lasting friendship. Your preconceived notion regarding their intent is just as hurtful as you assuming they have malicious intent.

Most Caucasians carry the guilt of what their ancestors have done, making it difficult for them to engage you in conversation, or in some cases make eye contact. It is assumed that you hold a grudge. This, in turn, leads you to believe by their body language that they are prejudice.

Saying sorry, or even trying to intimate that understanding dawns, just doesn't seem good enough, so silence is the best answer, which makes them look cold and uncaring. But In truth they can not identify with your pain, they view instead the faces of their Children to get an understanding, of what you experience, the pain you feel, and sometimes understanding dawns.

As with the Civil War and Civil Rights movement, they do their part to help, but often times it seems even that intent is misunderstood, and they are labeled the token white friend. That hurts and helps to ensure that their support will not be forthcoming.

Fulfilling a Prophecy Unfair Labeling and Stereotyping Based on Skin Color

Seeing the worst in anyone will bring about the anticipated and looked for behavior. If you tell a Child often enough that they are no good, or that they are lazy and won't amount to much of anything, then take away their means to Higher Education then tell them they are not qualified for much, hopelessness sets in. The outcome, should not be a surprise when People start to believe it, as well as that Child.

Another famous saying of mine. "You will never understand Individual differences unless you can understand that Individuals are different". We despite our differences, can live together giving respect to common differences. We are not all alike, I've not had the misfortune of being targeted Daily because I chose to interact with mainstream society as the majority Population would like. I was not subject to racism as a Child, growing up on the Island Jamaica I was very fortunate, the color of our skin was not what separated us, but economics, and even then People had a common respect for each other; there was a place in Society for even the poorest of our People. This too is changing as we see Western civilization, playing a major role in everyday Life.

The truth as it exists is this when there is nothing to lose fear does not play a role. Black Americans are feared for the same reasons Caucasians seem to hold as being their character makeup. Throughout History, we have been hard workers, inventors, creators, artist. We have led the way and once we actually accept to be fact our power through togetherness we can and will command respect. The Caucasian population is fearful of losing their place, as the business Men and creators they envision themselves to be. To be able to alienate Black People from access to services, to criminalize, and allows for this demonization of Black People shows fear. So what really is the fear? It is the fear that we will succeed.

Teaching your Child to fear and be skeptical when stranger approach is being a good Parent. When you instill fear and loathing just based on skin color alone that is racism!

A Civil Rights Icon

It was at a time when to protest for equality was in a majority of cases, a death sentence. We take these actions for granted. We would like to believe we would be this strong, this courageous, to fight for a cause that would almost certainly guarantee our demise.

The Man, the Icon John Lewis, saw atrocities that were unspeakable, he is to be admired to be placed on the highest pinnacle just on basis of his service to Civil Rights. President Obama, seeing the value and character of the Man, the activist presented John Lewis with the "Presidential Medal of Freedom, (The highest civilian Honor ) extended to anyone who advocates/ fights for Freedom; outside Military service.

It is because of Congressman Lewis, and others like him that we have access to and entertain some freedoms we now enjoy. As payment, it is each of us to be better and do better as a Society. We must, because John Lewis sacrificed..., get up each Day with the strength and persistence he has exemplified, and honor his work, by taking charge of our own lives. We must make the pledge to be better Brother's and Sister's to this Nation all Cultures, and in so doing change the face of America to reflect what's good and right about its People.

For way too long we have been silent by our own inactivity, and a belief that we have no options. John Lewis fought alongside Dr. Martin Luther King to give us options, our Children, Grandchildren, Aunt's Uncles; you get the gist, are dying because of our inaction, not voting. We can change what we don't like about our Congress, our Senate, our Justice system, and thankfully in 3 Years the President. By taking the time to vote in every election. We must educate ourselves on the process of Voting, Some City, State, and Federal employees are just that, employees we hire them through and by our individual votes. If we truly want Change we must be the Change that is expected.

As it pertains to Congressman Lewis, thankfully I do not have to attempt to define his worth, his Biography speaks to the Character of the Man. (see below).

Walking While Black

The Killing of the black Male is not a recent one, we've been plagued by wrongful death since the First slave ship ventured into the America's.

In the case of Eric Garner, the 46-Year-old Father and Husband was in the past arrested for the illegal sale of loose cigarettes. The outcry from the black Community has nothing to do with the community thinking the sale of cigarettes should have been overlooked. But everything to do with the fact that caucasian's have gotten away with worst crimes and no loss of life resulted.

The fervor, we are party to is two folds, the perceived racism of a caucasian Cop, and the unfair look at our Justice system as it concerns criminal activity and unfair distribution of sentencing Laws. That the decision to not prosecute the Police Officers involved, came so close on the heels of the Ferguson Missouri case, which has similar undertones, the Grand Jury, which was designed to provide fair and legal judgment, declined in both cases not to prosecute, and to not disclose the evidence provided. That's where the similarities end, Michael Brown a Teenager, was shot eight times by Darryl Wilson for stealing cigarettes.

In both cases, it is important to note that the alleged theft( I use alleged, due to the fact that I am not privy to the evidence collected in both cases). Should carry for most People a misdemeanor felony charge, depending on the amount of Money fraudulently obtained or in the case of Michael Brown the amount of money that would have been generated through or by the sale of cigarettes he obtained illegally.

US Legal "Misdemeanor Law & Legal Definition" Defines Misdemeanor crimes as any crime committed that does not carry more than a one Year Jail sentence or in some cases probation or both. Certainly, the Judicial System was not set up to cause death to individuals who should have been given a lighter sentence, in a situation that is non-violent or non-Life threatening.
misdemeanors are tried in the lower courts, such as municipal, police or justice courts. Typical misdemeanors include petty theft, disturbing the peace, simple assault, and battery, drunk driving without injury to others, drunkenness in public, various traffic violations, public nuisances. The District Attorney may have the discretion to charge some crimes as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the situation or circumstances involved.

On 11/2014 Police while responding to a 911 call in which the caller stated that a Child was brandishing a gun on the playground. Police officers without verifying the make and model of the gun, or the age of the black Male subject, shot and killed 12-Year-old Tamir Rice.

Although not necessarily a Target, the unfairness black Males receive as compared to any other Nationality is also evidenced by the Trayvon Martin Case. Seen as a catalyst, for crying foul. As the Nation watched and hoped, and an almost audible sigh echoed as we waited expectantly for the Jury to make a decision. The verdict was one not many black, caucasian, or other Nationality could accept. As we tried to heal from the injustice, it was apparent that People were still angry, and rightfully so, social media sites like Facebook, gave the Public more opportunities to post updated information on the number of black Men killed by Police some under suspicious circumstances, and or youthful trigger happy caucasian Police Officers.

Blacks who were already suspicious of the Police are now more so than ever before. That we cannot freely walk the streets brandishing anything that looks threatening, while we see caucasian, openly carrying weapons gives more reason to vent and protest. A Law enforcement agency that was designed during its inception to protect the lives of the innocent in reality never protected blacks and the poor and was made worse by the passage of a martial law.

Martial law which was established to protect the U.S.A. from the threat of terrorism now has in its sights, a segment of the Population, mainly black People non-gender or age specific as targets. The unfair utilization of the Military branch of government against its own citizenry is unconstitutional as it relates to protesting the unfair treatment of a particular sect, or group of people it is the denial of civil liberties that all should share.

John Crawford was shot and killed by Police on August 9th, 2014, while shopping at Wal-Mart. His girlfriend interrogated and threatened with imprisonment. The Death of John Crawford came after a 911 call which suggests Mr. Crawford was brandishing a gun it was later determined that the gun was a toy, he had picked up in the store. The list is quite extensive as it relates to such miscarriage of Justice.

The list of young black Men killed over the last couple of Years, and black Women mistreated by Police, seems to be growing, the Justice one would expect is not forthcoming. What is obvious is that the Legal process is at a decline, gone is the Judge, and Jury, and what we the American People are left with is the (executioner), a Law enforcement that sees itself made up of some of the most, vile Individuals without conscience. Any system that allows for the execution of suspects without the benefit of a defense Lawyer needs to be revamped and Investigated thoroughly, and the problems dealt with. It is very obvious that Police officers need to be retrained, and tolerance needs to be taught.

While the black Male is viewed as angry and volatile, the black Female is portrayed as being oversexed.

Being Black and Being Female

Sandra Bland, A vociferous speaker on Equal Rights, was pulled over and asked to exit her vehicle illegally. Her failure to comply resulted in her being dragged from her vehicle. As we speculated on the illegality of her being searched. We were witnesses to another video which showed her lifeless form being dragged by her feet by a Police officer. Yet again as more information was given, we learned that Ms. Bland died while in the custody of Police.

Dymond Milbourne, Just Thirteen Years old was sitting on her front porch, an innocent enough action for any Teenager; when she was accosted and beaten by Police officers, allegedly for Prostitution. Reportedly the 911 call which instigated Officers to be on call in the neighborhood, gave a description of three White Females, wearing tight clothing, soliciting for sex.

The list of continued atrocities against People of Color is far too numerous. Yet there are still people who believe that Justice was duly served. There is no Justice when the rights of citizens are constantly being violated, there is no equality when only a few benefit from an unfair and partial system.

We Hold Firmly to your Memories

"Go back to the Cotton Farm"

I do not own the rights to this picture Free usage Law applies.
I do not own the rights to this picture Free usage Law applies. | Source

Hate is taught, or more aptly learned behavior, however, if we delve deeply enough it is really self-loathing. A child who is taught to fear or stigmatize at an early age is also being taught to hate themselves. What we do as parents impact the psychological well-being of our Children and we set them up for failure, a Child who is taught love, and compassion for others is emotionally able to self-identify, they become stronger Leaders, and learn to develop strength emotionally and Mentally, which equips them to be productive members of Society. Left to Socialize without parents interference a Child will play and interact with other Children who are different. When Parent's interject their opinions, based on stereotyping what we see are Children who grow up to be or reflect Sociopaths or Narcissistic tendencies.

The 8-year-old boy, Jordan Jackson, like any other Child seeing his sibling picked on and harassed by a group of boy's stepped in to defend her. He was beaten up by four boy's one of which was 13 Years old as he levied racial slurs at the 8-Year-old. "Go back to the cotton farm". This is the reality of America as it now stands. Three lives at least irrevocably changed and not for the better, all because of color barrier and taught racism.

The Single Family Home Continuation of the Cycle

Most Black Adults have heard the pronunciation's," A system can not fail those it was never meant to protect" Malcolm X

Black Women are more likely; than their Caucasian counterparts to raise their Children in impoverished Neighborhoods, and without a Father in the home. They often times turn to the Welfare system to help meet Household expenses, often times working odd hours at menial jobs in order to meet their needs.

Children are left alone to make choices regarding Homework, and curfew, if there are younger siblings being cared for while the Parent is out of the home. Often times the age gap is such that the older sibling is ill-equipped; as most would be if left in such an environment. They will no doubt feel the stress of being relied on to care for younger siblings and having no outlet, or feeling Parent-less, they tend to make poor choices. The lack of a Parental role model propels them into gangs, and often times into relationships they are ill-equipped to handle. They unknowingly are paving the way to repeat the mistakes of the Parents and will end up more times than not repeating the cycle of dependency on the Welfare system.

To affect change, we must recognize that the Black Male is a vital part of the Family unit, and creating harsher sentencing Laws, and longer time frame incarcerated, leaves the Black Family to struggle alone. It is Societies problem, one that cannot be fixed with inequality and unfair Laws. We need to reinvest in the Black Population by providing a safe haven for Children. We need to establish a system that allows both Parents to reside in the home together..., while both Parents makes provision to enhance the Family we must give People who are economically disenfranchised the opportunity to learn a trade, or the opportunity to attend College in order that they may earn a living for the Family.

Longer prison sentence for petty crimes and harsher Laws does not equate to Rehabilitation. In reality, it creates more anger, loss of self-esteem, and feelings of incompetence, as employers are not prone to hiring offenders, thereby adding to the inability of the Black Male to obtain employment, and his inability to help with maintaining his Family while becoming a productive member of Society. We could continue the downward spiral that is now occurring, or we can become the catalyst for change. The continued show of hatred and disrespect we show to each other will fester and grow if we cannot as a Nation come together in understanding. Our Children and their Children, to infinity, will perpetuate the same or similar practice.

An Ubiased Look at a Biased Judicial System

Yes we are all human, and in every walk of Life there can be found a "basket of deplorable's", however we hold our Judiciaries to a higher standard, we are naive in our beliefs that these Men and Women sworn to uphold the Law will have some moral obligations and will behave ethically while serving the general public in the capacity in which they were assigned. When culpability reaches the branch or division of the court system the question then becomes how fair really is our Justice System?

Similar crimes different outcomes, a pattern of inequality

1. John RK Howard – charged with felony forcible sexual penetration by use of a foreign object reached a plea deal that will allow him to avoid prison unless he violates his probation. Photograph: Tarrant County Sheriff's Office. The Guardian Julie Carrie Wong.

On December 20th, 2016, John Howard a Caucasian Male was arrested for charged with felony forcible sexual penetration by foreign object. The assault drew national headlines after the victim told the court that he had been attacked by three football team-mates and sodomized with a coat hanger in the locker room. He, the victim of the crime was taunted with racial slurs and alleges that Howard sang the K.K.K. Confederacy song while the attack was being perpetrated.

John Howard was allowed to plead Guilty, a sentence which carries only probation.

a. On January 4, 2017, an 18-Year-old Caucasian Disabled Male was abducted and beaten by four black persons. The victim was beaten and racial slurs regarding his support for Donald Trump new President Elect. Felony charges have also been filed against the four Individuals.

"At one point, the victim is held at knifepoint and told to curse President-elect Donald Trump. The group also forces the victim to drink water from a toilet. The suspects can be heard saying they want the video to go viral. Detectives think the victim, who lives in the suburbs and appeared to be in his late teens or early 20s, met some acquaintances in northwest suburban Streamwood and they drove him to Chicago in a stolen vehicle", - Anthony Guglielmi-

Although the trial and its outcome are not yet determined. What is clear is there is a disconnect Ethically as it relates to our Young People. The inhumane treatment in both cases should, however, receive the same sentence, both should be treated as hate crimes, and other associated charges based on actions punishable. However, I leave it up to a Jury to determine the outcome of this latest alleged crime.

2. According to the Chicago Times, on July 26, 2014, John Wrana a 95-Year-old Caucasian Male was shot and killed by then Police Officer Craig Taylor. Taylor, a Black Police Officer was one of seven Officers called to the scene of a Nursing Home by staff who indicated that John Wrana, was being less than cooperative. If it is to be believed that Officers at times require force to deal with a combative or what they view as threatening behavior to self and others. What is the implication in this case?

Known facts.

a. The combatant, John Wrana was a 95-Year-Old Caucasian Male.

b. The Officer a Black Male accompanied by six other officers in riot gear.

c. Excessive force was cited when Officer Taylor was arrested. The weapon of choice a Beanbag shotgun.

d. Officer Taylor a black officer was Arrested and is facing trial.

Surely the thought that a 95-Year-old Man was treated so abominably by Police is tantamount in everyone's mind. He John Wrana, was viewed as being less than able to compete Physically with Police who claimed Wrana had a knife. That our Elderly population should be treated with such vile disregard is a reason to fear.

a. New York Daily Press, reported on May 8, 2014, Darlene Golden, a 93-Year-old Woman was shot and killed by a Caucasian Police Officer Stephen Stem while responding to a call of Woman wielding a gun. The 93-Year-old Woman was described by Neighbors as being a nice Woman. Officer Stem, gave a warning for her to drop her weapon he then proceeded to shoot Darlene five times using Deadly force, Darlene later died in the Hospital.

Officer Stem faced no criminal charges and was instead suspended with pay, while an Investigation was being conducted.

Known facts.

a. Darlene Golden was 93 Years old. she, it is reported was brandishing a firearm.

b. Excessive force was also used.

c. No Criminal Charges were pending.

d. Officer Stem has been cleared and released to perform his duties as dictated by Law enforcement.

"What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander".

The disparity we see in the Justice system as it relates to the Population at large can also be seen in the halls of Justice. We have been regaled with the fact that a bean bag shotgun is nonlethal, another way for an officer to subdue a perpetrator, or at least that is the cited implications when often times we see news reports. The implication is a sad one, Justice is really not color blind.

For Taylor, the Officer in question, the Law did not afford him a trial by Grand Jury, his culpability in the killing of what is reportedly an armed combative Male has resulted in him facing a three Year sentence if convicted, and all job opportunities lost.

Do we the Black and White Population view Criminal activities the same, the answer to that is absolutely not! The black community would love to actually see an instance whereby Police armed in riot gear uses a bean bag shotgun instead of one with Live rounds/ ammunition. We are not afforded the same nor similar respect as it pertains to the Police. We all maybe; can agree, that a 95 and 93 Years old respectively, or 12 and 13-Year-old is ill-equipped to fight off and defend themselves from Police, whether armed in riot gear or regularly uniformed.

Unair Sentencing Practices

The United States Census Bureau, statistics indicate that per capita Black Men are receiving higher sentences for first-time offenses. The prison system is full to capacity with Black Men making up a great percentage. Although White Male still outnumbers Black Male considering, that White makes up 72% of total Population and blacks, makeup 12.61% implies that: The black Population is Incarcerated, a great majority of the time more often than their Caucasian counterpart sometimes for similar or the same crime.

The Incarceration Rate of Black People a Census update for 2009

Black Male who were incarcerated numbered 300,500

As it relates to Caucasians non-Hispanics 326,400.

Seems fairly equal right? Until you add the fact that blacks make up just 12% of the Population, While caucasian's account for 72%, out of a Population of 316,128,839 People.

Number of Blacks residing in the U.S.A., And The Number Of Incarcerated

Blacks Non-Hispanics Population residing in the U.S.A. equal 26,344,069,92.

The total number of Black Males incarcerated, 300,500.

Black Male serving Prison Sentences longer than one Year. 1,427,064

Population of Caucasian in U.S.A., And The Number of Incarcerated

Total number of Caucasians, Non-Hispanic residing in the U.S.A. equals (4,390,687,3195)

Percentage of Caucasian Males incarcerated, 326,400

Serving Prison sentence longer than One Year 1,401,317

Take away a Persons ability to earn an income and provide for his Family, and the Family unit also suffers. Rarely do we see a Justice System that hands down the same or similar sentence for a similar crime perpetrated by a black Male or a caucasian Male. America's view of black Male as having the tendency for being more violent and aggressive does not seem to be based on Individual actions, but skin color, this is the broad Generalization. Black Women are viewed as loud, obnoxious, and oversexed. Changing the negative view is difficult if a segment of the population is not willing to listen, to be open and encouraging as it relates to diversity.

According to the U.S. Census 2010; There are 316,128,839 People in the United States

See results

Martial Law Why not Only Blacks Should Fear

The Patriot Act - signed by Former George Bush, on October 2001, it'sand extended by President Obama, gives the Government the right to surveillance of it's private Citizens, and violates Americans 4th Amendment Rights basic Tenents are, the right to searches, of records, private property without notice, collection of data as it pertains to intelligence information, such as addresses and travel information.

4th Amendment Right states: Government shall not have the right to illegal search and seizure. Citizens shall have the right to secure their personage, houses, papers, and effects. The Patriot Act gives Law enforcement agencies the right to stop and search a private Civilian, their vehicle, or their home if ordered to do so without a search warrant signed by a Judge. All under the premise of reasonable suspicion. What it does not do however is give Police the right to shoot and kill innocent People.

America seems to be going backward in its growth, even as we see its cry to other Nations to loosen their reigns on freedom and Liberty. The rights of the American People are being slowly depleted. In 2010 then President George W. Bush opened the door to illegal wiretapping of private Citizens, claiming his right to do so by citing protection of its People from terrorism abroad and at home. A large percentage of the American People gave voice to their displeasure with this and their fear of invasion of privacy, extending to Civilians who had come to believe that lack of privacy would lead to a Police State.

September 11 is a Day most People will not forget, the chaos and devastation it brought still at the forefront of our Minds. However short lived the Nation came together for the first time with one common goal to help each other heal. It also brought out the fear of another attack. The Federal Government and Congress used it to their advantage to push for wiretapping of all its Citizens in the United States.

"When it was revealed that the Bush administration was wiretapping phone calls without a warrant, lawsuits were filed -- but the "problem" was that the parties (such as the ACLU) that filed the lawsuits didn't have standing because they had no evidence that they, personally, were impacted by the warrant-less wiretapping. This created a ridiculous Catch-22 situation. As long as the government hid its illegal activities and never said who it spied on, it could spy on anyone illegally". Legal Issues, by Mark Masnick.

The unfair treatment meted out by Police Officers against the Black Population will eventually find itself nestled into every corner of America. As Police are not held to a standard that is acceptable, their rampage on the American Population will increase, the feeling of being above reproach will lead to an attitude of entitlement. "Power corrupts, but absolute Power corrupts absolutely". John Dalberg Acton, First Baron.

What Martial Law allows is the continuation of the killing of Black Men and or the incarceration of Black Women who's introduction into the State and Federal System sometimes started in previous Generations. Children who grow up without both Parents, or a Step- Parent in the home are often times more apt to committing crimes against Society.

For a short time back in the 1980's, there seemed to be harmony between the races, the sexual identity of the Citizenry of the United states did not seem to matter so much. The start of the Humanitarian era, or maybe I lived in a bubble it was New York. The City seemed to be the melting pot its People Leaders, and visionaries there was a feel of togetherness. I walked the street's freely the neighborhood didn't seem to care about the color of your skin or your sexuality.

The Baby boomers era, that's the characterization they the "Birth watch God's" gave to us they like labels. Being born at the tail end would probably seat me right at the cusp of generation X. It was at the end of the 80's that we started to experience a change in economic fairness, equal rights, and the start to mass incarceration of Black Men Women and Juveniles. "The Reagan Trickle Down Economic Era". Saw it's beginnings in the early 80's, but the effects of his well-intended Policies started a division that impacted negatively myself, but possibly Millions of middle class and poor People.

The Law enforcement patrolled freely, as they do Today, with the one exception they could be relied on to carry out their duties with fairness and impartiality. The outright killing of Black American's is creating a new Generation, who despises and have no trust in the Federal Enforcement Officers, and its so-called legal Jurisdiction. It is because of this disparity in Justice that we now see a growth in Black-owned businesses on the rise.

The Election of Donald Trump as the incoming President was a slap in the face of Democracy. What we see is a result of economic decline for a segment of the Population that is scared about their future, and for some, they saw the Election of a Black President as a sign of more unwanted inclusion and the change of the physical make-up of America. The racist, sexist, dehumanizing regard with which the Elected President won the Election, comes at a time when Black American's already battling an unfair Judiciary, sees the current Administration absolving Police Officers, (who are already trigger happy) of wrongdoing. Instead, he incited more hatred and disregard.

There was a time when the New President Elect could have taken a greater stand to unify the Country to do away with the racial edict, that seemed to make up his campaign slogan, he instead let the opportunity go by the hate and disregard for humanity festered and what we see now is as a result of his inaction.

The New Uncle Tom

Through out History they the Uncle Toms have been stereotyped as People of African descent who for the sake of saving themselves will sacrifice their own Families at times in order to reap their ill begotten gains or to see to their own economic advancement. There are still some Uncle Tom's existing even Today. The slave mentality still so deeply ingrained it causes them to lose all sense of morality and decency.

A Resurgence of Black Owned Businesses

Black People are refusing to spend their money in Caucasian Communities, as the unfair treatment of Black Men and Women are increasing.

More black-owned businesses are catering to and coming up with lucrative way's to stimulate their own economic growth and catering to the Black and Latino communities. The pride that has kept America at the forefront as World power is now facing a crisis of its own. Black People are refusing to spend their money in Caucasian Communities/Businesses, as they see the unfair treatment of Black Men and Women rising. Although it will not affect the economy negatively, it will affect the pocket's of some of the most wealthy who have forgotten, that their wealth came as a result of blacks and other People of color utilizing their goods and services.

A List of Black-owned Businesses

Banks are popping up in nearly every State.

Punch T.V. Studios, ( owned and operated by Black entrepreneurs).

Hotels -

Black entrepreneurs are tired of the unfair practices and while the Caucasian Population makeup still outnumbers Blacks and other People of Color, financially it will cut into the wealth of the majority Population. It isn't too difficult to understand when appreciation for a group of Citizens is lacking it doesn't take long for exclusionary practices to become the norm. It is way past time for a change for the Caucasian population to understand that Black People are tired of the unfair treatment. We are tired of seeing our Children's future destroyed, because of fear, tired of the stigmatization that has allowed for, the mass incarceration Black Men and People of Color, and tired of seeing them gunned down in the streets all because of fear of the negative implication associated with skin Color.

"Stronger Together"

Maybe I live in a World that really sees the character as more important than the Color of a Person's skin. There may come a Day when my views and value system changes, but Today is not it. Blacks have suffered unfairly at the hands of Caucasian's and a cruel Justice System, that is the unacceptable truth. How do we change a corrupt system? We do so by communication, togetherness, understanding that we need each other in order to affect change, peaceful protest, and demanding that our Leaders make changes to a flawed Justice System, and by helping each other to ensure that we do not at any point lose our right to our Civil Liberties.

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I do not own the rights to artist's depictions of the character's used nor any royalties gained from outside sales, sales not generated from my writing through depiction or creative interpretation.

"Strange Fruit" by Nina Simone, "Stoned Soul Picnic" speaks of the lynching of Black People. Words and the way some segments of Society the majority of Society the Law abiding Citizens uses it to mean just a cook out an impromptu getting together to enjoy food and drinks. Picnic has lost it's original meaning except to those holding on to old views. The new Generation say's cookout, or Barbecue or picnic. We like the Animals that once roamed Earth are evolving, so too are the meaning of words.

It's high past time we started viewing each other as People as human beings. To you the individual with deeply Conservative views that would see Culture or skin color as a barrier this is the time for change. Look within and ask yourself, what is the hatred about, what is the deep rooted fear?

"Once you go black you cant go back", the 1% rule is outdated and what that means for America is that there are more People of African descent now residing in the United States based on that rule. I am simply not willing to be defined by an outdated stereotype, nor am I willing to give up that which makes me who I am. I am Jamaican by birth that is non negotiable, having African, Irish, and East Indian and Jewish Ancestry. America is the melting pot of all cultures. The 1% rule means that Caucasians are the new Minority.

To the Hispanics and Dominican Population stop defining each other based on skin Color, the truth is even if your ancestry isn't steeped in Sub Sahara or in Africa the possibility exists that you are mixed with another population of People. The purity of the race, is no longer a foregone conclusion.

Taking a page from Former President Obama I say, Juliet Out, Drops Mic. or as they say in Jamaica Mi dun! Patois, meaning the same thing really, both terms although different has the same connotation, it simply means we have said and done as much as we can this time and either we cannot expound on or continue to defend that which has been said to sway all, however if it touches or reaches a majority then that is all that can be said. Culturally we may speak in different way's but at the crux of it all we are defined by our common trait that being our humanness.

"White is alright" also, the 1% can make all the difference in the world. Even the 1% Irish, Native American, Jewish, Japanese and whatever other culture makes us a Society. Difference is good in any increment. The common bond that unites us is not only the physical it is also our mutual respect for each other.

What is important isn't so much that we understand every word or it's nuance, but that we start the communication process. "Nothing tried nothing gained".


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    • Juliet Stewart profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Stewart-Austin 

      3 years ago from San Antonio, TX.

      Courtney Hay, don't you think there is a little hate or Prejudice in all of us? Of late I'm sure more Blacks are becoming outraged over what is viewed as unfair killing of young Black Men by the Police, we each have our own prejudices. If it is not curtailed will see a Country divided, with no winners.

    • Juliet Stewart profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Stewart-Austin 

      3 years ago from San Antonio, TX.

      Hi Jean, you found my Hub, thank you for reading and commenting. The system is seriously flawed, as it relates to blacks and poor People. Yes if the tables were indeed turned as I've been privy to. That cop would be stripped of his badge, and jailed pending an investigation. It's a very sad World we live in.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      I have been enraged by all the recent instances of white cops killing black teens or men who are unarmed and not in the process of committing a serious crime, or any crime at all. It's sad that many areas of the U.S. have such racist attitudes. They will insist it's not racism, but if a black cop killed a white person, he would be immediately jailed without bail and his weapon taken away. I thought these attitudes were more prevalent in the Deep South, so it's doubly sad to see they are everywhere, just swept under the rug.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      very well laid out blog. Yes black is the color of hate


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