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A False Sense of Security, A Brief Analysis of Police Protection In America

Updated on November 26, 2016

In the wake of the financial collapse, Americans became distracted, by necessity, away from their Civil responsibilities, and have instead become focused on the simple act of survival. This brought about a complete turn around from the days where vocal opposition of the American occupation of Iraq was in vogue. Even the Occupy Wall Street Movement (a First Amendment Right) has been collapsed by police pressure and court orders all across America.

Is it, or is it not the job of law enforcement to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?

In the following police report, I provide evidence from the Saratoga Springs Police Department,in New York, how police routinely use K-9 dogs to circumvent the 4th Amendment, by signalling them whenever they want to unlawfully enter property. the dog's response is used as a false indicator, for the purposes of applying for a search warrant (quasi Due Process).

Police Report

Police disregard 4th Amendment protections with K-9
Police disregard 4th Amendment protections with K-9 | Source

Are our Liberties being Eroded by Public Policy?

Has the law enforcement community become the arbiter and defender of the corporate bottom line as a war economy?

If they are no longer in the service to the public (protect and serve). Have the police routinely become the force eroding our civil liberties?

Has the war on drugs, brought about a safer society, or has it moved a new generation of criminals forward not only in the streets, but in our law enforcement community as well?

I hope to shed some light on these questions, and I do expect that Americas citizens will be shocked at the evidence I will bring to light, both pro and con.

From coast to coast the Occupy Wall street movement, a peaceful and Constitutionally sanctioned free speech movement, has been under fire from local governments, through the arm of law enforcement, so many arrests have been made that the New York City Police have been overwhelmed by netting a mass of protester (criminals only in their eyes), according to “The Gothemist”, ( over New York's mayor Bloomburgh's promise to arrest and jail protesters. Police are confiscating blankets, and unlawfully seizing and searching personal belongings with out warrant, consent, probable cause, or “Plain View Doctrine” considerations. An action that is obliterating the 1st and 4th Amendments of the Constitution.

Like the American revolution, only a minority of the American population are active in the protest, while the majority of the citizens stand by complacently.

This travesty to the American Constitution has gone unabated while the purpose of free speech offers not only the right to redress, but also allows the people to know, what anti-social groups exist, and how they might be identified (e.g. The Ku Klux Klan).

As disturbing as this may seem, there is an even greater menace looming over the Citizens of the United States, regarding the quality of law enforcement and the profiteering that brings not only corruption to law enforcement, but often brings violent or, potentially violent criminal activity, to the doorsteps of the every home of honest American citizens, that is the war on drugs.

Many drug addicts live at or below the poverty level in the United States according to ( ) and the street price for drugs such as heroin is costly. According to police sources the cost for a gram of nearly pure heroin can be up to $260 a gram, however on the street it is frequently cut which can lower the cost to a little under $100 a gram. That is still more than the price of gold, at over $2000 an ounce. This raises some very important questions.

First how does the heroin addict afford his addiction, while living in poverty? I grant you there are some functional addicts, who can work and spread there use so it does not interfere with their ability to be responsible, however these are the few and not the many. Most addicts rely on crime to support their habit. This can come in the form of prostitution, or drug dealing, but not every one is a drug dealer or prostitute. Most addicts turn to some form of larceny to support their habit. Who is most likely to be targeted, as the victim of this larceny? Why, the people that honestly earn a living because they have money.

Also the small business owner who is targeted for a robbery. It is not enough to say that these honest American workers are being forced to pay twofold for the drug problem, that is, by being robbed, then being burdened with a high taxes to pay for incarceration of and health care costs of those incarcerated during and shortly after incarceration, but in the process these same honest citizens are being denied proper police protection while the value of their hard earned dollars, and their Constitutional rights are in sharp decline.

How the War on Drugs Effects Public Safety

Getting away with crime, 89% chance of getting away with Rape, 90% chance for Robbery, 50% for Murder, and 80% chance of getting caught for a drug crime

This chart is an extrapolation of crime statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics for the year 2002 (there is no appreciable difference from the years 2000 -2008)
This chart is an extrapolation of crime statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics for the year 2002 (there is no appreciable difference from the years 2000 -2008) | Source

According to Addiction expert Dr. David Nut, a psychiatrist and nerupsychopharmacologist, addiction can only effect 10% of the worlds population. This 10% have a brain that is wired for addiction, and these people tend to prefer addictive substances. In light of this information, what is the war on drugs really accomplishing. It's criminalizing people with a specific brain structure, in a manner that is not far off from Adolf Hitlers “solutions” to euthanize people that have disabilities, in addition to making the other 90% of the worlds population pay for the high costs of incarcerating, rehabilitation of addicts and non-addicts (casual or social drug users) alike, in addition to the erosion of Civil Liberties, and increased criminal presence in our private lives, and communities.

In America we have developed a “Kinder Gentler Machine Gun Hand”. Solving the war on drugs with lengthy prison sentences, and the tearing apart of the family unit, only exacerbate the issue of addiction, this has not solved, and will not solve the issue of addiction. It simply is not a political or legal issue, because our lawmakers are not qualified to determine what the best course of action is to help someone with the disability of addiction, and their track record proves it.

The Police have a statistical tendency leaning toward the enforcement of victimless crimes, arresting partiers. I think it's important to point out that “partiers” (perpetrators of victimless crimes) are generally sociable people, whereas real criminals commit anti-social crimes, rape, robbery, burglary, auto theft, aggravated assault, etc...

Some would have you believe that the Statistics I provide here are the "Plea Bargain Effect" would you agree? Does the obvious preference for drug arrests indicate cowardice or laziness? Or both?

Some would say that the stats I have provided were the result of the "Plea Bargain Effect" Would you agree?
Some would say that the stats I have provided were the result of the "Plea Bargain Effect" Would you agree? | Source

The Waning Right to be Free and Secure

Our Constitutional protections were created to protect the the people from the abuses of authority. Concern that the minorities in society need protection from the abuse of the majority was voiced when the Constitution was drafted. Today we see that public policy is favoring the demise of our Constitutional protections to benefit the enforcement of "Victimless Crimes", creating a class of minority that can be identified by their behaviors, rather than ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds that have previously identified "minorities" .

Traditionally a crime was defined as an act against a person or property Rape, Robbery, Murder, Trespass, Arson, etc.. The war on drugs has become the epicenter of our Constitutional erosion, political protest soon fell to the same Constitutional erosion, and the War on Terror, with the Patriot Act has exacerbated the decline of our Civil liberties. With the added disadvantage of increasing crime against the honest American.

People who would otherwise be law abiding citizens (casual drug users, political protesters) are now labeled criminal, and the police require that the protections that have been put in place to protect us from the abuses of authority, be removed, exposing the American public to the abuse of authority that they were intended to protect us from.

America is now consuming its self, how long will it take this self consumption to erode the United States into non-existence?



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    • profile image

      b dawg 4 years ago

      the best way to reduce your chances of being the victim of a crime is the dye your skin black and live as a black man. Black skin is like a bodyguard. a shield.

    • profile image

      rob 5 years ago

      Good truth & facts

    • profile image

      spiritglove 5 years ago

      I have dedicated this article to my maternal Grandmother Mary Davies, my biggest supporter. Without who's guidance I could never have become the man I am today:D

      Rev.Dr. J.B. LaTour