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A History Lesson In The Selective Outrage We Are Showing Over The Deeds Of The Mayor Of Toronto....

Updated on January 17, 2015

A History Lesson In The Selective Outrage We Are Showing Over The Deeds Of The Mayor Of Toronto…

Perhaps, it is the Traditional Christian in me - I hope… but when I see piling on, I get defensive. And so it is I find myself having compassion for the much maligned Mayor of Toronto, Rob Fond because the whole world seems to be pointing our proverbial, hypocritical fingers at Mayor Fond for his forced admission that he smoked crack cocaine and is a drunk. I am not here to say that Mayor Fond does not have an obligation to his constituents and should not be held responsible – but the way we are carrying on… it is as though Mayor Ford has committed murder.

Years ago, in Newark, New Jersey, my boss then would ask me why is it I was refraining from laughing at some situation… and I would reply that it was because I lived in a ‘glass house.’ It is not that I did not want to laugh, but had I done so, my conscience would have been pricking me, and, I was not even a hard-core Christian then. But now-a-days, there are those of us who are morally bankrupt… but yet are judging those like Mayor Ford for his moral misdemeanors, while we are engaging in abominable, felony behaviors.

Once again, I am not here to belittle what Mayor Ford has confessed to have done - but I ask you… is drinking less a crime than using crack cocaine or having sex with an intern in the White House, ala President Clinton? We have this selective outrage rooted in how the popular winds are blowing instead of rooted in moral objectivity. Earlier this year, a book came out where an intern, who apparently was vetted and proved credible, said that she was a sixteen-year-old intern when she was seduced by the late President Kennedy. Ask any of those talking heads, who are privy to the chronic dalliances by the late President Kennedy, but who still would tell you that Mayor Ford is much more morally reprehensible than the so called Camelot President.

We have seen this selective moral outrage many times before and we are going to see it much more again in the future - ask those who were calling President Bush, the younger, a murderer for his prosecuting of the war in Iraq, while they were church-mouse quiet when the secular messiah, President Obama, came into office, and, if I recalled correctly, signed an Executive Order to fund the murders of babies, by giving money to countries like Mexico, under the murderous auspices of Abortion. We also saw those us who have had Abortions or knew those who have had Abortions… crucified Michael Vick for his dog fighting, incidentally done by others on his property.

Make no mistake, it is the ‘crack’ part of the equation why Mayor Ford’s critics are outraged – come this Friday, like what I witnessed down in law school, many who would dare to criticize the Toronto Mayor, are themselves going to get drunk and wake up in some stranger’s bed and forgetting what took place. There are celebrities, who, in the future are going to have forced interventions and during their respective press conferences, they will make it a point that their pending rehab stay is for alcohol… implying that it is not for drugs like, Jesus forbids, crack cocaine. The reality is that those who are police officers, lawyers, judges, social workers, doctors, nurses, and family members know that alcohol is just as devastating to us as crack cocaine is.

We will continue to witness the Anderson Coopers, the Rachel Maddows, and the Robin Roberts, who are gay, making caustic, moral judgments on Mayor Ford and forgetting that years ago, the Lord came down and broke bread with the Patriarch Abraham before The Former went on to torch Sodom and Gomorrah… and so too on the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, you will not hear of his practically raping a sixteen-year-old. In the same vein, a few days ago, George Zimmerman, of Trayvon Martin misbegotten fame, was busted for… allegedly hitting his supposed pregnant girlfriend… resulting in the biased media going into a tizzy... while that same media continue to not report or to 'whitewash' - pun intended - the continuing, lethal, violent saga of the Black on Black killings still going on in Chicago and elsewhere.

I hope that my trip down memory lane on our history of selective outrage causes some of us to be mute and I end by wishing that Mayor Bond gets the help to battle and destroy his demons. To quote the lead singer Bono of U2’s fame when he sang: every poet is a thief, but, I Verily Prime will add that every surgeon is guilty of at least manslaughter and that every Christian is a hypocrite - but this Traditional Christian hypocrite knows I am so if the Lord in His Word says I am, especially if my ongoing sins are abominable compare to those of Mayor Ford or others.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York


    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      I share your thoughts. It takes spiritual maturity and an understanding of the grace of God in one's personal life to think like this. The mayor has a responsibility to shape up and we have a responsibility not to stomp on him.