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A Human Canvas-in the darkness of childhood abuse and neglect-Volume 1-"Unheard Cries"

Updated on December 7, 2012

A Social Worker's Journal

Too often, some actual accounts of child abuse and neglect go unnoticed if they don't appear on the six o'clock news, or on-line, as newsworthy events go, these days. Too many of "our" children fall between the cracks, no matter how hard our social services' systems work. I know because I was employed for 11 years in this very system. Many services and supports are provided, at local county, as well as, state and federal levels, but no one can be on watch 24 hours every single day, while our children may fall prey to possible, unspeakable horrors of their daily life.

We all help when we can, but sometimes it just isn't enough. I have composed a collection of "reality" poetry, about our nation's greatest shame-our precious child victims. I have written this in hopes of spreading awareness of the growing problem, so that in that awareness, a child can be saved. All of these children were very real for me, and so, I share their unfair plights, so that you, too, can become more aware that these children are real and in need of help. They are out there, living among us. They attend your children's school, walk our city streets, and could be the child who lives next door. I only ask that you keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open to the sensitivity of these precious human beings, and their "cries" for help.

One day, you may be their only way out.

Volume 1


When I cry,

why won't you hear?

I know you're there,

I feel you near.

Is it because you cannot face,

the harm to me I can't out race?

You always teach-stranger-be aware.

But sometimes home's the devil's lair.

There's many times when drink and drugs,

take the place of human hugs.

Joblessness can dull the heart,

and mom and dad, just fall apart.

Child victims in their path, says life is cruel,

I've felt its wrath.

Something needs to change, and now.

Maybe HOPE will show us how?

I beg that someone out there hears,

our cries for help, all children dear.

Kim Diaz 2012

The Perfect Match: A story about foster care, family, and adoption


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