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A Letter from Santa to his elves

Updated on October 27, 2011

To all my wonderful elves.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After careful consideration, I have decided to develop a new department of Christmas. As you all know we have always been a team dedicated to the delivery of joy to the multitude of good little boys and girls. Our department of intelligence, which are the people that research who is deserving and who is not, have sent me countless letters over the years. What you may not be aware of is that we also compile lists of the people that are truly happy with the gifts we bring them Christmas morning, and those that are disappointed. These last children, hide their disappointment because that is the nature of our good little boys and girls. But the fact that they are disappointed is a reflection of us not getting our job done.

I have been working tirelessly with the brilliant teams of our Research and Development division and what we have discovered is that our children are not as self serving and shallow as we had thought. Toys are great and material gifts do bring them some instant gratification, but what would make them truly happy is the inclusion of their parents and other loved ones in our efforts.

To this end I am expanding our intelligence gathering to include a list of Naughty and Nice Grown ups. Those found to be deserving will be given what they need, to bring them Joy and Peace. Unfortunately the vast number of people being added will make it impossible to do delivery only once a year. So we will have to step up and make Christmas a year-long event. It is crucial that we remain anonymous for the same reasons that we always have. But these new clients are not little children filled with the wonder and excitement of youth. So we will have to be very careful and very good at our jobs. Our end goal and bottom line is the happiness of our target clients as always, the children. Making happy parents makes happy children.

We are undergoing new personnel hiring and will accept transfers from other departments of qualified interested personnel. Please submit your letters to Santa via normal channels for consideration.

With all my Love,


The United States Department of "Justice".

Wouldn't it be great if the Government/Governments of the world elected to help Santa with this new department of Christmas.

I for one would love to see a department of Justice that delivered a fair shake (Real Justice) for those who work tirelessly but for reasons beyond their control need help, help they would not ask for, because that is the type of people they are.

Of course all the predators and con artists out there looking for a free ride or a hand out or ways to have power over others would have to be eliminated from the Nice list and placed squarely on the Naughty list where they belong. But that is what real Justice is about... isn't it?

Justice isn't merely the doling out of punishments for transgressions but also the delivery of rewards for honesty and fair play, for being a just and upright person. The Department of Justice we have today is lacking in the area of giving fairness and helping those that truly deserve and need it. Justice isn't another word meaning Punishment. It is a much more encompassing concept that includes the positive, or at least it should. Today the Department of Justice would be more accurately named the Department of Punishment as this is what their processes and procedures are set up to deliver. Justice is also suppose to be blind, but the truth is she has keen eyesight, and can count up our monetary worth in seconds, and based on that scale she gives us our representation, our rights, and our limits of influence.

Perhaps this "department" should be a church, because isn't that what churches are suppose to do. Even though the ones we have today are abysmal failures in that regard, being over run by power hungry, greedy, con artists and predators. Perhaps this would change the way people look at religious organizations and God. Perhaps this is what Jesus failed to create?

Obviously the gifts should not be limited to toys, but should include non-materialistic things like hugs, recognition of good deeds, helping hands in times of hardships, smiles, loving guidance and support. A shoulder to cry on. Expert counsel over a vast array of specialties, and company to share the good times with as well.

If I were to reorganize the Justice Department this is the first thing I would create. A protective division, within the Department of Justice. A group of people that create "fortuitous" events of good fortune. After all, get the right people together at just the right moment and magic will be born. Justice is suppose to be blind, but since she isn't we may as well give her back her glasses. She has two scales after all shouldn't we be using them both?


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