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A Mother/Wife Is Beheaded in Oklahoma And The FBI Calls It Work Place Violence...

Updated on October 7, 2014

A Mother/Wife Is Beheaded in Oklahoma And The FBI Calls It Work Place Violence...

It is one thing to hear Political Correctness coming from the confines of the 'Far Left' corridors of the Democratic Party - but the FBI? In Oklahoma, Colleen Hufford, a mother and wife, was brutally murdered, and her murder was punctuated by having her head hacked from her body... mimicking the beheading currently being carried out by ISIS. Incidentally, the Oklahoma murder/beheading was done by a recent convert (see suspect's photos above) to the Muslim Faith and among the vitriol - which was why the FBI was called in the first place to investigate - this convert had on his Face-book site his love for Bin Laden's attacks on the World Trade Centers on 911; and that, apparently, 'beheading ' of Infidels was sanctioned by Muhammad. The FBI, in its Political Correct, quixotic wisdom, came in and investigated and deemed the facts presented, so far, as 'work-place-violence.'

Who is the FBI afraid of... for the boys and girls down in Quantico to embrace Political Correctness, the foremost of the new secular religions? Does the FBI know that there are Muslims who are also terrified of ISIS. Listen how terrified the Iranians and Arab countries were to ISIS' actions and the latter's interpretation of the Muslim tenets, especially as they pertain specifically to Jihad... so much so that Iran and these Arab countries would put their respective historical hatred for America (The Great Satan) aside and support, if not overtly, tacitly, the United States' efforts to neutralize ISIS.

We have seen and heard of this political Correct nonsense before. Does anyone recalled that President Obama's head of Homeland Security, Governor Janet Napolitano, referring to the terrorist shooting down at the Fort Hood, Army base, in Texas as a 'man-made disaster.' This is political correct speech gone amok, and which has taken on a posture that will cause and has caused lives, so as to appease Muslims here and abroad. Our cousins across the pond are in grave danger because they embraced a Political Correct posture on terrorism and refused to wipe out the cancer in its midst before it metastasized. England, along with many European countries cowed to Political Correctness, by not investigating the Mosques and Muslim groups that preached hate and now they are on the brink of being overrun. One does not go look for the Russian mob in Brooklyn, New York in the mostly Black enclave of East New York nor does one go looking for the Crips and the Bloods in Brighton Beach, the foremost Russian enclave in Brooklyn.

We have become a country that has become soft... we reward children on the playground just for taking part in a given game and we dare not give props to those children that excel because we are afraid that the others are going to feel left out; these are the same children we are expecting to do our fighting and secure for us our liberty in the future. The jihadists are not going to stop because they see their mission as part of a religious calling... and just how you cannot convince me that Jesus is not the Son of the Living God, likewise, according to ISIS' interpretation of Koranic scriptures, the Jihadists belief in killing infidels is justified. Because of this disconnect in the West, many will fall by the jihadists' swords out of cowardice borne out of the so called 'Progressive' thinking, disguised as Political Correctness and which is tantamount to mass suicide - only that the Kool-Aid is a blunt knife or a machete.

Perhaps all of 'Liberaldom' should take a lesson from President Obama, with said lesson underscoring the fact that he is probably the most Liberal President we have elected, yet his speeches, replete with inclusion, and his many olive branches to Muslims around the world could not stem the tide of terrorism against us. It is also rather ironic that the most Liberal of Presidents, through Drone strikes, has been a lethal killing machines to jihadists and I hope that since many of these terror groups are planning and have tried to bring the fight to our shores, that our President and many Liberals will finally realize that no amount of foreign aid or speeches... asking for forgiveness for the 12th century Christian crusades will sate these terrorists' appetites for infidels' blood.

Our FBI should know that we either kill the terrorists or they will kill us and engaging in Political Correct speech like 'work-place-violence' will provide no quarter for any of us. I bet you dollars to donuts that all those journalists who were beheaded by ISIS were of the Liberal persuasion politically, yet they died the most vicious of deaths; so too that our appeasing to these groups like ISIS will bring us to a swift end. I know my end in such an environment because I am an avowed Jesus freak and I hope that I have the courage of my conviction in the face of certain death (beheading) to proclaim Jesus as Sovereign Lord; however, it is also those same sentiments which compel many of you to deem me a 'hater' due to my stance against same-sex-marriage.

I wonder what would those who are gay and the murders we carry out everyday under the auspices of Abortion would call ISIS in the wake of presumably its draconian take on homosexuality/Abortion? I wonder if gays would be so bold as to flaunt their behavior and lifestyle... whereby almost every movie or television series has a gay character, belying the population makeup. I can give you a sure bet that all the renowned gay reporters - Robin Roberts (ABC), Shepherd Smith (Fox), Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), and Anderson Cooper (CNN/Sixty Minutes) will not be heading anywhere close to where ISIS is fighting. I suppose now that I too is guilty of hateful prose.

To the loved-ones of Colleen Hubbard, my condolences, because, I, for one, see her death like that of my brothers and sisters who have lost their lives fighting the jihadists in the various war theatres. To the Traditional Christians who regular read this blog, none of this barbarism should take you by surprise... for soon such wanton violence will be focused on us. You have read what the Lord said and warned us about in the Gospel of Matthew 24:9 (...Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me....), and, moreover, what he showed John the Revelator in Revelation 20:4: And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.


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