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A New Home for Pedophiles in a Perfect World

Updated on March 7, 2012

Alcatraz Island

In a perfect world, pedophiles would be kept away from the rest of the world
In a perfect world, pedophiles would be kept away from the rest of the world | Source

My Vision of a Perfect World

Pedophiles are about the most reprehensible and horrid of all criminals. They prey upon innocent children, grooming the children to trust and love them. Their acts of violence and domination cause their victims to question everything that they know, including their own value as humans. The shambles left behind from their criminal acts remains in the victims' lives and those of their loved ones. The really lucky children are able to rise above their past and move forward, knowing that they are safe from their abuser. However, often the abusers are given slap on the wrist sentences by liberal judges. Once set free from the bonds of prison or the local jail, the pedophiles go right back about their evil mission, trolling for new victims.

In my vision of a perfect world, the new home for all convicted pedophiles would be Alcatraz Island, a former Federal Penitentiary located off the coast of California in the shark infested waters of the Pacific Ocean. The former penitentiary is now used as a tourist attraction. Very few prisoners ever escaped from Alcatraz. The cells at Alcatraz offer no creature comforts. There's no internet, no cable TV, and not much of anything else. This would become a lifetime home for all convicted of sexual crimes against children if it were up to me.

No women, no children, no books or magazines, no pornography, no internet or TV, just the perps and the four walls and bars surrounding them. The children victimized by these monsters could rest free, knowing that an escape attempt would likely result in death by sharks. There would be no time for good behavior, no parole, and no attempts to change the hearts of these criminals. Why? Because they have no hearts to change. There's no reason for society as a whole to suffer because of these perverts. Let them rot in their cells and have a burial at sea upon their death.

Let the victims be the victors for a change instead of being victimized again by the court systems, the judges, and the perpetrators themselves. One and done would be the rule in my perfect world. If a perpetrator is convicted of molesting or sexually assaulting a child, there would be no leniency, just a quick trip to Alcatraz to begin a new life.


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