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A Perfect Storm

Updated on August 24, 2014

By: Wayne Brown

There is a deep disturbance in the Force.  If you stand still and look about, you can sense its presence and the dark ugliness associated with its content.  It hangs over America in this year 2010 like the dense fog hangs over a murky swamp in cold stillness.  America faces a silent enemy bent on the destruction of all her greatness, all she has known and all she will know as a democratic republic.  While the citizens of America go about their daily lives enjoying those freedoms created and framed by the Founding Fathers, something very sinister is at work. A cancer is upon America that reaches into the highest offices of the land and it grows like a forest vine intertwining itself through the branches and limbs that make up the American culture.


The hint of conspiracy alluded to in the assassination of John Kennedy, the Watergate Scandal, and the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton, all pale in comparison to this insidious erosion of our American culture.  Billionaire, George Soros, and his band of social experiment cronies have unleashed their evil desires on both America and the world.  Soros, and organizations which he has funded over time, are engaged in manipulating the American culture to an extent that it becomes totally unrecognizable as a democratic process.  Since the elections of 2008, those efforts have stepped up considerably and they are making headway toward their intended goals.  All of this takes place while America sleeps at the switch.


Soros has now purchased the White House so to speak by basically buying the election of a Muslim to the Office of President.  The visions and the forecast changes cited by Obama are simply the regurgitations of the Soros agenda.  Through Obama, and to some extent through limbs of the Democratic Party, Soros and company are instituting the plans and policies necessary to take America to a level of social change beyond human comprehension.  Soros detests all that is America and American and he will not rest until he has seen its existence eradicated from the minds of all mankind.  Obama, his puppet, sits in the position of power to accelerate, accommodate, and implement this sinister plot that potentially will be achieved without a shot being fired.


The healthcare initiative is only a first move on Soros’ chessboard.  This program will devastate the medical industry in this great country and place each citizen at the whims of the government for their health and at some point, their existence.  The wheels are already in motion to achieve the gun control necessary to remove arms from the law-abiding citizens of America.  International treaties, turned down by past Presidents, are under scrutiny by the Obama Administration.  These are treaties that, if ratified by our Senate, could implement international gun control sanctions on the citizens of the United States allowing government to freely collect all personal arms or imprison those not willing to give them up.  If there is doubt in America that this can happen, I beg you to look at the healthcare initiative that was just past against the will of the American people.  There is a significant danger in this process.


There is conspiracy in the banking sector with the efforts already being exerted to diminish or demise the American banking system.  All of this is playing out in the shadow of painting the banks as “bad guys” who are mishandling the money of the good citizens of the USA.  Soros, with the Obama Administration leading the way, will navigate America into a global banking regulation scheme that will neuter America’s ability to halt Soros’ march on international finance.  Soros, currently under the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission for his off-shore hedge fund dealings and structures, will neutralize that invasion into his arena by bringing the entire process under global regulation.  Apparently, those standards offered under such global policing offer much in the way of allowing Soros to manipulate world currency and profit generously in the process.  His manipulation thus far has foretold the failure of the Bank of England, and undermined entire countries such as Yugoslavia and Georgia.  There are also those who believe that Soros was a key player in the financial crisis of 2008 in the United States.  Certainly, there must currently be some at Goldman Sachs who look in his direction under that company’s current woes.  Banking, financial institutions, and financial regulatory agencies will be on the chopping blocks if Soros achieves his global plan and the Obama Administration seems to lean heavily toward that direction.  All the while, America stands by watching, thinking that someone has their interest in mind.


The USA has just chastised Honduras for turning out the sitting President.  This was a President who was in direct violation of the Constitution of Honduras.  He was also considered a puppet of Chavez and a facilitator of drug trafficking through Honduran channels.  These were drugs that ultimately ended up in America.  The democratic people of Honduras took action and did something about the situation. They did it legally under the umbrella of their Constitution.  Now, the Obama Administration, through the State Department, is imposing both diplomatic and foreign sanctions in an effort to achieve a reversal of the process and return this man to power.  Could it be this fits the needs of George Soros?  Soros extends a broad financial arm into the commissions and organizations bent of legalizing highly dangerous drugs throughout the world.  Reconnecting the conduit in Honduras can only assist in the efficiency of the process and keep the drugs flowing while the changes are sought.


Soros has invested heavily in the offshore drilling infrastructure of Brazil.  Essentially, he is a supporter of Chavez and his socialist agenda.  Surely there is no coincidence in the fact that Soros has made these investments only to see the Obama Administration pushing to shove billions of dollars into improving offshore drilling for Brazil.  Again, we see the puppet following the lead of the master while the master works his financial scheme to undermine and bring down the infrastructure of America.


The days of Bill Clinton in the White House are in the past.  The fears of Hillary rising to the office are diminished if not gone.  Historically, for all America has endured from scandal to hardship to all out disasters such as 9-11, there is absolutely nothing in that litany that approaches the villainy, evilness, greed, and absolute desire to see Americans reduced to the level of white lab rats running through a maze.  There is truly a disturbance in The Force in America.  The lightning flashes in the distance and the rumble of thunder foretells the coming of what could be “The Perfect Storm”.





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