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A Platform For The 2020 National Election

Updated on June 17, 2020
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Demas is a professional author and freelancer. He published and edited two newspapers. He is a historian and graduate of the Univ. of NH.

For whom will the 2020 Bell toll?  It must toll for all!
For whom will the 2020 Bell toll? It must toll for all! | Source

A platform for insuring that the United States of America achieves its true potential....

Be it known that we, the voters of the United States of America, as a republic of united and sovereign people, declare our independence

…from indebtedness to foreign nations, peoples, or powers, preferring instead to work and sacrifice to finance our own growth, development, and security, from our own resources of talent, productivity, and experience;

…from any dependence on cheap foreign manufactures, resources, and services, that could better be produced by American workers and American companies at reasonable cost and in furtherance of our independence;

…from all substances, and all past and present addictions which tend to destroy or diminish the will, the spirit, and the tranquility of our people;

…from any system, foreign or domestic, which would endanger public morality and the general welfare in the name of special or private interests detrimental to the well-being of our posterity and the weakest, poorest, and neediest among us;

…from selfish regionalism and provincialism which unduly benefit the few at the expense of the whole;

…from the acquiescence of a majority to the disenfranchising of the few among us for their adherence to views, beliefs, or practices not held or popularized by the majority;

…from taxation that penalizes hard work, savings, and investment, in order to provide for apathy, waste, and unwarranted dependencies;

…from any governmental intrusiveness in the areas of personal beliefs and the privacy of the individual, law-abiding citizen and foreign guest;

…from foreign and domestic terrorism and other forms of crimes and intimidations;

…from American behavior abroad inconsistent with our domestic codes and ethics;

…from the growth of power centers separate and removed from the locus for the application of such powers; and,

…from any and all other abuses which tend by their natures to diminish the traditional values of, and the domestic and international safeguards for, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

At the same time, we declare our commitment

…to a search for peaceful solutions for world problems that shall be a reflection of our domestic values in our international policies and programs;

…to government at all levels, foreign and domestic, which best reflects the will and legitimate aspirations of the people;

…to the eradication of the preying on the temporarily weak by the temporarily powerful;

…to the development of the foreign and domestic resources needed to provide for the common good;

…to the rule of just laws established to justly resolve the natural disputations of any persons and societies;

…to the rights of ourselves and of others to hold views and beliefs which, while they may be challenged, have inherent personal value to those holding such views and beliefs; and,

…to the right of all societies and peoples to be free from any unjust limitations on their own well-being and freedoms, as we seek to be free from such limitations by means of these our nation's claims of independence.

Remember what these stars and these stripes represent....

We must all work together to live harmoniously in a United States of America where liberty and justice for all is protected and preserved.
We must all work together to live harmoniously in a United States of America where liberty and justice for all is protected and preserved. | Source

© 2020 Demas W Jasper


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